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Ivy (and Julie) Movie

AG friends, I want to share a blog post with you about Ivy Ling’s new movie.  It’s unusual for me to share someone else’s writing on Dolls Between Us, but I think it’s important to see that amidst permapanties and discussions about who really is the GOTY, AG is still speaking to the lives of Americans of diverse backgrounds.  Who better to share the new Ivy movie review with you than Feminist Asian Dad.  Hope you have time to read it.

Maryellen’s Extraordinary Christmas

Maryellen’s Christmas short film was released today on Amazon (free for those with Amazon Prime) and follows on the heels of Melody’s short film which was released last month.

We watched the film in two sittings during Thanksgiving, to the chagrin of Mr. Jen who was trying to watch the Detroit Lions’ game.  Sorry, but holidays and American Girl just go together so well!

I thought the movie reflected the charm of Maryellen’s personality as shown in the books by Valerie Tripp… only one terrific character is missing, and that is Scooter! The movie more heavily develops the polio/Jonas Salk storyline.  Davey Fenstermacher, Maryellen’s best neighborhood friend who happens to be a boy, is a major character in the movie, which is a refreshing change of pace for AG films.

Those who sew or enjoy vintage fashions will want to see the movie.  A number of the American Girl Maryellen outfits are shown, including the meet outfit, school outfit, pajamas and cherries play outfit.  Other dresses, which aren’t part of her collection, are great candidates to show up on Etsy.

The movie is appropriate for all ages… and a fun choice if you have family staying with you this weekend.

Now if only my Christmas catalog would arrive!

Maryellen Larkin



Lea To The Rescue: Movie Review

IMG_0244Hello everyone! It’s Brianna here with a movie review of the newest American Girl movie ‘Lea to the Rescue’ that came out Tuesday, June 14th, 2016.


  • Amazing scenery such as Brazilian Mountains, Amazon Rain forest, and others.
  • They also speak in Portuguese in the movie and an ancient native language once in a while in the movie.
  • Tension. This movie is full of tension from people being chased by poachers, to her brother being kidnapped.


  • Sometimes they don’t tell you what the English translation is for non – English words in the movie, so it is a little hard to tell what is going on. Though, that only happens once or twice, so it isn’t a big deal.

In most of the movie, Lea wears her ‘rainforest hike outfit’ but they also show her meet dress, celebration outfit, Bahia shirt, and pajamas.  We didn’t seen the swimwear.

Some people who star in this movie are:

  • Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Lea Clark
  • Storm Reid as Aki
  • Hallie Todd as Mrs. Clark
  • Laysla De Oliveira as Paula Ferreira
  • Connor Dowds as Zac Clark
  • Sean Cameron Michael as Ricardo Carvalho
  • Rehane Abrahams Officer Adriana Costa
  • Kevin Otto as Rick Clark

On a scale of one to ten, one being horrible and 10 being amazing. I would rate this movie a 9.  Kids in lower elementary might find the “bad guys” and chase scenes scary.

I hope you get to see Lea To The Rescue, it’s a very special, one of a kind American Girl Movie. I hope you enjoyed my post!



Grace Stirs Up Success Movie Review

Grace MovieHello! It’s Brianna and today I have a movie review on ‘Grace: Stirs Up Success’ the movie for GOTY 2015, Grace Thomas. I hope you enjoy the review!

Pro’s of this movie:

  1. It had lots of humor that the other AG movies don’t have. For example, Grace accidentally presses a button that launches a pie into Uncle Bernard’s face!
  2. The characters do a really good job of acting out their feelings.  Grace shows her tension when Joe Bastianich, [one of the judges for MasterChef Junior Baking Edition] is announcing the winner of MasterChef Junior Baking Edition.
  3. The scenery in Grace Stirs Up Success is amazing and beautiful. The New England portion is filmed in Budapest Hungary and the Paris portion is of course filmed in Paris. It’s fun seeing the Eiffel Tower and all the famous landmarks in Paris as well.
  4. The storyline in very good, it has tension, humor, and the storyline is very well set up.

Con’s of this movie

  1. You can’t understand everything the actors are saying. When Sylvie is speaking French it says what she is saying in English. Only, when Uncle Bernard is speaking in English it’s kind of hard to understand because he has such a thick French accent and AG doesn’t translate it.
  2. I do wish AG would add the part where Grace gets lost in France. They show a little of it at the end when all the actors names are appearing, but I thought that was a good part in the book and it would be very good in the movie.

This movie was, all in all, very, very good and it is a great family movie to watch! Perfect for a Friday or Saturday Night! I really hope you watch this fabulous movie! Thanks for reading!

(Right now the movie is only available on iTunes or Amazon as an instant download, and you need to buy it not rent it.  Available on DVD June 23rd)