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Building a Collection

I wanted to pass along a tip for sourcing AG items other than eBay and Craigslist. Another way to find retired items is through Facebook groups in your community/neighborhood where moms sell kids items. I have seen outfits running around 10.00, as well as horses, AG snack stands, and of course dolls.

I asked a mom I know with a small child and she knew all the groups to join!

Ps. My last post did not allow comments, and I have no idea why. Hoping this resolves! Jen

My Valentine, A Dear Old Girl

This week we have a special doll visiting with us.  My friend is a snowbird and lets us enjoy her Pleasant Co dolls and accessories when she is traveling.  You might recall last year we used this time to send her Nellie for a joint replacement.

Her Pleasant Company Samantha is so beautiful.


One of the first things I noticed about her is that her body is kind of squishy.  Just soft enough that she would be comfortable for a child to cuddle at night.

Her other unique feature is her hair.  Her hair is so thick she is a little difficult to take a picture of because you just get so much hair.  Look at these bangs!


Her wig cap is unusual… it is trimmed with black ribbon and the hair seems to be rooted to black mesh.  It’s very beautiful.


The neck strings are very long and thick – quite different even from our PC Josefina.


Samantha is baking some treats for Valentine’s Day.  Hope your day is sweet, too!



Free to Be . . .

Julie – “Cue the banjo music!”


There’s a land that I see where the children are free

And I say it ain’t far to this land from where we are

Take my hand, come with me, where the children are free

Come with me, take my hand, and we’ll live . . .

IMG_7836In a land where the river runs free

Isabelle Roses

In a land through the green country

In a land to a shining sea


And you and me are free to be you and me

Every boy in this land grows to be his own man

In this land, every girl grows to be her own woman


Take my hand, come with me where the children are free


Come with me, take my hand, and we’ll run

Josefina Mold

To a land where the river runs free

To a land through the green country

To a land to a shining sea

To a land where the horses run free

To a land where the children are free

And you and me are free to be you and me


Lyrics excerpted from “Free to be . . .You and Me” by Bruce Hart

Have You Visited Lea at Kohl’s?

I had to stop by Kohl’s on the way home from work to see the Lea display.

img_7991 img_7990

It seemed to me they have almost almost all of Lea’s smaller items: celebration dress, Bahia shirt & shorts, pajamas, sloth, tortoise, swimwear, beach picnic set, rainforest hike accessories, and her regular accessories.  I did not see the Margay cat.  Lea herself has a security system that keeps the box closed; if you wanted to see inside the box you would need to ask a salesperson for help.

The signs indicated that you can’t use coupons and promotions towards the American Girl items, but they do accrue points to the Kohls’ reward system.

Also, the American Girl MegaBlok sets are 15% off currently.


I saw Grace (pictured), McKenna, and Saige’s horse stable.

Have you been to Kohl’s yet?

Amazon Amping up American Girl Presence

I have a couple of Amazon related thoughts today.  I noticed Amazon has an American Girl “shop” that uses the same images as the American Girl website.  They currently have a lot of Maryellen related items.  It will be interesting to see if this presence increases for the holiday season.  See

While I was browsing I came across this new to me item… MegaBlocks set of Grace’s house. Looks like it was released a week or so ago?

I think Amazon would be a great place for AG to sell their retiring merchanise!  Rather see it there than Kohl’s.  

I Love You a Latte

Hi peeps, Isabelle here modeling my new PJs from Justice.  They are super comfy for lounging and studying.  I love these quiet moments when Tutu and I can relax without all the kid commotion around the house.


The PJ top has a stylish racer back.

img_7913And the bottoms have a super cute Frappucino print that says “I love you a latte.”

img_7914What’s your favorite drink?  Mine is Strawberries and Creme frappucino… Venti please!  It’s sweet and girly like me!

img_7927Jen says… Justice seems to be limiting the amount of doll outfits in their shops, but I thought this one was terrific and it is very well made.  They retail for about $12.00.  Getting Isabelle’s pink hair extensions in just about made me have a hot flash.  I needed the air conditioning after that!  You can never have enough doll pajamas.

I got a sample of Pumpkin spice frappucino and I liked the cup as much as the drink!  I put some pink construction paper in the cup and a piece of gift bag tissue paper for whipped cream.

American Girl: Ultimate Visual Guide

The DK publishing American Girl: The Ultimate Visual Guide is out and my copy arrived today!

American Girl Visual GuideHere’s a bit about what you can expect in the book.

There are fun facts about the development of American Girl products.  Below you can see the various outfits that were considered for Saige.


There is a timeline several pages long that covers the company’s beginning to present day.

img_7896There are four pages for every historical doll, and two pages devoted to historical friends.

img_7897img_7898img_7899Historical dolls who are also part of the BeForever line are shown in original and BeForever clothing, with perhaps a slight edge for BeForever (especially in the case of Samantha).

All Girls of the Year are represented as well as their friends (Gwen, Sonali, etc).  The pages devoted to the GOTY characters vary based on collection size.


The TrulyMe line is organized by activity/season/theme.  Here you see the layout on the topic of “Sports”.  Some of these pictures will be familiar from the catalogs.


There is some fun trivia in the book, such as “tallest item sold” and “item with the most pieces.”  Would you like to take a guess?

Finally there is information about some of the American Girl development team.

img_7902The book is not a complete guide to everything ever produced.  I’d like to have one of those!  This book will best be enjoyed by those newer to American Girl, and definitely kids!  The large, hardcover book retails for around $20.00.


American Girl Melody Reveal

Hi Friends,

Did you watch the Melody reveal today on American Girl’s Facebook page?  I thought it was interesting to see the inspirations for her wardrobe and how they tweak some of the colors in existing fabric samples.

At the moment we don’t have plans to get Melody because we are reaching maximum capacity (though I’d make an exception for Truly Me 41).  My favorite item is the pajamas.  Always need pajamas 😉

What did you think of her collection?  How about the winter coat? ! 

The Land of Waterfalls and “Yoopers”

By Julie

What is this amazing place, so far north?  We are in Munising, Michigan–the “Upper Peninsula” of Michigan, and our house is right on Lake Superior!  I snapped a quick selfie on our beach… Can you see Lake Superior behind me?

This area was once the home of the Anishinaabe people (or Ojibwa).  I read all about their culture in “The Birchbark House” by Louise Erdrich.  Many French traders also came here, so there is a French influence in the names of cities like Grand Marais.  

The first night I slept so soundly in my log cabin room with Lake Superior’s waves lapping outside the window.

I woke to a beautiful sunrise.  I couldn’t wait to see everything!

The area is famous for waterfalls… There are even some as you drive along the highway.  Here is a waterfall we saw that flows into Lake Superior.

The water in Lake Superior is so clear and very cold.  You can see shipwrecks in the water right from the side of a boat!

This is the hull of a ship about 10 feet below the surface of the water.

Everywhere you go you hear about “Yoopers.”  I thought it sounded like the name of a candy bar!  “Yooper” is a term for a person who lives in the Upper Peninsula …”U.P.”

Marquette is a university town nearby, and it has its own history between fur trading, Native Americans, iron ore, and shipping.  We went to a museum in Marquette and saw a trunk that could have belonged to American Girl Kirsten.

This belonged to Sofia Larsson who came to Negaunee, Michigan from Sweden.

At nighttime we had a campfire and enjoyed the amazing sunset over Lake Superior.

This city slicker is ready to head home to some sushi, the public library, and all my sisters at home.  Lanie would love this place!

IMG_7658Bye for now!


P.S. You can rent a Lake Superior House too!

GOTY 2017 Books

Have you been talking about the American Girl of the Year-2017 while I was busy painting Brianna’s room and reading books for the coming school year?  The GOTY books for 2017 are posted on Amazon (no links below) with an accompanying author named Teresa Harris.  Book #1 is released on Dec 27, 2016.

GOTY2017 Book

I have never read any of Ms. Harris’ other books, but she seems to write about African American female characters, so here’s hoping we might see a 2017 doll of color yet!  If you would like to learn more about the author, head on over to the blog The Brown Bookshelf.


Other books by the author

What are your thoughts on GOTY2017?