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Grace Stirs Up Success Movie Review

Grace MovieHello! It’s Brianna and today I have a movie review on ‘Grace: Stirs Up Success’ the movie for GOTY 2015, Grace Thomas. I hope you enjoy the review!

Pro’s of this movie:

  1. It had lots of humor that the other AG movies don’t have. For example, Grace accidentally presses a button that launches a pie into Uncle Bernard’s face!
  2. The characters do a really good job of acting out their feelings.  Grace shows her tension when Joe Bastianich, [one of the judges for MasterChef Junior Baking Edition] is announcing the winner of MasterChef Junior Baking Edition.
  3. The scenery in Grace Stirs Up Success is amazing and beautiful. The New England portion is filmed in Budapest Hungary and the Paris portion is of course filmed in Paris. It’s fun seeing the Eiffel Tower and all the famous landmarks in Paris as well.
  4. The storyline in very good, it has tension, humor, and the storyline is very well set up.

Con’s of this movie

  1. You can’t understand everything the actors are saying. When Sylvie is speaking French it says what she is saying in English. Only, when Uncle Bernard is speaking in English it’s kind of hard to understand because he has such a thick French accent and AG doesn’t translate it.
  2. I do wish AG would add the part where Grace gets lost in France. They show a little of it at the end when all the actors names are appearing, but I thought that was a good part in the book and it would be very good in the movie.

This movie was, all in all, very, very good and it is a great family movie to watch! Perfect for a Friday or Saturday Night! I really hope you watch this fabulous movie! Thanks for reading!

(Right now the movie is only available on iTunes or Amazon as an instant download, and you need to buy it not rent it.  Available on DVD June 23rd)

Sur La Table – Baking With Grace

Grace Waits For Class to Start

Grace Waits For Class to Start

Hello! It’s Brianna here with a post on an activity that Sur La Table and American Girl put together. This activity was called Baking with Grace.  I went to this class with 5 of my friends.

We got a few items when we got to Sur La Table. The items were:

  1. An AG Flyer
  2. An Eiffel Tower Cookie Cutter
  3. An AG Apron for Girls
  4. Nametag
  5. Packet on how to make some French desserts

All in all, this activity was pretty great. We made 3 mini eclairs, 1 mini apple tart, and 3 Eiffel Tower cookies each. My favorite thing we made were the mini eclairs, probably because they were most delicious item. Next, I will tell you how we made each item.

More Dolls Wait to Bake

More Dolls Wait to Bake

For the eclairs they had some eclair dough all baked for us; all we had to do was decoration and filling. They handed out frosting bags with vanilla frosting. We squeezed some vanilla frosting on to only one half of the eclair dough, then we folded the other half on top. After that we dipped the top part of the bun in chocolate! Those eclairs were delectable!

The apple tart was the hardest for me personally. We rolled up a square of puff pastry dough they gave us. Then we put the dough in a pan. We then put some tart apples in the middle of the puff pastry dough and spread the apples around. We let them bake for awhile while we made the other French Treats. After they were finished baking we brushed some apricot jam on top! It was pretty good!

The finally treat was Eiffel Tower Sugar Cookies. They had the cookies made for us but we had to decorate them. There were 5 different colors of frosting white, blue, green, yellow, and pink. We also had sprinkles. I made one cookie green and yellow, another blue and pink, and blue, pink, and white. One of my friends ate so much frosting! Her teeth were all the colors of frosting [it was creepy.] These sugar cookies were the harder kind of sugar cookies, while I kind of like the soft sugar cookies better. Everyone has there own opinion though.

The Results!

The Results!

This class was a really cool idea. Congrats to Sur La Table and American Girl! Great program!

– Brianna

Le Gateau pour la Grace!

Ooh la la, what better way to celebrate your 10th birthday than with a Paris-inspired cake in homage to American Girl of the Year Grace!

Cake Grace

I have had a fascination with cake decorating ever since I was a little kid.  One of my favorite things to check out of the library was Wilton cake decorating yearbooks.  I have never taken a proper class, so I wing it and try to make it work with the skills I do have.

Brianna requested a red velvet cake with chocolate frosting (unusual!) and a theme of Paris and GOTY Grace.

I used fondant (ordered from Amazon) rolled out with a rolling pin and cut with a biscuit cutter.  Fondant is similar to a big tub of edible Play Doh.  I drew Eiffel towers, French poodles, and other pictures using a food-safe pen (also from Amazon).  I learned how to draw some of these great shapes at the blog The Decorated Cookie. I added color to my designs with gel food color thinned with vodka and painted with a clean, new paintbrush.  I tried to evoke the colors in Grace’s Patisserie.  I also cut out a few Eiffel towers free-hand with a knife and finished them with edible white glitter.

These were great do-ahead decorations because I could work on them during the week and assemble the cake quickly the day before the party.  I originally was going to put some macarons on the top, but they ended up looking like wayward hamburger buns sitting there.

French cakeDetail of fondant circles.  These would be cute on cupcakes!

Last year’s birthday cake also involved American Girl, so I will share that with you in a future post.





Josefina Profile

Josefina Pre MattelHello! Welcome to our post! It’s Brianna here with a post about my*** Josefina! So get some hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows on this freezing night, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Name: Josefina Montoya

Nickname: Josie

Age: 9

Birthday: March 19th, 2005

Description: Black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin

Personality: Hopeful, Faithful, and Caring.

Interests: crafting, healing friends and family, soccer, nature, sailing and, music [she plays the violin.]

Favorite food: Chile and Tomato Soup or Breakfast Tacos

Least favorite food: Beans!!! From kidney to black eyed, every kind she hates them!

Dream Job: To be a curandera [a healer.]

Favorite color: Gold

Favorite animal: Sheep

Thank you for reading. I will be posting the other girls’ profiles in the coming days! Keep reading!

American Girl Fan,


*** – I bolded the “my” at the beginning of the post, for you to know that these are the likes of “my” doll she doesn’t like all the same things that are in the Josefina Books.