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New American Girl Books in September

American Girl Visual GuideToday when I was checking my pre-order for the “American Girl: Ultimate Visual Guide” book, I noticed another new book to be released in early September: “Ultimate Sticker Collection: American Girl” by DK Publishing.

American Girl Sticker BookI think both look like fun!  The Visual Guide looks like it will include information on retired historicals and the Pleasant Company era. I am checking prices every now and again and I will let you know if I see them drop.  If you pre-order on Amazon you are guaranteed the lowest price.  Right now the Visual Guide is about 19.00 and the sticker book is 12.99.  Since DK books are available everywhere, you may be able to save money my pairing them with an in-store Barnes and Noble coupon!

DK will also be releasing “American Girl: The Story of America” in February 2017.  I am speculating this will replace the history section at the back of the historical books that has been sorely missing since Beforever.




Ola’ Lea!

It seems as though Maryellen just arrived, but we know the Girl of the Year 2016 Lea Clark is waiting in the wings.  The books listed on Amazon indicate that Lea travels to Brazil (see our post Brazil, Here We Come).  We count a Brazilian girl (human, not doll!) as part of our family, and we hope you can get to know her in the coming year, too.

Fact:  Ola’ means “Hi” in Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil.

We sponsor a Brazilian child through Compassion International.  When you hear Brazil do you think of resorts and fabulous beaches?  That is a small part of Brazil, but not the whole story.  Our Brazilian girl is 7 years old and lives in the Northeast part of Brazil, far from the tourist areas.  In the Northeast part of Brazil, housing is commonly a tile roof/mud wall structure with no running water.  When intense rains come, the walls can seep water.

Home similar to the one our sponsored child lives in

Home similar to the one our sponsored child lives in

Fact:  The murder rate in this area of Brazil is higher than Detroit, New York City, and Chicago combined.

Our sponsored child can now attend a Compassion-run Center at a local Brazilian church when she is not in school.  There she finds a safe place to be a kid!  She plays, draws, learns, and receives any medical and dental care.  Our sponsored child looks a lot like the cutie in the picture below.


I believe Lea Clark’s story will touch on the Amazon Rainforest.  Jane Goodall, the famous primatologist, has said that wherever there is extreme poverty, the natural environment is at great risk as well.  Improving living conditions for some helps all of us on the planet!

We write to our sponsored child and the letters are translated into Portuguese.  Brianna is our main letter writer, and she provides lots of encouragement.  The child can write to us by the same process.  In the coming year while we learn about Lea Clark we hope to also introduce you to our Brazilian friend!

Graphics above are from Compassion’s magazine for children.  Compassion is Christ-Centered, Based in Local Churches, and looks at each child holistically to improve their opportunities.



BeForever 2016

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that the book for the Girl of the Year 2016 and the book for the new BeForever historical character appear to both be coming out on January 1. I don’t think that is a computer error on Amazon’s site.

I stopped back on my Amazon pre-order for the BF2016 book and there are more details in the listing than I remembered from last week. Publisher is listed as American Girl on January 1, 2016. The book is filed under the topics of “prejudice and racism” “1900s historical fiction” and “multicultural stories African-American.”

Can I reschedule Santa for January 2?

In other news… Has anyone received the Maryellen catalog? I really miss receiving the catalog at the same time as the doll launch.

For more on Melody Ellison, BeForever 2016, see Meeting Melody

Amazon, Portal into AG Future?

Lately Amazon’s website seems like the best place to decipher what American Girl has in store for us. Heather over at Dollightful Dolls mentioned in a comment to me that Amazon has a new Beforever 2016 book listed to be published on JANUARY 1 2016!!? You can visit the link here.  Clearly this would be the story for the new African-American doll that AG promised on their Facebook feed for 2016.  The author of the new book also wrote the Cecile books and Addy’s Journey book.

You have to think this is some sort of mistake… but I was able to pre-order the book and plan to keep checking up on this.  Could Lea Clark and BF2016 arrive at the same time?  Hard to believe… possible?

Meanwhile… Maryellen appears to not only be getting a Journey book, but also a mystery on March 1, 2016 for a total of 4 books.  The author of the mystery also wrote many Rebecca’s books.

Maryellen takes a break from practicing for the big “Rock Around the Clock” holiday dance to go to the beach with her friend Davy. While playing in the waves, they find a barnacle-encrusted ring buried in the sand. They imagine that it’s lost treasure from a sunken ship. But why do other people seem desperate to get the ring?

If you haven’t already done so, visit the Doll Diaries website to have an opportunity to win Maryellen!

Now I am turning you over to Brianna… Hi! It’s Brianna, I have a little update myself. The other day while shopping with my Grandma at Barnes & Noble I stumbled upon the Maryellen Mini Doll! Barnes & Noble had started selling Maryellen Books and Mini Dolls before the release date, which is tomorrow! Mini Maryellen is kind of pricey at $25. I took a good look at the Mini Doll and I saw that American Girl had a done an amazing job on Mini Maryellen. Some of the Mini Dolls don’t have the best faces but Mini Maryellen’s face is very detailed and well done!

Back to Jen…. As always, the links above are a courtesy to you and I do not receive any reimbursement from Amazon.

Get a good night’s sleep… Maryellen will be waiting for you in the morning!