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4th of July T-Shirts

When the girls were done decorating their scooter, they got back to the cabins and saw what Addy and Grace were up to…

noexif_IMG_5975_privateAddy took the “less is more” approach to painting her t-shirt, and Grace the “more is more” approach!


Six girls, one scooter… could be a problem!

White t-shirts from Springfield.  Camp Green Willow background painted on poster board by Jen and Brianna.

4th of July Scooter Decorating

Hello everybody! It’s Jen and Brianna, and today we have some pictures to share with you of some of our dolls decorating their scooter. Also, if you are wondering where Addy and Grace are in the pictures, they are in the craft class at Camp Green Willow making t – shirts for the 4th of July. Enjoy the post everyone!

American Girl 4th

Here are all the dolls in front of their decorated scooter

Saige American Girl 4th July

Here is Saige trying to put the flowers on the bike in the right position.

Flowers looking good!

Flowers looking good!

Julie American Girl 4th July

This is Julie trying to make a tassel out of crepe paper.

Here is Josefina looking for a place to add her pinwheel.

Here is Josefina looking for a place to add her pinwheel.  Vest and skirt by Grandma

Etsy shout-out to AnaBananaDollClothes where Jen purchased Julie’s 4th of July Outfit!  Groovy fabric. Bicentennial flashback!

Julie Etsy Fabric

Thank you all for reading today’s post! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming soon.

70s Week at Camp Green Willow

It’s 1970s week at Camp Green Willow (aka Camp Doll Diaries), but for Julie, every day is 1975.

When Julie arrived at camp, she tossed her fringed denim bag and sunglasses on the bed, and unpacked her special pillow.  Some people just have to have their own pillow to sleep on, and for Julie, nothing beats her tie-dye pillow.  She looked around and wondered when she would get to meet her cabin mate.

Julie Camp Pillow American Girl

Brianna spotted a pre-printed tie-dye felt square at Michaels and knew that Julie could use it for something.  We simply folded it in half, sewed the corners, and filled it with sheets of bubble wrap.  Voila!  Pillow in 5 minutes.  Dy-No-MITE!


Camp Green Willow Registration

Hello doll fans! It’s Brianna, and today I have a post on the dolls registering for Camp Green Willow. Enjoy!

Camp OpenIt was a beautiful morning in Arkansas and Pearl Weatherford was setting up the Camp Green Willow Registration Table in a Birchbark Cabin. Pearl checked to make sure she had extra registration forms for dolls who forgot to bring their forms. She taped up the sign that said Registration Table. She placed a cute notepad out in front for the dolls to write their names on when they finished their registration. For a final touch Pearl placed her favorite toy pink porcupine out in front. Pearl looked up at the clock. It was almost time for registration. Just then Pearl heard the door creak open, it was the first camper!

Pearl is a Vintage Horsman 'Poor Pitiful Pearl' Doll

Pearl is a Vintage Horsman ‘Poor Pitiful Pearl’ Doll

“Hello” greeted Pearl. “Hi, I’m Saige Copeland!” responded the camper. “Nice to meet you Saige, I’m Pearl Weatherford. I’m a counselor here at Camp Green Willow .” Saige grinned at Pearl and walked over to the Registration Table. “May I have your registration form?” asked Pearl. “Sure” answered Saige pulling it from her bag.

Camp Doll Diaries 1Saige handed the form to Pearl, Pearl put it in a basket behind her. “Can you sign your name on the notepad?” inquired Pearl. Saige nodded and grabbed a gold pen and started writing her name. As Saige wrote her name, Pearl saw the door open again.

“Hello!” Pearl called. “Hi! I’m Julie Albright from San Fransisco, California,” responded the new camper. “Done!” exclaimed Saige suddenly. “Great, you’re all registered, your cabin is Cabin Honorable Horses,” said Pearl. “Awesome, love the name,” answered Saige.

American Girl CampAfter the first two campers left, in came two more girls. One named Ruby Smith was permanently in a wheelchair.   A dancer named Isabelle Palmer helped her wheel into the cabin.  Isabelle was a new counselor and she would be rooming with Pearl. She repeated the same process as she had with Saige and Julie, who were now settled in their beautiful cabins on Lake Verselis.

More Campers!

More Campers!

Soon Pearl had gotten all the campers registered and settled into their cabins. Pearl was exhausted and trudged off to her cabin to meet her new cabin buddy.


I hope you enjoyed the first Camp Green Willow short story! Keep your eyes open for more. Also I will be doing some posts in the future on how I made some items featured in the pictures.

Addy Goes to Camp

Addy was at home riding her scooter when the mailman pulled up.  He had a Priority Mail envelope from Camp Green Willow!

Addy Camp

Addy wearing Saige’s jeans and a summer tunic made by Grandma

She tore the package open before she even got to the back door.  It said she was accepted from the list of alternates to attend Camp!  She had just one week to get ready!

She sat with her mom in the kitchen and filled out her camp registration forms.

Addy Camp Doll DiariesOne thing she was really excited for was that Camp Green Willow offered opportunities to learn baking and sewing in addition to the usual outdoor activities.  Her mom told her that kids used to learn these things in school, but these subjects were cut from the curriculum.  Wouldn’t it be so neat to come home knowing how to do everything Gran did?

See you at Camp!


Grace Goes to Camp

Grace Paris Bag“Grace!” a far-off voice called. I opened my eyes. Sun streamed through the windows. Rainbows flashed on the walls from my Rainbow Prism hanging in the window. “Yes…” I groaned. “You got something in the mail from Camp Green Willow…” my mom said opening the door. That got me awake, I sat straight up in bed. My mom handed me the letter. I opened it, it read:

Dear Grace Thomas, 

Hello! We have chosen 247 girls across America to come to our 5 star summer camp., Camp Green Willow. You have been chosen as one of these 247 girls. We hope you accept the offer. We hope to see you June 1st at Camp Green Willow! 


Camp Green Willow Counselors

My mouth opened in shock and surprise. I put my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming. “What is it?” asked my mom. I handed her the letter. Before you knew it we were both screaming in happiness. I was going to Camp Green Willow. “It starts June 1st so get packing your bags Grace.Paris Bag Dolls Dream

Just then my brother Josh and my dad peeked in. “Whats the commotion about?” asked Josh. “Grace is going to Camp Green Willow!” shouted mom. “Whats that?” asked Josh and Dad in unison. “You don’t know what Camp Green Willow is?” I asked in surprise. “Should we know?” asked Josh. “YES!” I yelled. “Camp Green Willow is the place of every girl’s dream. Sometimes the girls stay even for the school year and then go to the school at Camp Green Willow. They still get to come home for the holidays though and spend time with their families, but still it’s a dream come true!” I said all once. “Say that again?” said Dad. I rolled my eyes.

I started packing right away. I’m super excited for camp. I really want to do all the crafts there and take every baking class they offer. After packing I filled out the registration form. They sent along a list of people going to the camp. I didn’t know anyone so when the form asked ‘Roommate Requests’ I just wrote down random names. I’m so ready for Camp Green Willow to start already! Bring on the fun!

(Grace is wearing OG Jean Jacket, Springfield Swimsuit Top, and Saige’s White Jeans.  Paris duffel bag from Etsy shop If Dolls Could Dream recommended by Say Hello to My Little Friends )

– Brianna

Ruby Goes to Camp!

Ruby Camp ProfileDear Ruby Smith,

Hello! We have chosen 247 girls across America to come to our 5 star summer camp, Camp Green Willow. You have been chosen as one of these 247 girls. We hope you accept the offer. We hope to see you on June 1st at Camp Green Willow.

I screamed in excitement! I was going to Camp Green Willow! I flung the door of my room in my wheelchair and went rolling down the ramp to my kitchen. “MOM! DAD!” I yelled. “What is it Ruby, are you ok?” asked my mom. “I’M GOING TO CAMP GREEN WILLOW!” I screamed! My mom threw her arms around me. My two older twin sisters Raina and Rainy came running down the ramp. “What is all the commotion about?” asked Rainy. “We’re trying to get some sleep and its impossible with Little Miss Ruby screaming here!” said Raina in a typical 16 year old voice. “Raina don’t be mean” said Rainy in a shy tone. “Whatever Rainy………” said Raina jabbing Rainy in the side with her elbow. “Oww….” said Rainy. “Raina don’t hurt your sister” scolded  mom. Raina rolled her eyes and walked back up the ramp to her room.

“She just woke up on the wrong side of the bed” said Rainy in her sweetest tone. I smiled at Rainy–she was the nice twin while Raina was the sassy one. “Anyway what is the commotion about?” asked Rainy politely. I had almost forgotten, “I’m going to Camp Green Willow” I said brimming with excitement. Rainy opened her mouth in surprise. “YOU’RE GOING TO CAMP GREEN WILLOW I ALWAYS WANTED TO GO THERE WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE AND I STILL DO!” shouted Rainy. Raina cleared her throat from the top of the ramp. Rainy and I just walked into the living room to talk instead. “Anyway, that’s so cool your going Ruby” continued Rainy. “Ya, I’m really excited,” I responded. I decided to go to back to my room.

I started packing because the letter said Camp started June 1st. I packed away my clothes and my prized possessions like the picture of my great great great grandma Rosalie who passed through Ellis Island in 1907. All of sudden I remembered. I had to be in a wheelchair all of camp. How would I do all the activities? Would the other girls tease me? Now I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go at all. I have to be in a wheelchair because a few years back I was in a horrible accident and know I have to be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. I decided to talk to Rainy, she’d make me feel better.

I opened the creaky door to my sister’s room. “Rainy?” I asked.  “I’m not sure if I can go to Camp Green Willow because of my wheelchair, how am I going to participate in the activities? Are the other girls going to laugh at me?” I asked. “I already thought about that Ruby, come over here” motioned Rainy. I rolled over to her desk. “I’m on the Camp Green Willow website, it says that girls with disabilities can participate too,” said Rainy. “Also, do  you remember my old friend Sarah Hoffer?” asked Rainy. I nodded. “Well her older sister had a friend named Karen Collins who was in an accident similar to yours, and she went to Camp Green Willow and no one even thought of teasing her,” continued Rainy. “Does that  ease your fears?” asked Rainy. “Yes, thank you Rainy you’re the best!” I answered. “Anything for you Ruby” responded Rainy. I gave her the biggest smile I could muster and rolled out of her room and down the hall in feeling spectacular.

– By Brianna

We’ve Come Out of Hibernation… Let’s Shop!

This winter we were pounded with cold, then snow.  Repeat.

It was amazing this weekend to get out to a few shops just for fun.  We found many neat items for dolls, and doll-lovers!

Michaels SpoonsThese spoons, and forks below, were at Michaels in the party section with gift bags and paper plates.  Something for dolls who require elegant table settings!  They are 3-4″ in length.  Possibly a tad big, but our dolls can make that work!


We saw these tiny canvases at Michaels as well.  They are 2×2 and would be perfect for a Camp Doll Diaries activity!

noexif_IMG_5506_privateI picked up these blank canvas shoulder bags so that our dolls can have a customized carrying bag this summer for Camp Doll Diaries.  The bags are about 5 inches wide.  We plan to use fabric paint or markers on them.  These were in the section with wedding favor supplies at Michaels.


We happened to be in Lands’ End clothing store and Brianna saw a shirt right away that reminded her of the Julie Peace Petals shirt for girls, and next to it I saw a top that reminded me of the Addy Periwinkle Plaid top for girls:

noexif_IMG_5508_private noexif_IMG_5509_privateWhat do you think about the girls’ clothing items?  Do you see a resemblance as well?