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Introducing. . .Us!

The American Girl Create-Your-Own Doll launch inspired us to create dolls that look like us.  Now you can picture us over here typing away…


I chose the Jess face mold, though I am not Asian.  In the online program that choice looks the most, to me, like an adult face.  I have heard that this face mold has painted eye notches similar to Nanea… but I digress!

I chose the “Let’s Daydream” outfit, but honestly none of them are outfits that I would normally buy for myself or a doll.  Brianna detests this outfit!  I can’t say that I normally wear a flowered headband, but I did once wear a Rainbow Dash headband to the school I work at for Halloween, so maybe it isn’t that much of a stretch!

I chose the “Let’s Play” accessories because there is a doll Fitbit.  For “Personality” I chose reading and writing.

Brianna says I look better than this in real life, so I’m taking that as a compliment!



I chose the Cecile face mold, because I think it looks a lot like a normal face of a 12 year old, like me. My best friend and I were both making ones that look like us and we both chose Cecile.

I chose the “Let’s Smile” outfit, because out of all 6 outfits it personally looks the best to me. I like the light blue jean jacket over the dress, because my everyday outfit tends to look like that.

I chose the “Let’s Smile” accessories as well, because they have what looks like a Starbucks drink in the accessories. For “Personality” I chose travel. It was really hard to decide which one to do. I like music & dancing, reading & writing, travel, and sports & games. For my “Favorite Place” I chose the mountains. It was either that or the lake or beach. Finally, for my “Pet Pal” I chose the dogs, though I like cats, and many of the other animals listed as well.

We would love to know what you “look like” too!