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Christmas Recap

By Jen and Brianna

This year we recalled many happy memories of past American Girl Christmases, including when Brianna got her first doll at AGP in Chicago.  She had planned for Molly but Molly was suddenly retired days before we went!  She bonded with Saige and the rest is history.  Last Christmas saw the arrival of Maryellen, Dakota, and Addy’s bed!

In contrast, this Christmas was a little more subdued, but you know there were at least a few red boxes under the tree.


The Ombre Ballet Outfit

Brianna asked for the ombre recital outfit.  She anticipates that her own ballet recital outfit will be a similar color this year because their theme is “Aurora Borealis.”  The outfit is beautiful, but there are a few quirks.  The headband is so tough to get on that we were concerned we would wreck Isabelle’s meet hairstyle.  The shoes are really tough to get on as well.  Our tutu is undergoing “training” with a rubber band as the tulle sticks out in front but not in back.



Jen made life easy for Grandma by ordering Kit’s floral print dress when it was on sale.  The quality is terrific and Kit just looks good in everything!  The neutral sandals are great for other outfits too.  The barrette works well and is easy to use.img_8291

It was hard to say no the lavender sparkle “Purchase with Purchase” outfit that was offered online for about 14.00 in mid-December.  The colors are pretty and the front zip is unique.  It could use some pants though!  Can we start a social media tag to get some AG pants?  #mydollneedspants


Finally, there was the “Dolls at Work” activity box, which also comes with a cute t-shirt being modeled by Dakota. The Dolls at Work activity box has lots of fun activities that come with it. Your doll can do many different types of work/services with this book!


I hope you enjoyed our post for today! Happy New Years Eve!




Julie: “Let Girls Play, Too!”

Words are taken from Chapter 5 “Let Girls Play, Too” of Meet Julie by Megan McDonald.  “Dakota” is standing in for Julie’s best friend, Ivy.

“Saturday morning Julie was reading her horoscope — “Don’t hesitate; today’s the day to jump in” — when she heard Ivy’s knock.

IMG_7693“You’re here!” Julie said, leading her friend into the living room.  The two girls pushed boxes into the corner so that Ivy could show Julie her latest floor routine.

IMG_7696“Did you know Olga Korbut was the first person to do a backwards aerial somersault on the balance beam?” Ivy asked as she turned her handstand into a back limber.

IMG_7698Julie tried to copy the move, but as soon as she got into a handstand, her feet clomped to the floor.

IMG_7694“Girls!” called Mom. “What’s going on?  Sounds like a stampede of elephants in there.  Julie, please tell me you’re not bouncing that basketball inside.”

Olga Korbut was a former Soviet gymnast who won 4 Olympic gold medals and 2 silver medals.  Today she is 61 years old and a US citizen living in Scottsdale, AZ.  I don’t think Olga would approve of Ivy doing handstands in Dr. Scholl’s sandals!

DIY American Girl Bulletin Board

Hello everyone! It’s Brianna here, with a fun American Girl Craft! Enjoy the post!

noexif_IMG_6684_privateWhat you will need:

  • Brown or black construction paper “12 by 18” inches
  • Mesh or Lace [Optional]
  • Tape
  • Removable Mounting Putty
  • Printer [Optional]
  • Access to Internet [Optional]
  • Coloring Supplies [Optional]

You take the brown or black construction paper and cut a piece of mesh or lace that is a little bit wider than the construction paper. From there you tape the mesh or lace over the brown or black construction paper. Since there is extra you can wrap the extra mesh or lace around the back of the construction paper and tape it back there so it doesn’t show.Then you can color or print some cute pictures of your doll’s family or what your doll likes to do. Then individually put mounting putty on the back of each picture and put it on the construction paper. Finally, once all of your pictures are on the construction paper, turn over the construction paper and put pieces of mounting putty on the back, so you can mount it onto the wall.

noexif_American Girl Bulletin Board_privateDakota made her own bulletin board, with pictures of her family and her favorite activities. In the picture below you can see what she put on her wall. Dakota taped a picture of Saige by the fireplace and big window in the doll’s house, a picture of Isabelle in her ballet outfit at the barre, Caroline and Caroline’s friend from Cincinnati (where the dolls use to live before they moved to Marlow, New Hampshire) whose name is Kit, and Dakota herself in the garden. Then Dakota taped a picture of cheer leading, a picture of a girl doing rhythmic gymnastics, and a ballerina silhouette.

I hoped you enjoyed today’s post. I hope you come back to Dolls Between Us, soon!


Meet Dakota

noexif_IMG_6586_privateHi everyone! Its Brianna, and for Christmas I got Just Like Me #60. I named her Dakota McCann. Dakota is Lanie’s best friend in the books of American Girl of the Year 2009, Lanie Holland. So, I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about her.


Name: Dakota McCann

Nickname: Kota

Age: 10

Birthday: February 17th

Description: Medium length blackish brown hair, blue eyes, pink braces, and white skin.


Personality: Funny, Sometimes A Bit Strange, Loving, Kind, Caring, Peaceful, Loyal, Ambitious, Smart, Successful, Sweet, and Warm – Hearted.

Interests: Cheerleading, Coding,  Rhythmic Gymnastics, Reading, Traveling, History, and Nature.

Favorite Food: Avocado Sushi or if you’re talking dessert, French Silk Pie.

Least Favorite Food: All Seafood, Tomatoes, All Meat except Bacon, and Snap Peas.

Dream Job: Software Developer or Olympic Gymnast

Favorite Colors: Azure Mist, Bluebonnet, Celeste, Cyan, Dogwood Rose, Italian Sky Blue, Mauve, Misty Rose, Persian Rose, Phlox, Robin Egg Blue, Vanilla Ice, and Wisteria  [she likes very strange and non common colors, like me.]

Favorite Animal: Western Highland Terrier Dogs, Maine Coon Cats, Dachshunds Dogs, Dandie Dinmont Terrier Dogs, and Golden Retrievers. She has Honey her own Golden Retriever.


Jen says… “Dakota” came from the Madison Children’s Museum benefit sale this summer. She was around $ 55.00.  This was an unplanned purchase but at the last minute I caved and she became a Christmas present in the making.  Dakota is the famous “doll in the closet” that so troubled Isabelle!  This is the first JLY/MYAG/Truly Me type doll to join the herd here, and I think she is pretty cool!


Madison Children’s Museum Sale 2015