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Just in Time!

A winter storm warning loomed.  The girls were looking for their boots and mittens for school tomorrow when the doorbell rang.  Ding-dong!

Maryellen went to the door and saw the UPS man hurrying back to his truck.  A big box sat on the porch.  “Help!” called Maryellen. “I think it might be Nellie!”

The girls opened the box carefully and found…

Nellie Doll Hospital

Nellie was back!

“Hi everyone!  I don’t need a wheelchair anymore!” exclaimed Nellie.  “Look!  I have a certificate of good health.”

Doll Hospital


“Nellie!  We are so glad to see you.  If you hadn’t arrived today, you would have been sitting on the porch in the snow tomorrow,” said Maryellen.  “You have great timing, cousin!”


“How long can you stay?  Josefina is going to want to hear all about your trip!”

“Well, doctor’s orders say I need to rest for a week…and then I need to travel home to get things ready for when my family comes home for Easter,” said Nellie.


“You came to the right place!  We would love to pamper you while you recover from leg surgery.  By the time you have to go home, maybe spring will be here,” said Maryellen encouragingly.  She took Maryellen to get out of her hospital gown.  “Wait till Josefina comes home and sees you!”



Nellie Arrives!

“Nellie!  It’s so good to see you again!” exclaimed Maryellen.  “I was so surprised to get your letter in the mail.

Maryellen Nellie“Thanks so much for helping me out,” said Nellie.

Maryellen became concerned when she saw Nellie’s legs with so little strength in them.  She wondered if her family’s grand-daughter had to be extra careful with her, or if they were scared to take Nellie out at all.  That did not seem like the Nellie she knew who loved to be active and play.  Maryellen’s thoughts were interrupted by Dakota.

noexif_IMG_6717_private“Nellie, meet Dakota – she is new here.”

“Wow, you two really do look alike!  And your names rhyme — Ellie and Nellie!” said Dakota.  “Nice to meet you.”

Maryellen helped Nellie get comfortable in the living room.  She noticed when Nellie sat down, her leg flopped sideways.  Maryellen tried not to stare and busied herself with snacks.

The girls caught up on family news, school, and the latest books.

Pleasant Co NellieAfter a silent pause, Nellie said, “I really need to get to the hospital to have my leg fixed, but I am nervous!  I’ve never been far from home, except to visit family.”

Maryellen thought for a moment, then had the perfect idea!  “When Josefina gets home you can talk with her – she is a Pleasant Company girl too, and she had her shoulder fixed at the doll hospital.  I’m sure she could tell you all about it.

That night Dakota and Addy slept in sleeping bags so Nellie and Josefina could talk without a crowd.  After they climbed into bed, Josefina told her all about her exciting trip to Madison, Wisconsin.  She was so relieved to have her shoulder fixed because Brianna had stopped playing with her.

noexif_IMG_6723_private“Nellie, I have a secret to tell you,” said Josefina.  “When you visit the doll hospital you not only get your leg fixed, but you get a spa treatment too!  Don’t tell all the girls or they will want to sneak into the box with you!”

Josefina made Nellie feel very special.  She was eager to start her journey tomorrow.


Nellie really does belong to a friend who travels in winter.  The last time we borrowed Nellie I noticed that her leg was very VERY loose.  It happens to a Pleasant Co girl after many years.  Since we always have a doll hospital box on hand, we are sending Nellie for her leg repair and she will be good as new when our friend returns in spring.  She does know we are doing this.  Please do not doll-nap someone else’s doll 😉  We will be sure to let you know when Nellie returns.