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Bring on the Cotton Candy!

What better way to start Monday than by celebrating National Cotton Candy Day!  Do you pick the pink or the blue cotton candy at the carnival?

img_7927How about forgetting that sticky mess and having a Cotton Candy Frappuccino like Isabelle? Starbucks has them on sale today.


Did you know that the Cotton Candy frappuccino is one of the “secret” drinks you can ask for at Starbucks?  There’s a Butterbeer frappuccino, a Pokémon Go frap, and even a cupcake frappuccino!  Most are made with a regular vanilla frappuccino with 4-5 added pumps of various syrups, bringing the drink to 60-70 grams of sugar, about double the amount in real cotton candy.

Cotton candy fact for the day: in England they call it candy floss.

Have a sweet day!


Christmas Recap

By Jen and Brianna

This year we recalled many happy memories of past American Girl Christmases, including when Brianna got her first doll at AGP in Chicago.  She had planned for Molly but Molly was suddenly retired days before we went!  She bonded with Saige and the rest is history.  Last Christmas saw the arrival of Maryellen, Dakota, and Addy’s bed!

In contrast, this Christmas was a little more subdued, but you know there were at least a few red boxes under the tree.


The Ombre Ballet Outfit

Brianna asked for the ombre recital outfit.  She anticipates that her own ballet recital outfit will be a similar color this year because their theme is “Aurora Borealis.”  The outfit is beautiful, but there are a few quirks.  The headband is so tough to get on that we were concerned we would wreck Isabelle’s meet hairstyle.  The shoes are really tough to get on as well.  Our tutu is undergoing “training” with a rubber band as the tulle sticks out in front but not in back.



Jen made life easy for Grandma by ordering Kit’s floral print dress when it was on sale.  The quality is terrific and Kit just looks good in everything!  The neutral sandals are great for other outfits too.  The barrette works well and is easy to use.img_8291

It was hard to say no the lavender sparkle “Purchase with Purchase” outfit that was offered online for about 14.00 in mid-December.  The colors are pretty and the front zip is unique.  It could use some pants though!  Can we start a social media tag to get some AG pants?  #mydollneedspants


Finally, there was the “Dolls at Work” activity box, which also comes with a cute t-shirt being modeled by Dakota. The Dolls at Work activity box has lots of fun activities that come with it. Your doll can do many different types of work/services with this book!


I hope you enjoyed our post for today! Happy New Years Eve!




I Love You a Latte

Hi peeps, Isabelle here modeling my new PJs from Justice.  They are super comfy for lounging and studying.  I love these quiet moments when Tutu and I can relax without all the kid commotion around the house.


The PJ top has a stylish racer back.

img_7913And the bottoms have a super cute Frappucino print that says “I love you a latte.”

img_7914What’s your favorite drink?  Mine is Strawberries and Creme frappucino… Venti please!  It’s sweet and girly like me!

img_7927Jen says… Justice seems to be limiting the amount of doll outfits in their shops, but I thought this one was terrific and it is very well made.  They retail for about $12.00.  Getting Isabelle’s pink hair extensions in just about made me have a hot flash.  I needed the air conditioning after that!  You can never have enough doll pajamas.

I got a sample of Pumpkin spice frappucino and I liked the cup as much as the drink!  I put some pink construction paper in the cup and a piece of gift bag tissue paper for whipped cream.

Over The Hills And Through The Woods To Grandma’s House We Go Part 1

By Saige Copeland

“Guys, get all your stuff together we’re leaving in a few minutes,” called my sister Isabelle from the living room. I got my suitcase and pulled it outside in the cold snowy air. My sisters and I were going to visit our grandma in Washington D.C over the weekend.

noexif_IMG_6512_privateI was so excited to leave Marlow’s cold snowy atmosphere and head down south to 70 degree weather for a weekend. I put all of my stuff in the trunk and hopped in the car. Since there were 8 of us, we had a big van.

noexif_IMG_6516_privateIsabelle was the driver and Caroline was her guide, so they sat in the front. Behind them, Grace and I sat, behind us was Josefina and Kit, and at the rear end was Addy and Julie.

I hopped in the car. I got out my book and started to read. It took awhile since Caroline had to find away to put her “too big” suitcase in the trunk. As Caroline got in the car, I noticed she was wearing a mid-summer dress that was meant for 80 degree weather not below 32 degree weather.

noexif_IMG_6514_private I was about to say something about it but before I could, Grace elbowed me in the ribs. I sat back and sighed… it was impossible to state your opinion when “Miss No Fighting” was around. Finally, we were off and on our way to D.C.

Kit and Josefina were probably the only very enthusiastic ones about this vacation, since it gave them time to play with their dolls.

noexif_IMG_6518_privateGrace and I used our phones but we forgot to charge them before we left and they died pretty quickly. Julie and Addy get car sick very easily, and Isabelle and Caroline just drove and navigated.

noexif_IMG_6519_private It was pretty silent in the car except for the slight squeaking of the driving wheel and the murmur of Josefina and Kit’s voices as they played with their dolls.

Isabelle broke the silence by saying, “WE will be in Boston soon and we can get dinner there.” “Yay!” shouted everybody. “Caroline, can you look up The Top 10 Restaurants In Boston on Trip Advisor?” asked Isabelle. “Sure” responded Caroline. “How about Italian Express Pizzeria . . . it’s Number #2 and has great reviews.” “Sounds good to me” approved Isabelle.

“Pizza saves lives,” I said to Grace. Grace nodded in response. We pulled into the Italian Express Pizzeria parking lot. We entered the Pizzeria, it was pretty busy, so we decided to get takeout. “Oh the Eggplant Parmesan Pizza sounds good, ” commented Isabelle. “Ya, that sounds delicious,” added Caroline. The rest of us stared in awe, that sounded disgusting! Caroline and Isabelle loved eggplant but they knew the rest of us hated it. “Can we please just cheese?” asked Kit sweetly. “How about we order 4 pizzas. . . ” answered Isabelle. “Ok” responded Kit. We all murmured among ourselves. Kit and Josefina got a Small Cheese Pizza, Addy and Julie got a Small BBQ Chicken, Grace and I got a Small Hawaiian, and Isabelle and Caroline got a Small Eggplant Parmesan Pizza. We ate in the car, which all of us loved to do.

noexif_IMG_6522_privateWe finished and got back on the road. Soon we all got on our PJ’s. We all fell asleep except for Isabelle who stayed awake driving the van until midnight when she pulled us over and fell asleep herself.

noexif_IMG_6523_privateIn the morning when we woke up, we were surprised to learn that we were already in Connecticut. We got some breakfast at First & Last Bakery Cafe, then we got back on the road. As we drove along, I  got out my Doodle backpack and opened my binder which contained all of my folders and papers inside. Eighth Grade had been assigned a crazy amount of homework over the weekend. Grace decided to do her homework too.

As we drove along Caroline asked if we would like any music on. I knew instantly that was a mistake on her part because whenever we played music in the car Grace and Julie always ended up getting in a big fight because they never liked the same music. Grace liked modern and Julie liked 70’s. Back when Grace and I were in 6th Grade, we took a family road trip all the way to Arkansas. Grace and Julie started fighting over music then all of a sudden we joined sides. Grace, Kit, and I were the Modern Side and Julie, Josefina, and Addy were the 70’s side. The fight lasted the whole way there and back again. That was a quite a car trip. So, when Caroline asked we wanted music, she realized suddenly what would happen, so she stopped the fight before either Grace or Julie could say a word. Her solution was: Play music from the 19th century. Josefina and Addy liked that.. but the rest of us couldn’t stand the sound of squeaky 19th century violins.

We got lunch in Trenton, New Jersey and by then we could say we were half way through our trip. We only had 2 more states to go through Delaware and Maryland. Josefina and Kit were very excited to go through Delaware because in their 5th Grade Social Studies class they were learning about Lord De La Warr. If you look at the spelling you can see it looks pretty much like Delaware. That’s how Delaware got it’s name, after Lord De La Warr.

As we drove through Maryland I made a list of  things I wanted to do in Washington D.C:

1. National Air and Space Museum 

2. National Zoo

3. Museum of National History

4. Washington Monument 

5. National Archives

6. The Capitol

7. The Library of National Congress

8. Lincoln Memorial

9. Arlington National Cemetery

10. Vietnam Veterans Memorial

We arrived in Washington D.C at 6:30 PM. We passed the Washington Monument and The Capitol. I was so excited to go exploring in Washington D.C, tomorrow morning. We pulled up in front of my Grandma’s apartment building. We entered the lobby with our luggage. It was very fancy. We got in the huge elevator and rode up to the 5th floor. “Room 511,” said Isabelle. We stopped in front of a wood door, and rang the doorbell.

The door creaked open slowly and…..and you will have to wait for our next post to find out what happens.

Bye for now everyone! – Brianna


Tutu Makes Trouble

(Words taken from ‘Isabelle’ by Laurence Yep)

“Tutu had been such a cute little white cotton ball in the shelter, but she turned out to be a real furry handful.


Normally a kitten might wake you with loud meowing.  But Tutu preferred to hop on top of you and stroll up and down your spine.


IMG_6500When Jade or I would finally sit up, Tutu would jump off and twitch her whiskers in surprise, as if to say, Oh, was that your back?  I thought you were the hallway rug.”

IMG_6503–Brianna recommended “Isabelle” to me and I hope to bring you a few more photo stories from the book.  I always enjoy reading the background behind some of the items in the doll’s collection.  Now I know that Tutu has a naughty personality just like our former cat, who used to steal my husband’s chair when he got up, and then curl up and pretend to be asleep so no one would move him!


Isabelle Solves the Mystery

To read part 2 go here 

The next day Isabelle found Addy packing her lunch for school.

Isabelle Addy breakfast“Addy… did you hear anything weird when you were studying for your French exam a few nights ago?  I heard this strange scratching sound last night, and reading Poe wasn’t helping the situation either.”

“Wreath,” Addy said plainly.  “It scratches on the glass door when the wind blows.”

Isabelle played it cool. “Oh yeah, I forgot about that,” she said.  Inside, however, her brain was doing cartwheels of joy now that she had found someone to put her fears at ease.  She couldn’t wait another minute to see what Addy had to say about the doll in the closet.

“Oh!  Saige is finally out of the bathroom… MY TURN!” Addy called out as she dashed out of the kitchen.

So much for feeling better.

Isabelle sank into a chair to review her math for the quiz later today.  Kit and Caroline were busy playing without a care in the world.  “Oh to be a little kid again,” thought Isabelle to herself.

Kit Caroline Play Madison Doll Sale

“I get to be the doll sale lady who hands the dolls to customers!” said Kit.

“OK, I’ll be the customer, but then we have to switch,” agreed Caroline.

“Pretend you’re looking for a doll with earrings and I will go through all the boxes for you,” Kit suggested.

Isabelle looked up, “What are you two doing?”

“Playing Madison Doll sale,” Kit replied.

“That was the best day ever,” sighed Caroline.  “Getting to leave that huge warehouse, and getting a home!”

Kit agreed and added, “It was so exciting when they chose a third girl to take home, and we still haven’t met her!”

“Wait a minute,” said Isabelle, “What did you say?”

“A third girl… In the closet.  The special present?” Kit said casually.

“I…I… How long have you known?” Isabelle was dumbfounded.

Isabelle Kit Caroline“Like I said, we were there at the sale, and the new girl is for Christmas.  The clerks cheered when she got to come home with us!” Kit added, “We are saving money to get her some Christmas gifts so she has her own stuff.  You are supposed to be saving too!”

Isabelle wondered how many other things were going on around the house that she didn’t know about.

“Seriously?! Where is she going to sleep!!?” Isabelle said as she left Kit and Caroline.  Isabelle acted as though she was aggravated, but one tiny seed of joy sprouted in her heart when she thought of the perfect gift she had just seen in the new holiday catalog.  Maybe she would just hop on the AG website for a second. . .











Isabelle’s Long Creepy Night

Click here to go to part 1

Isabelle couldn’t quite name the reason why she didn’t just tell the other girls ‘Hey!  There’s a new doll box in the coat closet!’  Maybe it was because she was the oldest, and she felt some personal responsibility for the younger girls’ happiness, or maybe it was because she didn’t want to contemplate a new girl moving in just as she was preparing to think about college.

The week wore on, and Isabelle was very distracted and spacey.  She went to her Wednesday ballet class and completely forgot to put her hair in a bun.  This resulted in the entire class having to do push-ups, her teacher’s customary punishment for not being prepared.

Isabelle Balletnoexif_IMG_6343_private

That evening she pulled out her American Lit homework after the younger girls were already in bed.  Her Lit teacher thought it would be “fun” to study Edgar Allan Poe in the month of October. Isabelle smirked as she thought of Poe as the original Goth, long before the kids at high school started experimenting with dyed black hair and dark lipstick.  The window rattled. A cold front was coming in, and she could hear the wind sending the leaves into noisy vortexes on the lawn and jolting her back to work.  She pulled a blanket around her.

Isabelle October Mystery

Isabelle cracked open ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ and tried to focus on the first sentence: “TRUE! – nervous – very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?” ‘Great’ – she thought to herself – ‘Spooky October wind, story told by a madman, and a mystery doll box in the closet right behind my chair. At least this is a short story and I can get to bed soon.’


She dozed off a few times during the story, but after reading about the story’s main character going crazy hearing a “tell-tale” heart thumping under his floorboards she was wide awake and thoroughly creeped out.

Scritch Scritch

Scritch Scritch

What was that sound behind her?  It sounded like it was near the closet!  Isabelle ran off to her bedroom and swore she would confide in sensible Addy in the morning.

Final installment next week~

Isabelle Finds More Than She Expected

On a cool, autumnal Sunday, Isabelle decided to go out for a walk before church.  She had a new ballet teacher who was working the class very hard.  Isabelle was sore!  Maybe a little fresh air and movement would get her feeling better.  She checked the thermometer..  Ooh, 48 degrees.  Time to dig out the winter coat.

Isabelle American Girl

She headed to the coat closet wearing the wrap sweater that a friend’s mom knit for her as a birthday gift.  The family was from France and tres chic.  She felt a little smug knowing that she was so much more stylish in her ballet attire than her friends who ran around in day-glow soccer shirts all weekend.  Now about that winter coat…



“This closet is just a mess of tennis rackets, vacuum cleaners, and trick-or-treat pumpkins!”  As she grabbed her coat, she noticed something high up on a shelf.  Was that what it looked like?  It couldn’t be.


It looked like a doll box.  She closed the door feeling as though she had just seen something that she wasn’t supposed to.

Isabelle Gets Winter Coat

She stood with her back against the closet door thinking for a moment.  The confusing thing was that all of the girls in the house had red doll boxes.  It couldn’t possibly be another doll, no way.  It was too crowded here already!

Isabelle took off on her walk, debating about whether to tell any of the other girls about what she saw.

To Be Continued…

Isabelle Sews a Bag and Mends a Fence

Isabelle had been thinking for a few days about how she could make her own truly unique bookbag.  Like a lot of creative people, these were the sort of thoughts that kept her awake at night and got her out of bed in the morning.  On a rare afternoon when Julie had basketball practice and the rest of the girls were at the pool, Isabelle started her project.

First, she had to move Tutu off the bed.  She didn’t feel too badly because Tutu was spoiled!


She enjoyed the solitude of her bedroom and got her sewing kit out.

noexif_IMG_6260_privatenoexif_IMG_6261_privateShe had some cream canvas to use up, so she cut out some basic squares and straps.  She probably had enough fabric to make a few bags, come to think of it.

noexif_IMG_6262_privateShe sewed the bags by hand.  A sewing machine would help, but she pretended she was back in the 1800s sewing beautiful garments by hand.

Isabelle sews a dance bagThey came together pretty easily!  She grabbed some of the macarons Grace had made for dessert, spread newspaper on the floor, and got to work with her fabric markers.

Jen's Mom made these from clay!!

Jen’s Mom made these from clay!!


Dance Eternally!

Dance Eternally!

Julie came bounding in and she thought the bag was the coolest!  Soon Julie was making her own gym bag.


Isabelle told Julie about Saige’s fancy messenger bag.  Saige had been a little TOO proud, but on the other hand, Isabelle hadn’t really made an attempt to share in Saige’s enthusiasm.  Julie suggested they could make a tote bag for Saige and her riding gear, so they got to work.  In a family this large, the girls knew you had to patch things up quickly!  A special bag seemed like the perfect way to smooth things over, and getting creative helped Isabelle forget about the tension over the fancy backpack.

Bags purchased at Michaels and Brianna and I used fabric markers to make personalized bags.  We had 5 bags and more than 5 girls, so hopefully some won’t mind sharing?  Brianna made Isabelle’s skirt with Grandma.  Thanks to Isabelle for reminding us about forgiveness.

Saige Stirs the Pot

Isabelle and Ruby were resting on the patio trying to stay cool.  Isabelle said, “I think this is about my third smoothie this afternoon!” Ruby replied, “It is going to be even hotter tomorrow!”


noexif_IMG_6245_privateSuddenly the screen door slammed.

noexif_IMG_6247_privateIsabelle saw Saige coming over.  What on earth was Saige up to now?


“Saige, it’s 94 degrees out!  Why are you wearing a sweater and suede boots?”

Saige said, “Back to school… do I look good?  Brianna went to Chicago and bought me this fashionable messenger bag.”

Ruby could tell that drama was about to start percolating.

Saige whipped around and showed off her new bag.

noexif_IMG_6250_privateSaige continued, “This bag is currently being shown for fall in the American Girl catalog.  I bet no one else at our school will even have one!  Wait till you see all the great supplies that came inside…”

noexif_IMG_6249_privateIsabelle interrupted her, “It’s really nice!  I am making my own school bag this year.  I like to make a one-of-a-kind statement.”  In the back of her mind, Isabelle was wondering how she would pull off making a school bag on her sewing machine.

“Well, you guys stay cool,” said Saige.  “I’m going to go work on my forms to register for school!”

To be continued….