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Old World with Kit

Put on your bonnet, today we are off to Old World Wisconsin, a delightful living history museum where you can visit immigrant homesteads from the 1800s in a natural setting.

We have Kit with us — is there any doll easier to travel with?  Her cute hairstyle can endure all the traumas that come with doll adventures.

Our first stop always has to be the restaurant The Hen House in Eagle, Wisconsin.  You can get a breakfast with homemade white bread toast for 3.99.  I won’t pass judgement if you start your meal by sharing a homemade donut!

Old World Wisconsin is on a huge parcel of land.  There are trams to take you from one Settlement (Norwegian, German, etc.) to the other.  The buildings have been relocated here from all over the upper Midwest.

Old World Wisc

The General Store is filled with wonderful calico prints.  Kit says, “How many yards will you need of the pink gingham?”

Kit General Store

Many of the buildings have museum interpreters in period attire doing work just as it would have been done more than 120 years ago.  You may find someone spinning yarn, making soup, or feeding livestock breeds favored by early European immigrants.

Geraniums  Cucumbers sitting on the porch were a clue that some pickling was underway inside this home.  

Kit found something she could relate to in Four Mile House. 

Doll Bed Vintage

A lucky child had a full bedroom set for her doll.  The bed looked like the right size for Kit, and the doll trunk would solve some storage issues!

I found a quiet moment with Kit at the German Homestead.  

If you go, I would recommend prioritizing which Settlement you want to see most.  By the time we got to the Norwegian area, we were hot and tired.  Next time we will start there with fresh eyes.

Kit says, “There’s still plenty of nice weather to get outside and learn about the immigrants — recent or not so recent — that came to your state or province.”




New Names for Cute Bunnies

Kit and Maryellen were anxiously waiting for the Easter egg hunt to begin.  Kit had on a brand new dress and Maryellen was reluctantly making do with her sundress and mint green sweater.  It was the first time it was warm enough to even wear a sleeveless dress on Easter!


The older girls weren’t ready yet, but Isabelle gave her phone to Kit to help them pass the time.

“Maryellen, here is a chart to help you determine your ‘Easter Bunny Name’!  Guess what, my name would be Kindheart Carrot Top!” said Kit.


“Oh neat!  What would my name be?” inquired Maryellen, studying the chart.

“Ummm… Mighty Carrot Top!  That fits you Maryellen because of your red hair!”

“It’s cute, but I wish we had different last names,” said Maryellen.

Kit rolled her eyes and changed the subject. “Jen’s name would be Jumpy Jelly Bean!”

“Oh, I like that name a lot,” said Maryellen.


“After the egg hunt let’s go home and make a list of the whole family’s names,”  said Kit.  “Maybe we could even print them in a special Easter edition of our newspaper!”

Maryellen and Kit were thrilled that they had a great idea for play time once the Easter excitement dwindled down.  Until then, there were plenty of eggs to hunt for.

What is your Easter Bunny Name?  We wish all who celebrate a blessed Easter!

Winter People

by Kit Kittredge

As a crack journalist, I study people everywhere I go.  I have noticed that my neighbors in Cincinnati all have different ways of coping with winter.  When you live in a winter climate, you know the feeling of the snow being deeper than the top of your boots.  Brrr!  At the Cincinnati Register, we call stories like this one ‘human interest’ stories.

Caroline lives nearby, and she looks forward to winter because it means completely changing up her wardrobe.   Wintery weather means an opportunity to get out her fluffiest pink coat and  shearling boots.img_8284Don’t let the blond hair and shopping bags fool you — she is more than a pretty face!  Caroline’s love of winter clothing was the start of our neighborhood coat and mitten drive for needy kids.  She uses her shopping talents to scoop up items to donate when clearance sales start.  (It’s important for journalists not to reinforce stereotypes – K.K.).   Having a fashionista among us is just the encouragement we need to try a new winter look and pass down our still nice coats to those in need.


Every Northern inhabitant has a neighbor like dear Addy.  Addy is our winter dog walker.


Winter dog walkers are often so bundled up that you aren’t quite sure who is under the hat and scarf!  A big dog like Rembrandt needs exercise, even when the temps are below zero.

Grace can’t wait for the first snowfall to hit the slopes.  There is no winter sport that Grace won’t try, and she has heaps of winter sports gear to prove it!  She always talking about black diamond runs and half pipes.  After school she takes a bus with her classmates to the local ski hill.  She hasn’t broken anything yet!


One of the most delightful parts of living in a winter climate is having an excuse to slow down, stay home, and hibernate.  And you guessed it… that is my approach to winter!


Here I am with a good book, flannel night-gown, and a warm quilt.

What do you like to do when north winds blow?







Ringing in 2017

There was a sleepover party next to the Christmas tree last night, and everyone stayed awake until midnight thanks to snacks and the movie “Into the Woods.”


This was the scene this morning.

fullsizeoutput_5eb5Kit was awake, but no one else could be roused to get up for church.  Ah well!

Christmas Recap

By Jen and Brianna

This year we recalled many happy memories of past American Girl Christmases, including when Brianna got her first doll at AGP in Chicago.  She had planned for Molly but Molly was suddenly retired days before we went!  She bonded with Saige and the rest is history.  Last Christmas saw the arrival of Maryellen, Dakota, and Addy’s bed!

In contrast, this Christmas was a little more subdued, but you know there were at least a few red boxes under the tree.


The Ombre Ballet Outfit

Brianna asked for the ombre recital outfit.  She anticipates that her own ballet recital outfit will be a similar color this year because their theme is “Aurora Borealis.”  The outfit is beautiful, but there are a few quirks.  The headband is so tough to get on that we were concerned we would wreck Isabelle’s meet hairstyle.  The shoes are really tough to get on as well.  Our tutu is undergoing “training” with a rubber band as the tulle sticks out in front but not in back.



Jen made life easy for Grandma by ordering Kit’s floral print dress when it was on sale.  The quality is terrific and Kit just looks good in everything!  The neutral sandals are great for other outfits too.  The barrette works well and is easy to use.img_8291

It was hard to say no the lavender sparkle “Purchase with Purchase” outfit that was offered online for about 14.00 in mid-December.  The colors are pretty and the front zip is unique.  It could use some pants though!  Can we start a social media tag to get some AG pants?  #mydollneedspants


Finally, there was the “Dolls at Work” activity box, which also comes with a cute t-shirt being modeled by Dakota. The Dolls at Work activity box has lots of fun activities that come with it. Your doll can do many different types of work/services with this book!


I hope you enjoyed our post for today! Happy New Years Eve!




Kit for President!

My fellow Americans,

I, Margaret Mildred Kittredge, humbly ask my fellow citizens to consider me as a candidate for President of the Unites States of America.

img_8009Many of you know me for my book, The Waste Not, Want Not, Almanac.  These principles form the bedrock of my vision for the United States.  I believe that if we can create a national movement around frugality and self-sufficiency, we can use the money we save to improve the lives and education of Americans, as well as our friends around the world.

img_8012My campaign slogan “A chicken in every coop” perfectly explains my platform.  We will educate Americans on ways to grow vegetables in any climate, raise chickens,  and feed our families nutritious basics.  Aunt Millie will be heading up these initiatives.  My Aunt Millie is known for never wasting a thing, not even sunshine!  She has proposed that the government offer tax incentives to those who install their own clothesline.  We will return home economics classes to schools . . . and Shakespeare!

Growing up in the Depression, I experienced the embarrassment and shame of having clothes that didn’t fit and not enough food to eat.  Inspired by the famous Roosevelt Fireside Chats, Aunt Millie and I will be broadcasting monthly ideas on how to best use what we have.  We may even teach our fellow citizens to make their own bloomers!

If my platform resonates with you, I encourage you to visit my website to join the movement. Remember, a vote for Kit is a vote for a chicken in every coop!



Over The Hills And Through The Woods To Grandma’s House We Go Part 1

By Saige Copeland

“Guys, get all your stuff together we’re leaving in a few minutes,” called my sister Isabelle from the living room. I got my suitcase and pulled it outside in the cold snowy air. My sisters and I were going to visit our grandma in Washington D.C over the weekend.

noexif_IMG_6512_privateI was so excited to leave Marlow’s cold snowy atmosphere and head down south to 70 degree weather for a weekend. I put all of my stuff in the trunk and hopped in the car. Since there were 8 of us, we had a big van.

noexif_IMG_6516_privateIsabelle was the driver and Caroline was her guide, so they sat in the front. Behind them, Grace and I sat, behind us was Josefina and Kit, and at the rear end was Addy and Julie.

I hopped in the car. I got out my book and started to read. It took awhile since Caroline had to find away to put her “too big” suitcase in the trunk. As Caroline got in the car, I noticed she was wearing a mid-summer dress that was meant for 80 degree weather not below 32 degree weather.

noexif_IMG_6514_private I was about to say something about it but before I could, Grace elbowed me in the ribs. I sat back and sighed… it was impossible to state your opinion when “Miss No Fighting” was around. Finally, we were off and on our way to D.C.

Kit and Josefina were probably the only very enthusiastic ones about this vacation, since it gave them time to play with their dolls.

noexif_IMG_6518_privateGrace and I used our phones but we forgot to charge them before we left and they died pretty quickly. Julie and Addy get car sick very easily, and Isabelle and Caroline just drove and navigated.

noexif_IMG_6519_private It was pretty silent in the car except for the slight squeaking of the driving wheel and the murmur of Josefina and Kit’s voices as they played with their dolls.

Isabelle broke the silence by saying, “WE will be in Boston soon and we can get dinner there.” “Yay!” shouted everybody. “Caroline, can you look up The Top 10 Restaurants In Boston on Trip Advisor?” asked Isabelle. “Sure” responded Caroline. “How about Italian Express Pizzeria . . . it’s Number #2 and has great reviews.” “Sounds good to me” approved Isabelle.

“Pizza saves lives,” I said to Grace. Grace nodded in response. We pulled into the Italian Express Pizzeria parking lot. We entered the Pizzeria, it was pretty busy, so we decided to get takeout. “Oh the Eggplant Parmesan Pizza sounds good, ” commented Isabelle. “Ya, that sounds delicious,” added Caroline. The rest of us stared in awe, that sounded disgusting! Caroline and Isabelle loved eggplant but they knew the rest of us hated it. “Can we please just cheese?” asked Kit sweetly. “How about we order 4 pizzas. . . ” answered Isabelle. “Ok” responded Kit. We all murmured among ourselves. Kit and Josefina got a Small Cheese Pizza, Addy and Julie got a Small BBQ Chicken, Grace and I got a Small Hawaiian, and Isabelle and Caroline got a Small Eggplant Parmesan Pizza. We ate in the car, which all of us loved to do.

noexif_IMG_6522_privateWe finished and got back on the road. Soon we all got on our PJ’s. We all fell asleep except for Isabelle who stayed awake driving the van until midnight when she pulled us over and fell asleep herself.

noexif_IMG_6523_privateIn the morning when we woke up, we were surprised to learn that we were already in Connecticut. We got some breakfast at First & Last Bakery Cafe, then we got back on the road. As we drove along, I  got out my Doodle backpack and opened my binder which contained all of my folders and papers inside. Eighth Grade had been assigned a crazy amount of homework over the weekend. Grace decided to do her homework too.

As we drove along Caroline asked if we would like any music on. I knew instantly that was a mistake on her part because whenever we played music in the car Grace and Julie always ended up getting in a big fight because they never liked the same music. Grace liked modern and Julie liked 70’s. Back when Grace and I were in 6th Grade, we took a family road trip all the way to Arkansas. Grace and Julie started fighting over music then all of a sudden we joined sides. Grace, Kit, and I were the Modern Side and Julie, Josefina, and Addy were the 70’s side. The fight lasted the whole way there and back again. That was a quite a car trip. So, when Caroline asked we wanted music, she realized suddenly what would happen, so she stopped the fight before either Grace or Julie could say a word. Her solution was: Play music from the 19th century. Josefina and Addy liked that.. but the rest of us couldn’t stand the sound of squeaky 19th century violins.

We got lunch in Trenton, New Jersey and by then we could say we were half way through our trip. We only had 2 more states to go through Delaware and Maryland. Josefina and Kit were very excited to go through Delaware because in their 5th Grade Social Studies class they were learning about Lord De La Warr. If you look at the spelling you can see it looks pretty much like Delaware. That’s how Delaware got it’s name, after Lord De La Warr.

As we drove through Maryland I made a list of  things I wanted to do in Washington D.C:

1. National Air and Space Museum 

2. National Zoo

3. Museum of National History

4. Washington Monument 

5. National Archives

6. The Capitol

7. The Library of National Congress

8. Lincoln Memorial

9. Arlington National Cemetery

10. Vietnam Veterans Memorial

We arrived in Washington D.C at 6:30 PM. We passed the Washington Monument and The Capitol. I was so excited to go exploring in Washington D.C, tomorrow morning. We pulled up in front of my Grandma’s apartment building. We entered the lobby with our luggage. It was very fancy. We got in the huge elevator and rode up to the 5th floor. “Room 511,” said Isabelle. We stopped in front of a wood door, and rang the doorbell.

The door creaked open slowly and…..and you will have to wait for our next post to find out what happens.

Bye for now everyone! – Brianna


Kit Takes Charge

by Margaret Mildred Kittridge

Hi everyone!  Have you noticed that lately Jen and Brianna have been nowhere to be found?  They have been so busy that poor Saige has been in bed for about three weeks!  My reporter’s nose for news was twitching when out of the blue Jen came home and started looking for Addy’s Meet Outfit – the whole thing including the stockings!  I wasn’t sure I had ever even seen Addy in her black boots.  The next thing I knew there were a house-wide search for Josefina’s other moccasin.  Something was afoot (ha ha!)

This reporter found the story in short order.  The older girls knew that meet outfits could only mean one thing — we were going on a road trip to share our stories with senior citizens in Assisted Living!

noexif_IMG_6447_privateThis was my first time joining the doll presentation, and little did I know I would be the star of the show!  The ladies loved my sweater twinset and pleated skirt.  Can I tell you a secret?  I saw one person look at Caroline’s underwear!  That made me blush a little.  After Jen and Brianna spoke, we all watched my movie and had popcorn!  Many of the ladies remembered cars like the ones my Dad sold, and the songs and furnishings in the movie brought back lots of memories.

Doll Show

Of course we didn’t stay on the table, we got out for hugs and admiration

We piled back in our big container and drove home, a little exhausted from so much love.  We hit the road again in January; until then we will try to not misplace our shoes and stockings!



Fall Beauty with Kit

This month I have been reading Kit’s books for the first time — they sure are different from and better than the movie.  In truth, Kit has been a little neglected around here since I bought her at the Madison sale this summer.  She came to us right on the heels of Julie and never got the attention she deserves.

I took her out this weekend for some fall photos.   Here she is wearing one of Cecile’s blouses (I think!) and a one of a kind dress.  Kit would approve of an outfit like this that isn’t frilly and pink.

Kit Kittridge

When my husband saw me taking pictures of Kit he asked if they were for the on-going Isabelle story.  Sorry!  No sneak peeks for you mister.

Kit in FallI think Kit would savor a day to enjoy the beauty of fall without having to do all the chores required of her in her Depression-era stories. Can you imagine feeding and cleaning up after six or more boarders in addition to your own family, every day?!

“I’m just a drudge,” Kit grumbled to herself, feeling cross that even the chickens seemed to take her for granted.  She picked up her broom and went back to work beating the rug hung over the clothesline.  “Mop, sweep, scrub, polish, do the laundry, wash the dishes . . . my chores never end!”

noexif_IMG_6357_privateHere is Kit wearing a hand-knit poncho for chilly fall days in Cincinnati.  Perhaps Kit’s frugal Aunt Millie might have knit the poncho from repurposed yarn.

She and Ruthie presented Kit with a knitted red hat and blue-and-red mittens.  “These aren’t exactly new either,” Ruthie said.  “The red yarn came from an old sweater of Stirling’s that we unraveled, and the blue yard came from a cap of Charlie’s . . . .

noexif_IMG_6358_privateWelcome to the family wonderful Kit!

—For a fabulous trip through the best Kit book —  “Happy Birthday Kit” — visit Dollightful Dolls for Heather’s photo story.

Knit poncho came from a craft fair courtesy of Brianna’s Grandma 🙂