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Have You Visited Lea at Kohl’s?

I had to stop by Kohl’s on the way home from work to see the Lea display.

img_7991 img_7990

It seemed to me they have almost almost all of Lea’s smaller items: celebration dress, Bahia shirt & shorts, pajamas, sloth, tortoise, swimwear, beach picnic set, rainforest hike accessories, and her regular accessories.  I did not see the Margay cat.  Lea herself has a security system that keeps the box closed; if you wanted to see inside the box you would need to ask a salesperson for help.

The signs indicated that you can’t use coupons and promotions towards the American Girl items, but they do accrue points to the Kohls’ reward system.

Also, the American Girl MegaBlok sets are 15% off currently.


I saw Grace (pictured), McKenna, and Saige’s horse stable.

Have you been to Kohl’s yet?


Lea Coming to Kohl’s Oct 3

GOTY 2016 Lea and some of her apparel coming to Kohl’s October 3.  In store only at 1,100 stores nationwide.  Doll price will be $120.  No word yet on whether coupons apply.  See link below for items Kohl’s will carry.  Quite a lot!

Lea’s Collection Coming to…. Kohl’s??

We heard last week that select TrulyMe dolls, Wellie Wishers, and TM items would appear at some Toys R Us locations… Now it looks like Girl of the Year items are headed to Kohl’s for the holiday season according to Forbes

They don’t divulge whether Kohl’s locations will sell the doll.  Seems possible given all the Caroline and Isabelle dolls that were overstocks.

Meanwhile, Kohl’s KSS -2.63% will carry merchandise related to its girl of the year doll, Lea, this holiday season, it was announced Thursday.

Your thoughts?  I think it’s good for sales, but for me, American Girl represents special times, not a run to the local mall.  We usually buy at Christmas and sometimes birthdays, so that makes the brand “special” to me.  I could make Christmas cookies anytime, but doing it once a year makes it something I “wait for” and I like that about American Girl as well.  

Ps… I may recant when I see Kohls coupons + American Girl 😜

Welcome to Rio – 2016

Greetings sports fans!  We cut in to your regularly scheduled program to show you the Olympic Athletes beginning to line up for the Parade of Nations.  Lea Clark will be carrying the Olympic flag this evening, representing independent athletes and bringing awareness to the plight of refugees.

IMG_7703In a break from tradition, the athletes tonight are lining up in the Brazilian forest, currently home to 20,000 species of plants, and 8% of the plants on Earth!

IMG_7705We’re sending you back to the studio now.  Should be a terrific show tonight!

Lea is temporarily bunking down at our house while her owner is at summer camp.  She is wearing McKenna’s warm up outfit, but I think it fits the spirit of Brazil. We are excited to watch the opening ceremony tonight!  The real flagbearer for the refugee Olympic team will be a woman who is a refugee from South Sudan.  Will you be watching tonight?

This post is dedicated to blog reader Jennifer who is hoping to have Lea join her doll family this year.

Lea To The Rescue: Movie Review

IMG_0244Hello everyone! It’s Brianna here with a movie review of the newest American Girl movie ‘Lea to the Rescue’ that came out Tuesday, June 14th, 2016.


  • Amazing scenery such as Brazilian Mountains, Amazon Rain forest, and others.
  • They also speak in Portuguese in the movie and an ancient native language once in a while in the movie.
  • Tension. This movie is full of tension from people being chased by poachers, to her brother being kidnapped.


  • Sometimes they don’t tell you what the English translation is for non – English words in the movie, so it is a little hard to tell what is going on. Though, that only happens once or twice, so it isn’t a big deal.

In most of the movie, Lea wears her ‘rainforest hike outfit’ but they also show her meet dress, celebration outfit, Bahia shirt, and pajamas.  We didn’t seen the swimwear.

Some people who star in this movie are:

  • Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Lea Clark
  • Storm Reid as Aki
  • Hallie Todd as Mrs. Clark
  • Laysla De Oliveira as Paula Ferreira
  • Connor Dowds as Zac Clark
  • Sean Cameron Michael as Ricardo Carvalho
  • Rehane Abrahams Officer Adriana Costa
  • Kevin Otto as Rick Clark

On a scale of one to ten, one being horrible and 10 being amazing. I would rate this movie a 9.  Kids in lower elementary might find the “bad guys” and chase scenes scary.

I hope you get to see Lea To The Rescue, it’s a very special, one of a kind American Girl Movie. I hope you enjoyed my post!



A Letter from Brazil!

Compassion BrazilSerendipity:  On Dec 31, the day before Lea Clark took doll fans on a year-long journey to Brazil, we got our first letter from the Brazilian child we sponsor through Compassion International!

In our life of instantaneous communication, it was so thrilling to get a letter we had been waiting for for months.  Every little detail was interesting.  Eliane drew us a picture, and we learned, again, that she likes to play with dolls (the word for doll in Portugese is boneca).  Her best friend is Maria.

Sweet Thing:  Her message to us is: “You are very important for God and for me.”

noexif_IMG_6631_privateIf you are a Compassion sponsor, I found these cute seasonal Bible Valentine’s for Kids (free printable)…. in Brazil Valentine’s Day is celebrated June 12!

Thanks for reading… we will return now to our regularly scheduled doll programming!

Lea: Born for Adventure App Review


Video of Lea Actress is a part of the game

Hi everyone! It’s Brianna, and today my post is about the new Lea app, called “Lea Born for Adventure.”  It costs 1.99 at the Apple App Store. Enjoy!


  1. This game is really fun.
  2. You get to take pictures with a camera!
  3. You have your own journal.
  4. You get to watch a video every level of a girl who looks like Lea talking about the next level.
  5. You get to see Lea’s Passport.
  6. As AG stated, this game is “epic.”
  7. You get to run through Brazil collecting different items in every level.
  8. You can see some of Lea’s items that are for sale.
  9. Will probably relate well to Lea’s stories.


  1. It’s very hard and challenging for those who aren’t familiar to video games.
  2. It’s kind of frustrating when you fall off something then you have to get back up.
  3. AG should give you 5 hearts [lives] personally. IMG_0246

Though, there are some Con’s to this game it is also super duper fun. So I hope you download this awesome new app! Bye for now!