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January Release Review!

We are sitting at a coffee shop, sweet espresso drinks in front of us, ready to weigh in on the latest release from American Girl.  Ready? Let’s go!

Brianna: The dinomite outfit is so adorable! I love the T-Rex tee and the graphic design type shorts are really cool! The hightops are also a great addition I think!

Jen: I think the shorts would be great on a girl, too.  Wish they were available separately.  Brianna, what do you think about the boy dolls in general?

Brianna: Overall, I think the boy dolls are okay. I wish American Girl had stuck to girl dolls but now that there are boy dolls I think there is a greater number of play options for younger children. Personally, most of the boy dolls could pass for girls with short hair. Especially, the blonde one and Asian one. What do you think Jen?

Jen: My favorite one is the African-American boy — love the natural hair.  I’m not lining up to buy one, though.

Brianna: This outfit is super cute! I love the dress and sandals but I don’t think the pom-pom headband is necessarily needed.

Jennifer:  The pom poms are definitely from the t-shirt they sold last spring.  I am pretty sure the design at the bottom of the skirt goes all the way around based on the catalog image.  This will sell well!

Brianna: The Split-Front Dress is … well… interesting. I like the overall color of the outfit but the fact that the front of the dress is completely split is anything but. The outfit doesn’t even come with shorts to go underneath the dress!

Jennifer:  This outfit is a dud.  How can you sell something that is completely unusable without buying shorts to go with it?  The shoes don’t come with it either. Kids everywhere are going to want these new dresses that show your underwear!  I hope this isn’t a case of AG having a certain number of yards of tulle and trying to figure out how to get the most outfits from a limited amount of fabric.

Brianna: This outfit is so cute! It’s patriotic and represents the Winter Olympics! The only thing I wish they had done was to do a separate Olympic outfit that didn’t necessarily represent any nationality so that AG buyers in other countries would also have an Olympic outfit.

Jen: American Girl doesn’t like to sell to our friendly neighbors to the north, anyway, so nationality isn’t a big issue.  Anyhoo… I liked this outfit so much I bought it!  They had me at “limited edition” and “while supplies last”.  Plus, it’s a pair of pants!  Rarely seen in the AG universe lately.  Look for a review soon!

Brianna: This outfit is so-so. I love the galaxy converse like shoes and the aqua jacket and shorts. I’m not a fan of the turtle-neck sweater though.

Jen: Love the shoes… I’m not a huge fan of the outfit but do appreciate the color choices.

Brianna: Another so-so outfit. I absolutely love the rhinestone blue capris! The purple slippers are fine, but I dislike the pink top. The collar looks very strange, and it looks babyish.

Jen: The neckline is called an envelope neckline, and you are right — you often see it on baby undershirts.  Leggings are awesome, but the whole thing together seems strange to me.

Thank you for joining us for our review of the new release! We would love to hear your thoughts on these outfits or others in the release.  Anything make your “wish list”?



Luciana, A Mixed Bag

Hello Doll Fans,

I have had ample time to get caught up on my AG reading list because our whole family has been home sick with varying degrees of stomach virus. ‘Tis the season!

Brianna and I have both read Luciana’s first book about her experience at Space Camp, and our reviews are mixed.

The book has a lot of characters… I would estimate 10-15. It was hard to keep track of who was who, and at the end I didn’t feel much of a connection to anyone. Personally, there was too much discussion of various robotics parts to keep my interest. Maybe today’s 21st C makerspace kids will find the storyline more compelling.

I will give AG credit for really sticking with the science and technology theme in the book. The story immerses the reader in a week at Space Camp, and if that encourages girls to seek careers in science, that would be terrific!

Luci wants to be the first person on Mars. As a reader I wanted to know more about that–what will it take to accomplish that and why do we want to go?

I can’t help compare Lucy’s book to another contemporary character, Z. Yang. Z’s book immersed me in the stop motion and videography world, another topic I know little about, but it piqued my interest and I thought Z was a well-developed character that modern girls could relate to.

On a scale of 1-5, Brianna and I rate Luciana’s book 2 robot dogs.

August Arrivals

Hi everyone! It’s Jen and Brianna coming to you from the local coffeeshop with our opinions on some of the new arrivals.

Our first item is Kaya’s Trading Dress and Accessories. You buy these items separately.

B: I like these items, because I think that they relate to a very important time for Kaya’s Tribe and the English that are exploring and trading with tribes like Kaya’s. The beading and stitching on Kaya’s dress is amazing, and the items in her Trading Accessories are very 1764ish.

J: I don’t know a lot about Kaya, but I am thrilled whenever a historical character gets new items.


Our second item is the new Kaya outfit for girls….

B: I think this outfit is beautiful. The dress and faux fur vest blends Kaya’s Time (1760’s) and modern times very well.

B: Rebecca’s Faux Fur Coat is amazing! I love the fur around the wrists and neck and the color on the coat is beautiful, though frankly I’m not sure if they could make the blue – purple color so vivid back in her time.

J: I’m not sure how this coat looks if you don’t have the same dress underneath.

J:  Kit’s new Christmas items – I’m pretty excited!  I don’t have a Christmas dress for Kit yet. We own Maryellen, Addy, and Julie’s holiday outfits.  I’m still weighing whether I would prefer the new or old Christmas dress for Kit.  I hope to see this outfit in Chicago soon and I can definitely see asking Santa for it!

B: Kit’s Christmas Dress is really nice, but my favorite thing is her stocking! It’s so adorable with the sock monkey inside of it!

J:  My pie and coffee are almost gone and we are just getting started!!

B: Maryellen’s new Rollerskating Outfit is really cute, but I don’t know how easy it would be to rollerskate in a dress, like that..

J: I think it is a great dress for Maryellen, and I would maybe think of it as a “party dress.”  Are those Caroline’s shoes recycled?  Hmmmm…  Addy would look phenomenal in this!

B: I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! I think it is so pretty, especially on Melody. Some of the fabrics remind me of Rebecca’s Beforever meet outfit…

J:  Melody looks very pretty but I would not buy this outfit.  I dislike turtlenecks, tight sweaters, and scratchy wool skirts.  I know my mother is laughing when she reads this because this was the source of much drama back in the 1970s when I was a kid.  Don’t even get me started on those fuzzy tights!  I don’t understand what these shoes are.  Maybe they are better in person?

B: I also love this outfit! Gabriela looks awesome in it. The silver shoes and turquoise dress are stunning together.

J: I’m glad Gabriela’s collection continues to grow.  Lovely color.  Reminds me a bit of a professional ice skating outfit.


B: I think this outfit is cute, but I can’t imagine a 13 year old wearing it.

J: I disagree!  Seattle!  Brianna and I are arguing about this right now!  I love this outfit and it my #1 pick from this release.  It could be coming home soon.  I am disappointed, though, that they gave Z’s dog the cute umbrella.  Hello?  Z needs the umbrella not her dog.  Tricky business there AG.

B: Z’s Media Set and Green Scene are amazing! It has everything you could need for making a doll movie! At my middle school, we have a G – I – G – A – N – T – I – C green screen that we use to make our Middle School News Show.

J: I can’t wait to see the doll community using this as a photo backdrop.

B: I love this outfit! It’s very Western, and the boots remind me a lot of Saige’s Meet Outfit boots. The belt around the tunic is very fashionable too!

J: I like this and think it will sell well.  I’m still trying to determine whether the white fabric is sheer? After Gabriela’s see through performance skirt I’m keeping watch.

B: I don’t like the capelet or the skirt but I think the shirt and golden flats are so cute! It’s definitely not AG’s best outfit, though.

J: Here we thought the t-shirt would be for Luciana – the possible 2018 Girl of the Year.  AG surprised us on that leak.  The capelet.  That houndstooth pattern is huge in doll-scale.  I’m Ok with the rest of the outfit, but the overall look is just too strange for me.  Brianna says I should let out my “true feelings” on this outfit.  There’s one doozy in every release, and this one is it!

Top Picks

B: My top pick is two outfits actually … Gabriela’s Party Dress and the Western Chambray outfit. Melody’s Birthday Dress is the runner – up.

J:  Z’s rainy day outfit and Kit’s Christmas dress.  Santa?  Do you follow this blog?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this AG release.  We will talk more about Nanea in a future post.

Getting Spacey-Luciana 2018

Today we received our first clue that the 2018 GOTY will have a space theme. You can see the leak of her t-shirt at Poppets and Posies.

Her first name is Luciana which Wikipedia says means gracious light. It is a popular Italian and Spanish name. Her last name is Vega, which does mean meadow (Las Vegas) and is also the name of the 2nd brightest star in the northern hemisphere.

Could we have a brainy Italian-American beauty? Maybe….