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Pleasant Company-Decked Out Edition

One special memory I have from attending the Madison Children’s Museum doll sale two years ago is the lapel pins many of the volunteers wore.  I thought it was so neat that these ladies, many of them retirees, were still rocking their Pleasant Company historical doll pins in a Mattel era.

I ventured onto eBay to see if I might scoop some up for myself and found they can be purchased very reasonably.

I am the proud owner of:

Now that I am working in an elementary library I have an “excuse” to wear the pins.  I am promoting reading!  (Of course this is just a guise shielding a crazy doll lady underneath).

Today I wore my Josefina pin. I hope at least some of the kids know who Josefina is — one girl told me a few weeks ago she has an American Girl doll.  When I asked which one she said, “The one on the swing.”  (Maryellen, but she didn’t know her name).  I hope the heaps of characters out today don’t diminish the strength of the core characters.

Anyway, it was a small purchase but one I am really enjoying.


American Girl Benefit Sale 2017

I just ordered my academic year calendar for 2016-17 so now is a good time to share the Madison Children’s Museum AG Benefit Sale dates for next year.  They announced on Facebook that the 30th anniversary of the sale will be July 22-23, 2017. 

Looks like they have moved the sale to be one weekend later than it has been.  I’d like to go next year since we missed it this year.  Also (ssshhhh) I’m finding myself pinning images of TrulyMe #41.  Could be trouble.

The Facebook post indicated they did about $900,000 in sales at the 2016 sale… Which is roughly what they reported in 2015.

If you have thoughts on this year’s sale, please share!

Update: Madison American Girl Sale 2016

Lamenting that you missed out on Grace and Isabelle?  (I don’t think that applies to many of you die-hard fans… Wink wink). Both dolls will be available at the Madison Children’s Museum Benefit Sale this summer.  The sale is a lot of fun, but is best enjoyed with older kids who have stamina with crowds.  Last year, the GOTY dolls were $110.  The best deal were the MYAG/Truly Me dolls at $55.  See link above for ticket information.

Doll Storage

What sweeter subject is there in the organizing month of January than doll storage?  You might recall that when we went to the Madison Children’s Museum sale this past summer, we met some new friends while waiting in line.  When we heard Maggie had 23 dolls (at the time 😉 ) we said, “How do you store them??!”  The answer was shelves, and quick as you please we were able to see the collection on her iPhone.  You might remember Maggie as our guest post author on Maryellen’s launch.

Well, the time came for us to find a storage solution after Maryellen and Dakota joined the family.  There are always a few dolls “in use” and a few others waiting in the wings.  We picked up a shelf from Target that is unobtrusive and doesn’t take up valuable floor space for playing.

American Girl Doll StorageWe are grateful to Mr. DollsBetweenUs for putting the shelf up so nicely!

I would love to hear your approach to doll display and storage!

P.S. Can you believe that another blogger was also in the line to go into the MCM sale at 7:15am and we (including Maggie) all appear in a picture on her blog!


Madison Children’s Museum Sale 2016

imageI’m a troublemaker.  Here it is just on the cusp of October and I wandered over to the Madison Children’s Museum website to check the dates of the 2016 sale.  It will be held Saturday July, 16 and Sunday, July 17, 2016 (Sunday may not be a great day to do… stock can be extremely limited).

I am telling you for purely altruistic reasons, of course.  Maybe some of my regional friends might want to take a Great Lakes getaway this summer?  Think about it!

You need to request tickets by mail, usually at the beginning of May.  No need to think about that now.

If you are new to the blog and want a recap of our trip to the sale in 2015, read here.

Sales Figures Madison Children’s Museum Benefit Sale 2015

A recent newspaper article shared some stats from this year’s MCM American Girl Benefit sale:

  • 7,200 shoppers
  • $900,000 plus dollars raised
  • That would equal an average of $125.00 spent per person who walked in the door.  Brianna and I strive to not be below average 😉

You can read the full article too.

That’s a lot of money, certainly, but well below the numbers put up in prior years when they would do over $ 1M in sales on the first day.  Various volunteers reported to shoppers that they had about 4,000 – 5,000 fewer dolls this year than last year.

Some have speculated that tax benefits for charitable donations are not as cushy as they used to be.  Others speculate that the new CEO may wish to expand their charitable outreach beyond the Madison, Wisconsin area.  They do have a history of donating dolls to Childrens’ Hospitals as well.

Some other facets of the sale that we didn’t have time to discuss in full:

Auction Item: Felicity's Carriage.  Lots of OOH and Ahhs

Auction Item: Felicity’s Carriage. Lots of OOH and Ahhs

Auction Item:  Shave Ice Stand, missing its signs

Auction Item: Shave Ice Stand, missing its signs

Minions Anyone?  Vendor item

Minions Anyone? Vendor item

Bins of replacement pieces from the street-side black market

Bins of replacement pieces from the street-side “AG black market”

Auction Item:  Kirsten Quilt and Summer Dress

Auction Item: Kirsten Quilt and Summer Dress

It was really neat to see all of the Silent Auction items, as they well predate our interest in AG.  They also have new-in-box dolls for Silent Auction including Cecile, Marie-Grace, Nellie, Molly, Emily, and more.

Would we go again?  Never say never. . .


Save the Eagles, Maybe?

noexif_IMG_6092_private“Kit, why are you still wearing 4th of July clothes!”

“Well, I am new here and I haven’t have a chance to try this outfit on…”

“Go home and change into your swim suit.  I have an idea!”

noexif_IMG_6089_private“Much better!  Kit, I want to have a car wash to raise money for the eagles that are endangered,” said Julie.

noexif_IMG_6088_private“Julie, you are not supposed to get your Dr Scholls’ wet!  I’ll go fill the bucket while you get your shoes off,” advised Kit.

noexif_IMG_6086_privateCAR WASH!  SAVE THE EAGLES!  COME GET YOUR CAR WASHED!noexif_IMG_6087_private

noexif_IMG_6091_private“Julie, we don’t even KNOW anyone with a car!  I want to save the eagles, but we might have to change our business plan.  How about a DOG WASH?”

Saige's Dog Rembrandt—-

Swimsuits are from Springfield (Michaels).  Julie’s car wash sign, bucket, and towels came from the Madison Children’s Museum Benefit sale.  More specifically, they came from a vendor who set up shop in the street outside the sale itself.  This vendor has enormous clear tubs of extra pieces to various American Girl products, all wrapped in tiny, individual American Girl bags.  Thousands of pieces.

In retrospect, I imagine that these folks do not pay a fee to be a part of the sale, and it feels like the American Girl Black Market.  Then again, the vendors must be buying them direct from American Girl or the outlet, so what else would someone do with 100 individual chile ristras for Josafina but resell them?