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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Since we have a lack of parades and fireworks this year, I thought the least I could do to get in the holiday spirit was to get Maryellen and Molly dressed in good ol’ red, white and blue.

Today we are celebrating by watching Hamilton on Disney Plus (and thinking of mega-fan Heather at Dollightful Dolls), ordering sub sandwiches, and maybe watching Eat the Nation with Padma Lakshmi which is an interesting show that looks at all of the food traditions that come from American immigrants. How are you celebrating today?

During the time at home during the pandemic I have kept Molly on my dresser, and usually Kit, in outfits that match the seasons. Every since I got Molly restrung I have been enjoying having her out. I might spring a few more blog posts on you this summer… Brianna (who will be a sophomore!!) will lend me her photo skills.

Thinking of you all fondly and hoping you are finding a balance of safety and connection in your life. ūüíó


She’s Back!

Well, that was quick!

I was glad to see dear Molly’s stay at the doll hospital was very short.

I received an email notification when she was admitted. They also sent a shipping notification with tracking when she was shipped back home. I think in total the whole process took about a week and a half (I live in Wisconsin so shipping times were short, though with AG you never know!)

I asked the doctor to leave her hair in the original braids. They honored that and sent her home with the ribbons that they would use after a hospital visit. Nice touch!

Her arms and legs are nice and tight now, and I am so glad I buckled down and sent her in!

Thanks Dr Jennie!

Godspeed Molly!

In the “use it or lose it” department, we find dear Pleasant Company Molly. She spent the better part of two decades in my sister-in-law’s closet, waiting for her daughter to develop an interest in historicals (turns out she was a Bitty fan) or to make her way to EBay (Molly, not my niece LOL!). In a happy turn of events, Molly came our way a two years ago but you haven’t seen her around much due to her very VERY loose legs. We’re talking ‘hanging by a thread’ loose.

Today was Molly’s lucky day to begin her journey to the doll hospital. I always save the inner and outer boxes when a doll comes back from the AG hospital. The packaging is perfect for the next hospital admission. I usually ship UPS, and for me it is about 11.00 UPS postage, which includes tracking and 100.00 insurance. Prices will rise if you are shipping further from Wisconsin.

I’d love to send Saige next… the hair! Oh my. I’m not sure how Brianna feels about that so we will let sleeping dolls lie.

What are your thoughts on the 98.00 doll sale today and tomorrow on the AG website Not bad! If you purchase a bit more you can probably get free shipping too. Nice way to jump on the Amazon Prime Day Action when people are in a deal shopping frame of mind.

What I Did This Summer

by Molly McIntire

This summer I went to Camp Gowonagin with my friends Linda and Susan.  My mother said it would be unpatriotic to take a family vacation during wartime, but being at Camp Gonwonagin was as much fun as being on vacation!

Every day we did crafts, sewed sit-upons, swam, and learned outdoor skills like first aid and cooking over a fire. ¬†At camp, you don’t eat your meals in a cafeteria, it’s called a mess hall,¬†which is the same thing they call it in the US Army!

I was pretty nervous that I might have to swim underwater. ¬†I can swim OK on the surface but feel nervous going under the water. ¬†My mom sent me off to camp with a new swimsuit that made me feel like a movie star! ¬†I could swim much better in it than in my sister Jill’s hand-me-down suits.

Molly Swim

Molly AG Swimsuit

I got a few care packages at camp, including one from my English friend Emily and her Aunt Primrose.  They sewed a pillow for me that looks just like my Jack Russell terrier, Bennett!

Every night at Camp Gowonagin Miss Butternut, the camp director, would play taps on her bugle and we sang “Day is Done, Gone the Sun” in our bunks. ¬†Sometimes I fell asleep before the end of the song.

In conclusion, I had a swell summer at Camp and also learned how to be a better citizen.

Jen says… parts of Molly’s school composition follow her book, and parts I made up. ¬†Her swimsuit, for example, plays no role in her books. ¬†The pillow, which does have a 40s¬†vibe, was purchased in England by my mom.

Cath Kidston

It’s a pin cushion! ¬†Molly’s camp bed is Addy’s bed, and her camp blanket was knit by my neighbor. ¬†The backdrop Brianna and I painted for Camp Doll Diaries two or three years ago, and probably to my husband’s chagrin, it is still stored in his office closet! I think there is something kind of magical about being so tired from a day at camp that you fall almost instantly asleep.

Updates from Our Home Front

We got through the first week of school and I’m squeezing in a blog post.  That feels like an accomplishment!

We ended our summer with a trip to American Girl Chicago where we met our friend Heather, author of the blog Dollightful Dolls.  It was so fun to get to know Heather “IRL”. We even had the tea service, where we learned it may be wise to borrow a doll in the AG Cafe . . . the man clearing the dirty flatware almost dropped them on Elizabeth’s head!  I intended to get Julie’s ears pierced, but there was a whole birthday party-worth of dolls awaiting the service.  Brianna and I both picked up some outfits from the new release.



Elizabeth, unaware of impending accident




Heather’s Kanani, dressed up for the launch of Nanea.

So much news continues to come out of AG these days.  Kit will be appearing at Costco this holiday season in a package with a new red sweater.  Many people anticipate that she will be cubed (available only online and in flagship stores until she is gone), making way for the return of Molly.  Molly’s books are scheduled to be re-released Feb 19, 2018, so we can only speculate the doll will release at that time as well.


Are you excited for Molly’s re-release?  While I would prefer to have Kirsten return, I am hopeful that I may be able to purchase some items for the PC Molly I bought from my SIL.

I have many outfits and items to share with you in the months to come, but in the meanwhile, a great way to keep up with Dolls Between Us during the school year is on Instagram.  Follow us @dollsbetween.american.girl

I want to close with a few close-up pictures of Nanea that I took at AGP-Chicago.  I think these are two of the neatest items in her collection, and both play a role in book one of her story.



A barrette only Nanea can wear




Make Room, Girls!

What better time to add a doll to the family than 48 hours before the American Girl Benefit doll sale?!

I’ll give you a few easy clues…


There are braids….

IMG_0268And lovely gray eyes and cheeks with a subtle blush…


It’s Pleasant Company Molly!

Molly comes from my sister-in-law, who bought her at the Madison Museum sale about 16 years ago. ¬†Molly has been in a box ever since. ¬†She is in terrific shape but will need to be restrung very soon because her legs are dangling. ¬†I don’t mind investing the money in ¬†this high quality doll and will send her to the doll hospital this summer before school starts up and life gets busier.

After spending 16 years in a sweater and a wool skirt (in the southern US, no less!) I thought Molly might want to get into something a little breezier for the summer.


She is lounging in our sunroom in Maryellen’s summer PJs.


Molly was the first doll Brianna wanted back in 2nd grade, because she also wears glasses.  We were all set to take our first trip to AGP-Chicago to get Molly, and Molly was retired about 2 days before our trip.  Crushing!  She ended up with Saige instead and life went on.

At first we were going to pass on Molly (no room at the inn!!), but my sis-in-law really wanted her to come to live with us, and after she sent pictures, that sealed the deal. ¬†It’s kind of like people who “just look” at cats or dogs on the Humane Society website and find themselves unable to say no to another fluffy friend.

We couldn’t be happier she is here!


St. Nicholas Day

By Josefina Montoya

I let out a long yawn as I opened my eyes. I turned over on my side and looked at my calendar. It was December 6th, which meant today was St.Nicholas Day! I hopped out of my bed and ran across the room to wake my sister Addy. We silently tip toed into our living room. We didn’t want to wake anybody by turning the lights on so Addy lit a candle. I turned on the lights on our Christmas Tree. Honey, our golden retriever dog came barreling into to the living room.¬† He¬† had something in his stocking too!

Addy grabbed our stockings down from the shelf.

Addy St Nicks

We opened our stockings slowly. Addy’s stocking had the Grace book, a piece of chocolate, a candy cane, and a little plush bear.


My stocking had the Apples to Apples game, a piece of chocolate, a candy cane, and a Molly Mini Doll.

Josefina St Nicks

Honey’s stocking had his favorite kibble and a new treat bowl. Honey American Girl dog

It was a great St. Nick’s morning.¬† Addy stayed up and read her Grace book, and I went back to bed!


Written with help from Brianna.¬† Addy’s bear is the current Happy Meal Build-a-Bear promotional at McDonalds.

Molly Deluxe Note Cards

MollyHello everyone! It’s Brianna here, and today I have a post on a gift I got from my fantastic aunt and my two cousins who came to visit from Alabama. They gave me Molly Deluxe Note Cards; this is an item released by Pleasant Company, so this item is quite rare. Read on to find out more about this amazing item!

Pleasant Company Hallmark

The package [which is about 10 inches by 13 1/2 inches] contains 6 note cards, 6 envelopes, 6 gold seal stickers, and 1 portfolio. I was telling my mom that I might not even use the note cards,I would just admire them. Molly Notecard Hallmark Molly AG

There are 2 designs, 3 per design. One of the designs is Molly in her meet outfit and the other is Molly in her raincoat and holding an umbrella. The gold seals are gold stickers that say The American Girls Collection on it. Molly Hallmark

It has a small space to write in.

It has a small space to write in.

I adore this item so much! There are also Kit Deluxe Note Cards. Well, anyway I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming later!

– Brianna