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The End O’ the Outlet Store….


Brianna and I had one final farewell to the American Girl Outlet Store in Oshkosh, WI.  We were a little surprised to find that there really was just about nothing in the store!  We managed to come up with a purchase of two pairs of Rebecca’s stage shoes, a red doll AG store logo tee, and two fuzzy, rib knit “Believe” Christmas stockings for girls, which were .70 cents each.

Reader Annaliese wrote a comment that she had visited the outlet recently and talked to employees about options being considered for reselling retired and refurbished items once the outlet store closes.  She said, “They didn’t say if any of them are truly confirmed, but each interesting:
1. Going to 2 sales a year in Wilmot, WI
2. Having a larger sale section online
3. Having the merchandise at the Mattel Outlet” (open in Wilmot WI every day)

Annaliese, I appreciate your writing in and getting some “scoop!”

My guess is that all three option could come to pass.  We have already heard from Wilmot sale staff that there could be a sale in fall.  We have also seen random items for sale a la carte on the American Girl web site, such at Kit’s brown shoes.

The Mattel Outlet has several locations.  The one we have visited in Wilmot had a lot of Barbie dolls, as well as all the other Mattel products, such as toy cars, baby toys, and outdoor play items.  It is open every day just like any other store.

Outlet store…. You were fun while you lasted!  We made a lot of memories stopping there with Grandma, and let us not forgot the time I drove 60 miles to the outlet to get pre-BeForever Julie and then drove right back home!!




Bountiful Beds-Oshkosh Outlet

Brianna and I visited family today as is our tradition on Good Friday.  My Grandma is recovering from a hospitalization so we have been in Oshkosh more than usual lately.  Yes, we stopped at the Outlet, and it was quite interesting today!

The story of the day — bountiful beds.

Addy’s bed was $35.00… yes the same bed I got for Christmas, alas.

Josefina’s bed was similarly priced (it was the older green bed, not the current ivory one).  Kit’s bed was also there but it was more expensive.

Brianna chose the bed below, $ 45.00.


Julie’s egg chair, $ 80., and disco accessories, $20.

IMG_6906IMG_6904Bitty African American doll, $ 42.00.  Julie and Addy, still there.


The story of the day, aside from the beds, was Grace items.

Grace’s baking outfit, sightseeing outfit, LOVE (City) outfit, pajamas.  Most from 18.00 and up.

IMG_6910There were also a few of Grace’s bakery refrigerators, $10.00.  We got that!  The display alluded to other appliances having been available at one time as well.

IMG_6909Grace’s earrings, $ 8.00, Grace’s rolling pin, pastry bag, and baking sheets bundled for $10.00 – also Grace’s pastries bundled for $10.00.

Surprised to see Maryellen’s jukebox for 98.00 plus %20.00 off (about 78.00).


Caroline’s skiff … they’re not gone yet!!!  Also, Caroline’s blue party dress and purple (Holiday) dress.

Leave a comment if you have questions.  This is a quickie post but I wanted to publish in case you might have travel plans over spring break.






Giveaway and Historicals at Outlet

My mom and I went to Oshkosh yesterday to visit my Grandma.  Even though Brianna wasn’t along today, we made a quick stop at the Outlet.  I can report that pre-BeForever Julie is there now, as well as BeForever Addy.  They are $80.00.

IMG_6870IMG_6871A number of Grace’s things were there… Suitcase, meet accessories, but no clothes.  I did pick up these cute shorts, which are sold separately from the shirt that went with them in a set that was originally a 2014 PWP.

Kit Purchase with Purchase ShortsThey were $3.00 and doll shorts are always needed! I picked up an extra pair because I’m in the mood for a blog giveaway.noexif_IMG_6875_private

If you would like to win these shorts, leave a comment below letting me know you would like to be entered.  If you are under 18 you need to state that you have a parent’s permission.  We will pick a winner using random number generator on St. Patrick’s Day.  Winner must live in the USA.

Luck o’ the Irish to ya!

Oshkosh Outlet Adventuring

Today we made a trip to visit family in Oshkosh, WI, and stopped in at the Outlet.  Now, you know we had no business even stepping in there after that 20% off Black Friday sale, but in the interest of reporting all the news that’s fit to print, stop in we did. (Did you like how I made you responsible for our shopping instead of me?)

The most interesting find was the two 2008 posters below at .50 each.

IMG_6534IMG_6535Those came home with us.  Looks like I need to go to Michaels soon for frames!

They had Caroline’s skiff, $75; City Carriage $250.  I believe they also had Caroline’s bed but I don’t have a price on that.

Dolls with bangs and dark hair $80…. MYAGs 7, 5, 45, 48, 16, 14, 2.  I am perplexed why Grace, Maryellen, and possibly Melody have bangs when it seems bangs aren’t hot sellers.  Our Julie came along for the ride today, and while we were shopping at the outlet a woman came up to Brianna with a “frantic Grandma” look in her eye asking where (in the store) she got the blond doll.  Later, the woman was talking to the clerk about AG shipping before Christmas.  Can you imagine what they would charge to overnight a doll?!?!  Desperate times!

Brianna had a gift certificate and bought the Healthy Smile set $11 and the Salon Stylist Set $20.

I chose the 2014 PWP Tee, shorts and bracelet (no shorts included) for $8.00,_Shorts,_Hat_and_Bracelet_Set

There was plenty of floor space for more merchandise.  It will be interesting to see what AG does with this lone store in light of their recent initiatives to sell via catalog at a discount.

I saw this cute ceramic Christmas village house at my Grandma’s senior living center.



American Girl Outlet – Restocked

We were off of school today as our district was closed for Yom Kippur.  We took advantage of the gorgeous fall weather to visit Great-Grandma (the same one for whom we did the doll presentation).  We may have stopped at the American Girl Outlet too 😉

The Outlet has been so tapped the last few months that you could barely call it a store.  Truly!  A few weeks ago I heard they got 6 truckloads of merchandise in, so our timing was really good today.

They still had the MYAG dolls with bangs for sale for $80.00 (see previous post for details on them).  The supply appears endless.

There was a large amount of BeForever clothing for girls.  Josefina’s tunic for girls, Kit’s, Caroline’s, Rebecca’s, Samantha’s outfits for girls.. all 50% off original prices.  Lots of sizes but not much in size 14.  Brianna also spotted the dress below, which is not BeForever, but was $5.00!  It is very well made with a slip underneath and tulle as well!  We have a wedding to go to and this may fit the bill.  (Pardon the crinkles!)


There was also Grace’s clothing for girls at what appeared to be regular prices (PJs, Paris shirt, beret, Love Sweater).

On the historical doll front, we said yes to Caroline’s meet accessories at $12.00 (hat, spinning top and Caroline Abbott bag).  Lots of those in either BeForever boxes or pre BF boxes.  We also picked up Julie’s necklace that accompanies her birthday dress for .25 cents.  The necklace my mom made is still a little cooler though!  Also picked up Rebecca’s shawl for 1.00.

Saw a few items for Kaya, Josefina’s green bed, Addy’s summer dress, 20.00, (which Brianna swore was not retired and it is – D’oh!), Cecile’s Meet accessories $10.00, Julie’s calico outfit, meet outfit and disco outfit.  Overall not a ton of historical items.

Saw Saige’s picnic set (still kicking around!), Isabelle’s jewelry case for girls, lots of Bitty, the MYAG parasail (29.00), birthday set, heart-shaped pizza set, Valentine’s t-shirt from last year (maybe 7.00?), lots of the “doll dining” and “doll travel” type of kits for $3.00, Puffy Coat (around 10-12.00), karate set, hiking trail accessories, and lots of Sparkle Star AG t-shirts from the various store locations for 1.00.

They had Isabelle’s sewing studio as well.  Not 100% sure on the price but between $120 – 140.00 as I recall.

All of the summer items that we all studied so carefully a few months ago were at the outlet (the  flamingo dress, the coral hoodie, etc.) but the prices weren’t amazing.

We had fun with the salesclerk, who was so enthusiastic and even dug through a few boxes for us thinking she saw the doll dress to match the fancy party dress we purchased.  Susan, you rock!  We enjoyed seeing their display doll for Maryellen (not sold there of course).  Susan gave us an impromptu lesson on caring for Caroline’s hair.

Dishes, 2.00

Dishes, 2.00

Half of the fitting rooms were filled with merchandise that was yet to be put out for sale, so overall, I think the coming weeks will be interesting at the outlet!




Oshkosh American Girl Outlet – Dolls with Bangs

The outlet was pretty skimpy with the MCM sale around the corner.  They still had the Julie doll, but all other historicals were gone.  But boy, did they ever have dolls with bangs!  All $80.



Other items there that were new to me were Isabelle’s barre.


Gymnastics set.. I think this was $68.


Samantha’s Dog


And Kit and Samantha’s beds.  Samantha’s was over $100.  Kit’s were still in shipping boxes and some had comments in marker about lumpy foam.

IMG_6009We did not buy anything major, but did pick up some tidbits for blog giveaways.  Stay tuned for that!

Oshkosh Outlet – Julie Trip

I am usually very rational, but spending 3 hours in the car to drive to a store for 40 minutes to get Julie definitely falls outside my usual behavior!

Brianna and I hit the road last Saturday after I read on Living a Doll’s Life that Julie was available at the American Girl Outlet store.  See previous post for information about buying Julie.  Here are pictures of items we bought and a few thoughts on items we saw but passed on.  We tried to restrain ourselves with the Wilmot Warehouse Sale in 2 weeks.  I suspect many of these items will re-appear there.

Saige Bracelet for Girls

Saige Bracelet for Girls

Saige Bracelet GirlsSaige bracelet for girls – $ 1.00.  Clearly, they had leftover material from making the belt on the girls’ dresses!

Isabelle's MakeUp Set

Isabelle’s MakeUp Set

Isabelle’s make-up set, $16.00.  I also saw Isabelle’s dance case, Isabelle’s Metallic Dress, purple wrap skirt for dolls (and girls), and Isabelle’s meet accessories.

American Girl Charm Keeper

American Girl Charm Keeper

Charm keeper for dolls, $ 3.00

AG Quiz Books

Quiz books, $ 1.00 each (also saw Caroline’s mystery Traitor in the Shipyard for 1.00, and some of the InnerStar books that come with codes).  These are great for emergency gifts!

Saige items:  Saige’s punch frame craft, $ 1.00.  Saige’s picnic set, Saige’s riding helmet.  Also Saige notebook – .50 cents.

Doll Dining activity set, $ 3.00… this is a great price!

Josefina’s Dress and Vest, Josefina’s fiesta dress – both around $ 15.00.

Addy’s nightgown – I believe it was around $ 11.00.  I had so hoped to find this at the Wilmot sale last year, but I eventually caved and bought it full price.  Alas!  It’s a gorgeous piece that reminds me of Little Women.  They also had Addy’s nightgown for girls.

Kit’s barrettes – $ 9.00 (tempting!!)


AGP New York Sparkle T for girls and AGP LA T for dolls, $ 1.00 and .50, respectively.

They had the MYAG Hiking Outfit II — I believe it was around $15-16.00.  Also the MYAG Cycling outfit.

American Girl of Today Flute Set with Stand, $24.00

MYAG Snowshoe set, $ 5.00!!!

While the Outlet store does not ship, I have found them to be helpful if you need to call in advance to confirm availability of an item.

American Julie Doll











This week I read the post about the Oshkosh American Girl outlet on Living a Doll’s Life.  I enjoyed reading about all the deals, but what really mobilized me was seeing pre-BeForever Julie on sale for $80.00.

I have wanted Julie for a long time, and when AG switched to BeForever I was really disappointed in the new outfit.   Julie’s original meet outfit reminds me of what I wore in the 1970s.  Many other parts of her story related to my own life, such as the gift of a tape recorder, making tennis racket covers (my mom made and sold them!), the apple seed necklace, and knowing lots of kids growing up whose parents were divorced.

I called the outlet on Friday, and they still had plenty of Julie dolls!

American Julie Doll

Away Brianna and I went on Saturday morning.  It’s not all that close for us, but as they say “YOLO”!

I’m just thrilled with her.

American Girl JulieI already had her original accessories from last year’s Wilmot Warehouse sale.  I have Ivy’s accessories as well.

Julie AG Doll

No regrets!

The AG outlet Julie does not have a black X on her bottom like the dolls from the Madison Children’s Museum sale do.  She is not returnable.

The shelf she was on had A LOT of room on it, so I wonder whether more dolls might show up in the months to come.  Hmmm.

Full report on other purchases to follow.  This post is all Julie!

American Girl Outlet, Oshkosh

We paid an Easter visit to Great-Grandma today; she lives not far from the American Girl Outlet store in Oshkosh.

Wilmot OutletUsually my opinion of the Outlet store is ho-hum.  Today they had some really unique items and fairly good prices.  I wondered whether this is a run-up to the Wilmot sale in June.

noexif_IMG_5716_privateRebecca’s school set, $14.00.


Caroline’s ice skates… very neat!

noexif_IMG_5713_privateJulie’s roller skates, $20.00.  I remember these from my childhood!

noexif_IMG_5731_privateBrianna had a gift card and picked up the Pet Hiking Set, $7.00!

noexif_IMG_5730_privatenoexif_IMG_5734_privateAnd she also found Rembrandt, Saige’s dog!  He was also $ 7.00.  Saige is still top doll around here, so it is neat for her to have Saige’s dog.

Saige RembrantI picked up Julie’s original Meet book for $1.00.  Hard-cover historical books were $3.00.  I was tempted by Addy’s new Meet outfit (without shoes) for 17.00, but something else called Addy’s name.  You’ll have to wait until her birthday on Thursday to find out what it was!

We also saw:

  • Kit’s school lunch box
  • Kit’s desk ($100)
  • Julie’s calico dress ($20.00)
  • Julie’s grill, $7.00
  • Kaya’s dog & teepee
  • Rebecca’s meet outfit and the play outfit
  • Julie’s accessories
  • Ivy’s meet outfit ($10.00)
  • One of Caroline’s cow, Garnet
  • A springtime background play scene, $7.00
  • Saige’s tunic outfit $10.00

That’s the scoop from here!