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Pleasant Company-Decked Out Edition

One special memory I have from attending the Madison Children’s Museum doll sale two years ago is the lapel pins many of the volunteers wore.  I thought it was so neat that these ladies, many of them retirees, were still rocking their Pleasant Company historical doll pins in a Mattel era.

I ventured onto eBay to see if I might scoop some up for myself and found they can be purchased very reasonably.

I am the proud owner of:

Now that I am working in an elementary library I have an “excuse” to wear the pins.  I am promoting reading!  (Of course this is just a guise shielding a crazy doll lady underneath).

Today I wore my Josefina pin. I hope at least some of the kids know who Josefina is — one girl told me a few weeks ago she has an American Girl doll.  When I asked which one she said, “The one on the swing.”  (Maryellen, but she didn’t know her name).  I hope the heaps of characters out today don’t diminish the strength of the core characters.

Anyway, it was a small purchase but one I am really enjoying.



A Boxing Day Ramble

By Julie

Have you heard of Boxing Day?  I read about it in one of Jen’s magazines that Grandma brought back from England.  The holiday dates back to England in the Middle Ages when it was likely a time to remember the orphaned and widowed by leaving coins in an alms box.

Today in England many people like to go out for a country walk, or ramble, on Boxing Day.

I thought it sounded like a good idea… A little time with nature after a busy Christmas, new girls…. holiday dresses everywhere.

noexif_IMG_6543 (1)_private
I slipped on my new windbreaker and my hiking pants. I got a new Christmas dress this year, but this jacket is what I feel most comfortable in.

I also received new tennis shoes and Pom Pom socks, which are the best thing ever!!  Thanks Grandma!

noexif_IMG_6544 (1)_private
It’s been a mild winter here, so I heard a lot of birds singing. I even saw a coyote being chased by a flock of crows!

I think the English tradition of walking in nature the day after Christmas is a super idea!

Julie Pleasant Co Jacket

—Shoes are from Sophia’s via Amazon. Jacket is off eBay ($4.80 shipped!) from Pleasant Company’s Hiking Outfit 1.  I admired it on Lindsey in this post on DollightfulDolls 


Rummage Treasures – Pleasant Co Posters

I am still catching up with Rummage Treasures from this summer.  Today I want to show you some terrific Pleasant Company posters.  These are from 1998 and there is one for each of the historical characters out at the time.

noexif_IMG_6527_privateSamantha has a great scene perfect for the holiday season.

Pleasant Co Addy Postersnoexif_IMG_6526_privateI’m giving you two pictures of Addy in Philadelphia.  I love the colors in this poster!

noexif_IMG_6524_privateHere is Josefina – this poster is framed and hanging in Brianna’s room.  I think Josie looks quite sweet and a lot younger than her current image on the book covers.

Image courtesy of Amazon.

And can’t forget Molly!

Pleasant Co Molly Poster

We also have a Kirsten poster but the color palette is very pale and subtle and doesn’t photograph well.

These posters came from the same sale where we found the American Girl trading cards.  The family was happy to have someone interested in them and we took everything home for about $ 5.00.  Finding American Girl treasures is always a thrill!

Rummage Treasures – AG Trading Cards

Here we are back again with another installment of… Rummage Treasures!

This is a ring binder for American Girl Trading Cards from the Pleasant Company era.  It has a shiny coating to keep it from falling apart.


We got this at the same rummage where we got Lindsey’s fancy photograph.  Inside the binder are tabs for Samantha, Addy, Kirsten, Felicity and Molly.  We have about 10 trading cards for each girl.


Molly’s page

Each card features the original PC artwork and the backside has a fact or quiz about the character.  Here is Kirsten and Renee Graef’s beautiful artwork.


noexif_IMG_6178_privateWe got all of the items at this rummage for about $3.00 – it was the end of the day and these treasures were buried in heaps of books.  They were just thrilled the items were going home with someone who would appreciate them.

A final look at the pretty Samantha card…

American Girl trading card

Josefina Face Molds

Josefina MoldI thought I would gather our Josefina face mold ladies together for a picture.  Josefina (above) is a Pleasant Co doll.  Not sure whether changes were made to the face sculpt over time, but to my eye Josefina’s cheeks seem a little more slender than Grace and Julie’s.    Grace is wearing her new t-shirt and charm keeper necklace from the Oshkosh outlet.

Otherwise, Julie has been keeping me company on the couch as I had some leg vein surgery this week.  I have to get in “fighting trim” for the Wilmot sale.

Brianna and I are planning to get to Michaels this weekend to get ready for Camp Doll Diaries.  One more week of school to go!

Molly Deluxe Note Cards

MollyHello everyone! It’s Brianna here, and today I have a post on a gift I got from my fantastic aunt and my two cousins who came to visit from Alabama. They gave me Molly Deluxe Note Cards; this is an item released by Pleasant Company, so this item is quite rare. Read on to find out more about this amazing item!

Pleasant Company Hallmark

The package [which is about 10 inches by 13 1/2 inches] contains 6 note cards, 6 envelopes, 6 gold seal stickers, and 1 portfolio. I was telling my mom that I might not even use the note cards,I would just admire them. Molly Notecard Hallmark Molly AG

There are 2 designs, 3 per design. One of the designs is Molly in her meet outfit and the other is Molly in her raincoat and holding an umbrella. The gold seals are gold stickers that say The American Girls Collection on it. Molly Hallmark

It has a small space to write in.

It has a small space to write in.

I adore this item so much! There are also Kit Deluxe Note Cards. Well, anyway I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming later!

– Brianna