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Rummage Treasures, Part 2

Back to the rummage sale finds!  This post will focus on Samantha.  This moving sale household had an early adopter of Pleasant Company Samantha.  Today I have my neighbor’s Samantha in to model.


This is a PC Samantha’s Kimono.  It was $ 5.00.  One doesn’t roam the house in one’s nightgown!

Here we have Samantha’s “meet” hat.

This is an early version of the hat because it has a pink ribbon on the brim which was later changed.  It’s such a substantial hat — so well crafted.  I intended to eBay this, but Brianna isn’t on board with that.  I bought this on the second day of the sale for  $ 1.50 because everything was half off!  Yes, I went back.  Are you really surprised??

Next we have the 1991 travel bag.

Originally there was a rattan hanger so you could transport a doll’s outfit in style.  The small bag can hold accessories or shoes.  This set came with a woven basket the doll could travel in.  Love the Pleasant Company logo tag.

Finally (for this post anyway), we have Samantha’s book strap, which was .10 cents.  It is just the softest leather and buckles like a real watch.  It is shown with another PC find – Molly’s book bag.  I believe Molly’s bag was $ 5.00.  The whole bag is completely functional with buckle straps and some flash cards for on-the-go math practice.  I thought about eBay for the book strap.

The green language arts book is readable and advises the 1940s student that just should rhyme with rust and please do not say jest, jist, or jes’!

I have one more post of rummage treasures to share, which will include the items I passed up.  — reluctantly, as you can imagine.


Rummage Treasures

It’s rummage sale season again, and is there anything more satisfying that unearthing some American Girl treasures?  I think not!

Today Brianna and I hit a moving sale that was managed by an estate sale company.  To me, that usually means high prices.  Some estate sale companies also sell online.  The craigslist ad mentioned American Girl clothes but no dolls.

We were sure to arrive at the opening of the sale.

We walked in the door and I asked where the doll clothes were.  I did not run anyone down (in case you were wondering…) nor was anyone else interested in them.

In one of the bedrooms there was a little box of American Girl clothes all organized in Ziploc bags.

I found..


Kirsten’s On the Trail outfit!

This is one of my favorite Kirsten outfits.  The fabric is so old-timey, yet soft and comfy.


Caroline is standing in as Kirsten — she is my most Scandi-looking girl.

The outfit did not come with the shawl.  That’s Ok.. I often don’t use those pieces anyway.


I love the rosemaling-style detail on the apron.

It’s a pretty outfit without the apron, too.  I look forward to trying it on Addy.


I bought it for $5.00!  I also got a Pleasant Company-era brush for .25.  It looks like the current brushes except the wood is a cherry color.

I bought more, too, but you will have to wait for more posts.  I wanted to showcase this awesome dress.


Rummage Treasures – Pleasant Co Posters

I am still catching up with Rummage Treasures from this summer.  Today I want to show you some terrific Pleasant Company posters.  These are from 1998 and there is one for each of the historical characters out at the time.

noexif_IMG_6527_privateSamantha has a great scene perfect for the holiday season.

Pleasant Co Addy Postersnoexif_IMG_6526_privateI’m giving you two pictures of Addy in Philadelphia.  I love the colors in this poster!

noexif_IMG_6524_privateHere is Josefina – this poster is framed and hanging in Brianna’s room.  I think Josie looks quite sweet and a lot younger than her current image on the book covers.

Image courtesy of Amazon.

And can’t forget Molly!

Pleasant Co Molly Poster

We also have a Kirsten poster but the color palette is very pale and subtle and doesn’t photograph well.

These posters came from the same sale where we found the American Girl trading cards.  The family was happy to have someone interested in them and we took everything home for about $ 5.00.  Finding American Girl treasures is always a thrill!

Rummage Treasures – AG Trading Cards

Here we are back again with another installment of… Rummage Treasures!

This is a ring binder for American Girl Trading Cards from the Pleasant Company era.  It has a shiny coating to keep it from falling apart.


We got this at the same rummage where we got Lindsey’s fancy photograph.  Inside the binder are tabs for Samantha, Addy, Kirsten, Felicity and Molly.  We have about 10 trading cards for each girl.


Molly’s page

Each card features the original PC artwork and the backside has a fact or quiz about the character.  Here is Kirsten and Renee Graef’s beautiful artwork.


noexif_IMG_6178_privateWe got all of the items at this rummage for about $3.00 – it was the end of the day and these treasures were buried in heaps of books.  They were just thrilled the items were going home with someone who would appreciate them.

A final look at the pretty Samantha card…

American Girl trading card

Rummage Treasures: Jess’s Kayak Set and Nicki’s Duffel Bag

Hello everyone! It’s Brianna here, and today I have a very exciting post on Jess’s Kayak Set and Nicki’s Duffel-bag.  Jess was the GOTY of 2006 and her story mainly takes place in Belize which is in Latin American. Nicki was the GOTY of 2007 and her story takes place in Colorado. I hope you enjoy this post!

American Girl Jess KayakSo, today Jen and I were driving around looking at rummage sales for American Girl Items, when we found a rummage that had 16 year old girl [tip: rummages with older girls ages 12 – 17 is a usually a good place to look for AG items.] She had Jess’s Kayak Set, which is now quite a rare item to find at sales. She was selling it for $25 which was an ok price, I would priced it around $20. The Kayak Set came with a kayak that AG dolls can fit in, a rainstick, and a life vest. On the side of the kayak it says Belize Kayak Adventure. On the front of the kayak it has a storage net. The kayak itself is inflatable which I think is pretty cool! The rainstick makes music and has two handles on it that American Girls can put their hands through to paddle. The life vest looks very realistic and it fits the American Girls perfectly! Of course, Jen and I had to buy it! Caroline insists to the other American Girls at our house that she has to go first because she is the sailor in the family.


We also, found Nicki’s Duffel Bag at the rummage sale. The Duffel Bag was originally part of Nicki’s Ranch Outfit. The Duffel Bag has Nicki’s name printed below a symbol of a horseshoe! The Duffel Bag has brown drawstrings and it the bag itself is cream colored heavy canvas.

Nicki American Girl Duffel

So, those are today’s rummage treasures. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming soon!

Rummage Treasures – Lindsey

Brianna and I have done a bit of rummage sale shopping this summer.  We have found a number of “throwback” items that are unusual.

At one sale we unearthed this:

American Girl LindseyA waxed envelope jammed in with a variety of kid books.

In it was a photographer’s glossy photo of….

Lindsey AG PhotoLINDSEY!  Isn’t this unusual?  It’s a 5×7 photo.  The back has this:

Lindsey Photo AG DollI am wondering whether any of the more experienced AG collectors like Nonna, Xyra or Heather have ever seen one of these and what the original purpose might have been.  It is hanging in a frame in Brianna’s room now.

The family holding the sale has a daughter (now grown) who played Molly in an AG fashion show in Chicago.

Instead of Wilmot

We really deliberated about going to the Wilmot AG sale this year.  We couldn’t go until Saturday, and the reports on Thursday showed a lot of items that we saw at the Oshkosh Outlet weeks ago, some with higher prices.  Photos from the Friday sale date looked pretty skimpy compared to what we are used to (thanks FunWithAGFan!), so we stayed home.

We headed out rummaging this morning instead, because what we were really after was some fun together to kick off the end of the school year.

Grace came along ready to shop...

Grace came along ready to shop…


We first found pre-BeForever Mini Kit for $1.00.

Mini Kit American Girl

At that same sale we found some Fisher Price Zoo toys (.25 for a bag) to donate to Operation Christmas Child. Our church’s goal is over 1,600 boxes!!

We had heart palpitations when we saw a stack of AG boxes at one sale.  The items turned out to be display stands for AG dolls.  We passed on those.

Our other find was the desk portion of this Pottery Barn set designed for their 18″ dolls.  We’ll have to work on finding a chair!  For .25 cents, it was worth grabbing.  Leg needs a little wood glue.


Pottery Barn photo –

So, all told we spent $1.50 (except for a trip to Dunkin Donuts!), and our American Girl budget category is intact for future adventures.

– Jen