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Amazon Matches AG Sale Prices

I keep a continual Amazon wish list and check pricing almost every day, particularly for good deals on books for my job. Last night I noticed some of the American Girl items on my wish list showed a 30% price reduction. These were mainly Beforever items that are concurrently on sale on the AG site right now, especially parts of Melody and Maryellen's collections. American Girl's sale is through 8/7… no guarantees on Amazon.

The conversation at my house this morning about 2 minutes after my husband got up:

"Honey, did you need any help with a birthday present for me?"

"Um, I haven't really… that would be great!"

I hopped on the computer and called out, "You don't have to get anything else! I'm all set."

Not only was shipping free with our Prime, but we had over 40.00 in rewards I could use (Amazon credit card is 5% cash back).

My package won't be arriving by the American Girl's pony express, Amazon didn't try to call my husband's account by a creative new first name, and the Amazon rewards process is straightforward and doesn't require any minimum purchases to use.

What did I order for my birthday next month? I can't tell you—it would ruin the surprise!