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American Girls in Canada

We took a family vacation this month to Toronto, and I was so happily surprised to come across an Indigo Chapters store (like a big Barnes and Noble) where they have an AG boutique within the bookstore.

The store is a little bit smaller than your average GAP store in the US. They offer doll hair styling but no tea parties or create your own doll/clothes.

Hair styling station in right side, background, of photo above. No customers alas. The doll sitting poolside (or is it puddle-side?) isn’t looking too comfortable!

I saw the newly released outfits. This is a cute display.

They were featuring the summer camp items, and I was tempted by the s’mores pajamas, but they were sold out!

I hadn’t been in an AG store for about a year, so I was struck by how few historical dolls are left, and how little there is for them. No Addy? No Josefina?

… And then there were 7. . . Barely.

I did bring home Blaire’s new book, which I read quickly and have moved on to the second one already! More on that in a future post.

I really enjoyed seeing some of the current AG items, but didn’t get the sense that they were seeing big sales, at this downtown Toronto location anyway. Maplelea may still rule the Canadian market. If you would like to know more about Maplelea and Canadian dolls, visit this blog post over on Hannah’s Dolls.



Seen in Stores: Bits and Bobs

Hello friends.  I was at Michaels (craft store) recently and saw a few items that I thought could work for Logan.  I know many Logan-owners eagerly waiting for a bigger wardrobe for this fellow.

I thought the nature lover/dragonfly outfit was particularly cute.  The soccer uniform is blue on top and black on the bottom.  Xyra recently had some dye transfer issues with another brand of doll clothing, so do beware.

If you are looking to see the American Girl new releases with commentary from someone who was there in person, check out The Mouse Lair.  I noted that her close up picture of the hotel’s guide to local restaurants includes Grace’s cafe,  a 50s diner, AG cafe, and a pizzeria.  Could a pizzeria be in the pipeline?

Are you familiar with The Queen’s Treasures?  The make high quality 18″ doll items and also have a line of Little House of the Prairie 18″ doll items.  This weekend they are having a sale amounting to 50% off most everything.  To see the prices you need to create an account.  This fall they are also coming out with a 2-story, foldable 18″ doll house (sturdy wood construction) which will be terrific I think.  I’m ordering a few things for Christmas (for me – insert blushing emoji here!).

Final thought – this week a doll enthusiast found that the AG doll hospital no longer can offer a new head for Lindsey.  If you have an old GOTY and have been waiting for the right time to get her repaired, now may be that time.  This will certainly impact the eBay business for some of the earlier dolls.

Lindsey AG Photo

Hope your Sunday is terrific and you have time to play today!





Toys R Us, Meet American Girl

img_8040You know if there is something happening in the world of American Girl, it is hard for me to stay away!  I pried Brianna away from her Animal Jam computer game and away we went at 9 am to Toys R Us (TRU) for the launch of the Truly Me line.

There was a crowd-control line established, but long empty by the time we arrived.  I asked the clerk if there was ever a need to line up and she said that the first person in line received a doll.  Nice!

As we came in there was an opportunity to enter a drawing.  I admit I was so excited that neither of us are sure what the drawing is for!  It has to be good, right?!  We also each received a Truly Me activity kit for visiting.  I appreciate that they offered one to everyone who wished to have one, even if they didn’t have a little girl with them.

Truly Me activity kit giveaway. Note merchandise goes in AG bags.

Truly Me activity kit giveaway. Note merchandise goes in AG bags.

There were definitely shoppers there specifically for the promotion.  I would say maybe 20 families were checking out the dolls.  When the crowds cleared I got a few pictures of the arrangement of the shop in shop.

img_8049One wall had the full-line of Truly Me dolls, as well as the a la carte clothing items.

img_8048Large items like the camper, kitchen, scooter and canopy bed are available – just take a ticket and the clerks will bring them up.  Brianna said she would pay for 24.99 of the kitchen if I covered the other $200.  Right.

img_8046Speaking of the kitchen, it is pretty terrific.  The flour and sugar containers are speckled inside as though the flour has stuck to the glass.

img_8045The kitchen has a built-in pet feeding station.  I would like American Girl to come turn this kitchen into a real kitchen in my house.  A girl can dream…

img_8041Across from the Truly Me wall were Wellie Wishers and some of the glass display cases showcasing holiday dresses and pets.

img_8043Overall I thought it was well done.  I haven’t been to a American Girl store in almost 2 years, so I appreciated seeing the items in person.  We did come home with the lasagne set, which I will feature in a future post.  I did not see any Journey Girls at this store, perhaps because of the arrival of American Girl.

Not all TRU stores carry the American Girl brand.  To find out if your local store has a Truly Me shop in shop, visit the TRU website.


Lea Coming to Kohl’s Oct 3

GOTY 2016 Lea and some of her apparel coming to Kohl’s October 3.  In store only at 1,100 stores nationwide.  Doll price will be $120.  No word yet on whether coupons apply.  See link below for items Kohl’s will carry.  Quite a lot!

Amazon Amping up American Girl Presence

I have a couple of Amazon related thoughts today.  I noticed Amazon has an American Girl “shop” that uses the same images as the American Girl website.  They currently have a lot of Maryellen related items.  It will be interesting to see if this presence increases for the holiday season.  See

While I was browsing I came across this new to me item… MegaBlocks set of Grace’s house. Looks like it was released a week or so ago?

I think Amazon would be a great place for AG to sell their retiring merchanise!  Rather see it there than Kohl’s.  

I Love You a Latte

Hi peeps, Isabelle here modeling my new PJs from Justice.  They are super comfy for lounging and studying.  I love these quiet moments when Tutu and I can relax without all the kid commotion around the house.


The PJ top has a stylish racer back.

img_7913And the bottoms have a super cute Frappucino print that says “I love you a latte.”

img_7914What’s your favorite drink?  Mine is Strawberries and Creme frappucino… Venti please!  It’s sweet and girly like me!

img_7927Jen says… Justice seems to be limiting the amount of doll outfits in their shops, but I thought this one was terrific and it is very well made.  They retail for about $12.00.  Getting Isabelle’s pink hair extensions in just about made me have a hot flash.  I needed the air conditioning after that!  You can never have enough doll pajamas.

I got a sample of Pumpkin spice frappucino and I liked the cup as much as the drink!  I put some pink construction paper in the cup and a piece of gift bag tissue paper for whipped cream.

Lea’s Collection Coming to…. Kohl’s??

We heard last week that select TrulyMe dolls, Wellie Wishers, and TM items would appear at some Toys R Us locations… Now it looks like Girl of the Year items are headed to Kohl’s for the holiday season according to Forbes

They don’t divulge whether Kohl’s locations will sell the doll.  Seems possible given all the Caroline and Isabelle dolls that were overstocks.

Meanwhile, Kohl’s KSS -2.63% will carry merchandise related to its girl of the year doll, Lea, this holiday season, it was announced Thursday.

Your thoughts?  I think it’s good for sales, but for me, American Girl represents special times, not a run to the local mall.  We usually buy at Christmas and sometimes birthdays, so that makes the brand “special” to me.  I could make Christmas cookies anytime, but doing it once a year makes it something I “wait for” and I like that about American Girl as well.  

Ps… I may recant when I see Kohls coupons + American Girl 😜

On Trend for Fall – It’s Julie Again!

Julie has been getting a lot of pixels lately on the blog… and now I know why.  Julie is very “on-trend” for fall!

I saw these jeans for women at the Gap:

IMG_7700Chicken or the egg… Did Julie inspire these jeans or did jeans like these inspire Julie’s character?  I bet on the former.  Probably a millennial in the Gap design department whose sister had a Julie doll.

This is an ad at the MAC cosmetics store:


Troll dolls are a part of Julie’s story too.  Ivy is afraid of a street person in San Francisco whose orange hair resembles a “troll doll.”  He turns out to be Hank, a friendly Vietnam vet who periodically stops into Julie’s Mom’s store.  There is a Troll movie being released in November by Dreamworks.

If you have any “Julie” fashion sightings, let me know!


American Girl Outlet, Oshkosh

We paid an Easter visit to Great-Grandma today; she lives not far from the American Girl Outlet store in Oshkosh.

Wilmot OutletUsually my opinion of the Outlet store is ho-hum.  Today they had some really unique items and fairly good prices.  I wondered whether this is a run-up to the Wilmot sale in June.

noexif_IMG_5716_privateRebecca’s school set, $14.00.


Caroline’s ice skates… very neat!

noexif_IMG_5713_privateJulie’s roller skates, $20.00.  I remember these from my childhood!

noexif_IMG_5731_privateBrianna had a gift card and picked up the Pet Hiking Set, $7.00!

noexif_IMG_5730_privatenoexif_IMG_5734_privateAnd she also found Rembrandt, Saige’s dog!  He was also $ 7.00.  Saige is still top doll around here, so it is neat for her to have Saige’s dog.

Saige RembrantI picked up Julie’s original Meet book for $1.00.  Hard-cover historical books were $3.00.  I was tempted by Addy’s new Meet outfit (without shoes) for 17.00, but something else called Addy’s name.  You’ll have to wait until her birthday on Thursday to find out what it was!

We also saw:

  • Kit’s school lunch box
  • Kit’s desk ($100)
  • Julie’s calico dress ($20.00)
  • Julie’s grill, $7.00
  • Kaya’s dog & teepee
  • Rebecca’s meet outfit and the play outfit
  • Julie’s accessories
  • Ivy’s meet outfit ($10.00)
  • One of Caroline’s cow, Garnet
  • A springtime background play scene, $7.00
  • Saige’s tunic outfit $10.00

That’s the scoop from here!