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Doll Storage

What sweeter subject is there in the organizing month of January than doll storage?  You might recall that when we went to the Madison Children’s Museum sale this past summer, we met some new friends while waiting in line.  When we heard Maggie had 23 dolls (at the time 😉 ) we said, “How do you store them??!”  The answer was shelves, and quick as you please we were able to see the collection on her iPhone.  You might remember Maggie as our guest post author on Maryellen’s launch.

Well, the time came for us to find a storage solution after Maryellen and Dakota joined the family.  There are always a few dolls “in use” and a few others waiting in the wings.  We picked up a shelf from Target that is unobtrusive and doesn’t take up valuable floor space for playing.

American Girl Doll StorageWe are grateful to Mr. DollsBetweenUs for putting the shelf up so nicely!

I would love to hear your approach to doll display and storage!

P.S. Can you believe that another blogger was also in the line to go into the MCM sale at 7:15am and we (including Maggie) all appear in a picture on her blog!