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American Girl Benefit Sale Price List for Saturday, July 22

A glimpse of what will be available at the MCM sale next weekend. I think there are a lot of Isabelle and Grace dolls. Could they be reproducing?

Madison Children's Museum Blog


The price list is here for our American Girl Benefit Sale!  The sale warehouse is bursting at the seams with dolls and accessories — and we’ve got the major items priced and listed!

All inventory items will be available starting at 7 a.m. Saturday morning. Please note that we cannot promise that a particular item will be available on a particular day or time.

The list below includes many of the most abundant items, and popular item categories. We are unable to confirm the presence of individual dolls or items not listed here.


  • BeForever Dolls–$80 (Limit 1)
  • WellieWishers–$40 (Limit 2)
  • Bitty Babies–$40 (Limit 1)
  • Truly Me–$50 (Limit 8)
  • Girl of the Year 2016 Lea Clark–$120 (Limit 3)
  • Girl of the Year 2015 Grace Thomas–$80 (Limit 5)
  • Girl of the Year 2014 Isabelle Palmer–$80 (Limit 5)
  • Mini Dolls, Lea Clark–$10 (Limit 8)
  • Mini Dolls, Assorted Special Edition–$10 (Limit 2)


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Create Your Own in Late July

The latest AG catalog app has initial images of the Create Your Own dolls.


I note that some of the accessories available include a doll Fitbit, Starbucks’-style coffee cup, and a Nalgene-style water bottle.

IMG_0985You can also visit the AG website to view initial images

I thought it was funny that the label “One of a Kind Doll” is qualified with a statement that there are actually 1.3 million possibilities.  See, there is a use for probability and statistics!


Seen in Stores: Bits and Bobs

Hello friends.  I was at Michaels (craft store) recently and saw a few items that I thought could work for Logan.  I know many Logan-owners eagerly waiting for a bigger wardrobe for this fellow.

I thought the nature lover/dragonfly outfit was particularly cute.  The soccer uniform is blue on top and black on the bottom.  Xyra recently had some dye transfer issues with another brand of doll clothing, so do beware.

If you are looking to see the American Girl new releases with commentary from someone who was there in person, check out The Mouse Lair.  I noted that her close up picture of the hotel’s guide to local restaurants includes Grace’s cafe,  a 50s diner, AG cafe, and a pizzeria.  Could a pizzeria be in the pipeline?

Are you familiar with The Queen’s Treasures?  The make high quality 18″ doll items and also have a line of Little House of the Prairie 18″ doll items.  This weekend they are having a sale amounting to 50% off most everything.  To see the prices you need to create an account.  This fall they are also coming out with a 2-story, foldable 18″ doll house (sturdy wood construction) which will be terrific I think.  I’m ordering a few things for Christmas (for me – insert blushing emoji here!).

Final thought – this week a doll enthusiast found that the AG doll hospital no longer can offer a new head for Lindsey.  If you have an old GOTY and have been waiting for the right time to get her repaired, now may be that time.  This will certainly impact the eBay business for some of the earlier dolls.

Lindsey AG Photo

Hope your Sunday is terrific and you have time to play today!





Wellie’s Ship Free – 2017

I was looking at the revamp of the American Girl website and it seems Wellie Wishers and their accompanying outfits will ship free for the rest of 2017.

I wasn’t logged in to my account, so anyone should be able to see this promotion.

Have you reset your password?  Any problems?

And the Award Goes to…


Thank you to my friend Xyra at Tea Time with Melody Q for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award!

The rules are:

Thank the blogger who nominated you! Don’t forget a link!
Give a little history on how your blog got started.
Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
Nominate… bloggers who inspire you.

History of Dolls Between Us

Both my daughter and I have other blogs.  As we got more and more interested in American Girl and started building our collection, I found myself reading doll blogs in addition to other topics of interest.  Both Flo at Say Hello to my Little Friends and Heather at Dollightful Dolls were bloggers I admired.  I now consider them friends.  We also read the now-defunct Doll Diaries blog and had great fun with Camp Doll Diaries every summer.

Eventually we were inspired to try our own blog.  At the time I believe we had Josefina, Addy, Saige, Isabelle and Grace.  We have added a few since then!

Dolls Between Us has been a vehicle for me to write fiction.. a change of pace for this former English major!

Advice to Bloggers

The wonderful thing about the AG blog community is that we all have different interests.  I enjoy writing the most.  Some ladies/girls are phenomenal photographers, and others enjoy putting together doll fashions.  Find your niche and claim your talents without letting others’ talents dim your own personal sparkle!

My other piece of advice is to bring something unique to most blog posts.  Don’t post just to get page views.  Take your time and do your best work and you will find your page views grow with time.

I would like to nominate some newer doll bloggers:

Mer*Made9 who has been on a bit of a blog break but has some terrific fashions!  Her special talent is sewing, which I admire greatly.

Hit the Attic Wall another creative blogger who thinks nothing of swapping eyes and wigs.



Getting American Girl on Track?

Fortune magazine had an article today about Mattel’s plans to turn things around across their brands, including American Girl.  Key points:

  • Turnaround plans focus on emerging markets, faster pace of toy development (oh no!) and the digital play experience
  • In the past year, Mattel stock has fallen 28% while Hasbro’s shares have risen 29%
  • CEO says American Girl has been poorly managed (you knew someone had to take the fall for the perma panties…)
  • Revitalization of American Girl will take longer than expected
  • Need to speed up new product development time from 18 mo to 6 mo

None of these points speak to American Girl’s original beloved concept of your doll being special friend for life, crafted with care yet able to be played with and loved.  Their plans sound more like ‘this Barbie doll’s leg will fall off in 4 months, but no worries — pick another one up wherever you shop.’

What happens when you try too many things at once…..

This is not a digital play experience!




Flat Rate Shipping?

News today on Facebook and IG that American Girl is launching a new flat-rate shipping of $5.95 tomorrow with no min purchase.  It sounds like this will run for a while but “restrictions apply” and check their website for details.

I’ll be darned if they aren’t listening to us!