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Confirmed: St Louis American Girl Sale

DBU Reader Carolyn shared this today:

I just spoke with a lady at the AG Warehouse in Wilmot. They will not be having a sale there this year (2017).

They will be having what they call a pop up sale in St. Louis at the Mall that the AG store is in but not at the store itself. The sale starts August 3rd and will run 10 days. No info on what will be there.

St. Louis readers-let me know what details you find out. I am traveling home from MCM today. If there is a sale and you attend, I'd love to share some of your photos on the blog!

It's hard to imagine a 10 day sale. Maybe it will be like the outlet store that used to exist in Oshkosh? AG just keeps us on our toes lately.
Confirmed: Sale is Aug 4. You can follow Facebook for more information


No Wilmot Sale?

in my prior post about the Madison sale tickets being mailed, reader Kelly shared the following:

I called the Wilmot outlet store and they said they have filled the warehouse and unfortunately there will not be a American Girl sale in Wilmot this year. They have no where to hold it. I am unable to make it to the Madison sale so I was really hoping they were going to have it. Maybe next year. Happy shopping to you all in Madison😁

Thanks, Kelly, for sharing this information as another reader indicated she did not have luck getting information from the Wilmot Mattel outlet.

I wonder what has caused the warehouse to be so full?  Does the relationship with Kohls and TRU have an effect?

It has been years since we hit the Wilmot sale.  I’ll always have happy memories of the first time we went, with no clue how many people would be there, and the thousands and thousands of dollars they were spending (eBay).  At that time the warehouse was unloading a lot of items for McKenna, Cecile and Marie-Grace.  Right now I appreciate the happy memories even more than I could appreciate new doll items.


American Girl Wilmot Sale 2016 – Reader Recap

noexif_IMG_4663_privateReader Abby was so kind to report back on the American Girl Wilmot Warehouse Sale (Wilmot, Wisconsin).  This year the sale occurred a full month earlier than in the past, and, alas, we still have school and work keeping us at home.  This is the first year that they have also sold dolls, though the dolls seemed to mostly be JLY dolls with bangs — the same ones who have been at the Outlet Store the past year or so.

Abby says:

“I went today! It was so much fun and wasn’t too crowded! I did not see any Bitty Twin items!
Here is a list of the stuff they had: (Sorry, I mostly paid attention to AG not BB )
DOLLS:, all dolls were in true spirit outfit and were tied in box, just no hairnets.
#38 Red hair, green eyes, freckles, bangs, light skin $70 (NOTE:  yesterday the dolls were $80.00)
( idk #) : blond hair, bangs, blue eyes, light skin $70
(Idk #) : blond hair, brown eyes, light skin $70
They had bitty babies: light skin, brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin blond hair, and blue and green eyes $36 each!! (NOTE: I believe the first say the BB were around $ 45.00)
A few mini Addy’s – $10
Mini Grace $10
Marie Grace’s meet outfit $14
TONS OF CLOTHES FOR GIRLS, including Isabelle, Grace, Saige, holiday wear and TM.
TONS of mini doll and & 3 book set from Costco – $15 (Samantha, Caroline, Julie, and Kit)
Assorted store doll exclusive classic shirts- $3 (Canada and US locations)
Doll travel books- $1
Caroline hardcover books- $3
Caroline’s accessories- $12
Grace’s welcome gifts- $10
Santa dress PWP- $3
Tshirt, hat, bracelet set PWP- $6 or $4 (don’t remember)
True spirit outfit- $3
Two braid headbands- $6
3 different kinds of doll watches- $4 each
Brown chic bun- $3
Rebecca’s hairstyling set- $2
Samantha’s hairstyling set- $10
Saige’s Picnic set- $10
Kits bed- $65
Julie, Rebecca’s or Samantha’s bed – $50
Caroline’s skiff- $60
Kaya’s Teepee and bedroll- $95
Grace’s bistro set- (sidewalk table and chair) -$55
Kaya’s powwow dress of today- $17
Play and display stand- $14
Treat seat- $15
American girl lunch boxes for girls- $3
American girl messenger bags- $5
Friends are sweet set or Holiday accessories- $8
Grace’s exclusive earrings- $8
The fresh and fun earrings- $5
Kits candy making full set (with dress, shoes and candy set) – $32
Kits sweets set- (candy making set without dress and shoes – $17

Overall- the sale was very well organized and the staff were super nice and friendly. I LOVE this sale because it’s very small and the prices are pretty good!!
There was no line, and I got there at about 4:15 ish (DAY 2).  After I left at like 5:30, more people started coming in.
Here’s what I got:
2 doll travel books -$2
2 Santa dresses PWP- $6
1 Play and display stand- $14
1 Addy mini doll (beforever) – $10
1 Toronto Doll store exclusive shirt- $3
Grace’s meet earrings- $8
For a total of $43!
Originally would have cost : $151!!
I saved $108!!
This warehouse sale is so amazing!!

–Jen here… exciting, don’t you think?  I would have picked up a few Santa outfits, and the AG messenger and lunch bags are a great price.  I do believe I read on Facebook the messenger bag was $15.00 yesterday.  Going on Day 2 may be a wise decision.  The sale continues – albeit briefly – on Saturday.  For more details visit Mattel

Thanks again Abby.  I enjoyed the thrill of the sale through you!

Reason 473 to be Wary of eBay

American Girl merchandise worth $292,503 was shipped to family members of a former employee of the Wilmot American Girl-Mattel distribution facility between October 2014 and March 2015, according to court records.
  Read more here

Really, another reason to be very wary of current AG merchandise being sold on eBay.

BREAKING: Wilmot Sale to Have Dolls

From Facebook.  For the first time that I can remember, the Wilmot warehouse sale will have dolls.  It’s going to be CRAY-ZEE!  They have not listed prices and no AG gift cards can be used.   To read our past report on the Wilmot sale, go here.

Limits will be in place.  They have not identified what the limit will be.  Either way, the EBay contingent will be in full force.  I wonder if this is the beginning of AG pulling back from the Madison Benefit Doll Sale.

Wilmot 2016 Warehouse Sale Dates Announced

IMG_6872I had heard rumors about the Wilmot Warehouse Sale happening in May… MAY!?  What happened to June once school is out??  Anyway, you can see above that the dates are Thursday, May 12- Saturday, May 14, 2016.

noexif_IMG_4659_privateIf you are new to the Wilmot Sale, it happens in Wilmot, Wisconsin (near Kenosha), at the Mattel Outlet Warehouse.  Historically there are no dolls there.  You will find AG clothes, accessories, Bitty outfits and accessories, books, and girls’ clothes.  Often there are a good amount of items from the last two Girl of the Year dolls (Isabelle, Grace for example). You do not need an advance ticket to enter the sale, but once you arrive you grab a number which determines when you can enter the sale – it can be hours later.

noexif_IMG_4667_privateThe sale is no place for small children, or your average husband!  It is also a Port o Potty situation so plan ahead with hand wipes and sanitizer!  Check out can be very long because there are folks who sell on eBay and buy thousands of dollars of items at a time.  Credit cards are accepted, but it can be wonky and take a while to process… adding to the wait.

noexif_IMG_4663_privateAre we going this year?  Not sure.  Brianna would say “YES!”  We wouldn’t be able to go until the Saturday date due to school, and I am not sure if it is worth it to go on the last day when we also have access to the Outlet store in Oshkosh.

Speaking of the Outlet store, stay tuned for a blog giveaway!

If you have questions, I am happy to help.




Instead of Wilmot

We really deliberated about going to the Wilmot AG sale this year.  We couldn’t go until Saturday, and the reports on Thursday showed a lot of items that we saw at the Oshkosh Outlet weeks ago, some with higher prices.  Photos from the Friday sale date looked pretty skimpy compared to what we are used to (thanks FunWithAGFan!), so we stayed home.

We headed out rummaging this morning instead, because what we were really after was some fun together to kick off the end of the school year.

Grace came along ready to shop...

Grace came along ready to shop…


We first found pre-BeForever Mini Kit for $1.00.

Mini Kit American Girl

At that same sale we found some Fisher Price Zoo toys (.25 for a bag) to donate to Operation Christmas Child. Our church’s goal is over 1,600 boxes!!

We had heart palpitations when we saw a stack of AG boxes at one sale.  The items turned out to be display stands for AG dolls.  We passed on those.

Our other find was the desk portion of this Pottery Barn set designed for their 18″ dolls.  We’ll have to work on finding a chair!  For .25 cents, it was worth grabbing.  Leg needs a little wood glue.


Pottery Barn photo –

So, all told we spent $1.50 (except for a trip to Dunkin Donuts!), and our American Girl budget category is intact for future adventures.

– Jen



This week I read the post about the Oshkosh American Girl outlet on Living a Doll’s Life.  I enjoyed reading about all the deals, but what really mobilized me was seeing pre-BeForever Julie on sale for $80.00.

I have wanted Julie for a long time, and when AG switched to BeForever I was really disappointed in the new outfit.   Julie’s original meet outfit reminds me of what I wore in the 1970s.  Many other parts of her story related to my own life, such as the gift of a tape recorder, making tennis racket covers (my mom made and sold them!), the apple seed necklace, and knowing lots of kids growing up whose parents were divorced.

I called the outlet on Friday, and they still had plenty of Julie dolls!

American Julie Doll

Away Brianna and I went on Saturday morning.  It’s not all that close for us, but as they say “YOLO”!

I’m just thrilled with her.

American Girl JulieI already had her original accessories from last year’s Wilmot Warehouse sale.  I have Ivy’s accessories as well.

Julie AG Doll

No regrets!

The AG outlet Julie does not have a black X on her bottom like the dolls from the Madison Children’s Museum sale do.  She is not returnable.

The shelf she was on had A LOT of room on it, so I wonder whether more dolls might show up in the months to come.  Hmmm.

Full report on other purchases to follow.  This post is all Julie!

American Girl Outlet, Oshkosh

We paid an Easter visit to Great-Grandma today; she lives not far from the American Girl Outlet store in Oshkosh.

Wilmot OutletUsually my opinion of the Outlet store is ho-hum.  Today they had some really unique items and fairly good prices.  I wondered whether this is a run-up to the Wilmot sale in June.

noexif_IMG_5716_privateRebecca’s school set, $14.00.


Caroline’s ice skates… very neat!

noexif_IMG_5713_privateJulie’s roller skates, $20.00.  I remember these from my childhood!

noexif_IMG_5731_privateBrianna had a gift card and picked up the Pet Hiking Set, $7.00!

noexif_IMG_5730_privatenoexif_IMG_5734_privateAnd she also found Rembrandt, Saige’s dog!  He was also $ 7.00.  Saige is still top doll around here, so it is neat for her to have Saige’s dog.

Saige RembrantI picked up Julie’s original Meet book for $1.00.  Hard-cover historical books were $3.00.  I was tempted by Addy’s new Meet outfit (without shoes) for 17.00, but something else called Addy’s name.  You’ll have to wait until her birthday on Thursday to find out what it was!

We also saw:

  • Kit’s school lunch box
  • Kit’s desk ($100)
  • Julie’s calico dress ($20.00)
  • Julie’s grill, $7.00
  • Kaya’s dog & teepee
  • Rebecca’s meet outfit and the play outfit
  • Julie’s accessories
  • Ivy’s meet outfit ($10.00)
  • One of Caroline’s cow, Garnet
  • A springtime background play scene, $7.00
  • Saige’s tunic outfit $10.00

That’s the scoop from here!