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Amazon AG Sales Return

Amazon once again has a sale on some American Girl items. For example, Julie’s holiday outfit is $25.50 on Amazon and $34.00 on AG site. They even have Julie’s original pet bunny for $17.98! Felicity’s meet dress is $27.00 on Amazon and $36.00 on AG.
If you have Amazon Prime (free shipping), these are nice deals! I believe the prices are on Beforever items specifically.

Amazon Matches AG Sale Prices

I keep a continual Amazon wish list and check pricing almost every day, particularly for good deals on books for my job. Last night I noticed some of the American Girl items on my wish list showed a 30% price reduction. These were mainly Beforever items that are concurrently on sale on the AG site right now, especially parts of Melody and Maryellen's collections. American Girl's sale is through 8/7… no guarantees on Amazon.

The conversation at my house this morning about 2 minutes after my husband got up:

"Honey, did you need any help with a birthday present for me?"

"Um, I haven't really… that would be great!"

I hopped on the computer and called out, "You don't have to get anything else! I'm all set."

Not only was shipping free with our Prime, but we had over 40.00 in rewards I could use (Amazon credit card is 5% cash back).

My package won't be arriving by the American Girl's pony express, Amazon didn't try to call my husband's account by a creative new first name, and the Amazon rewards process is straightforward and doesn't require any minimum purchases to use.

What did I order for my birthday next month? I can't tell you—it would ruin the surprise!

Julie’s Hoop Dreams – Product Review

It’s pretty rare for me to see something in the AG catalog and actively pursue it.  Sure, there’s endless neat things for the dolls, but most of it I can carry on without.  Julie’s basketball outfit was not one of those things, however!

Every now and then I will check Amazon to see what is available for American Girl dolls via Prime shipping.  Amazon has most of the items for Melody, Julie, Maryellen, Gabriela… and probably more I haven’t searched on.

So, when Julie’s basketball outfit came up on Amazon, one click had it on the way to my house in two days!  It arrived in the usual Beforever box.


I hadn’t fully appreciated that the trim on the outfit was such a cute green and white stripe.


It comes with 70s style tube socks, and thick ribbon ties for your pigtails, naturally.  Shoes fit with ease!  It also comes with a basketball that is somewhat useless since Julie can’t hold it.


Never mind about the basketball, though, when you look this awesome!  Julie’s open for a pass!


I liked the careful sewing as the trim runs around the armhole.  The outfit it soft and comfy and easy to get on and off.  Definitely appropriate for kids.  This outfit is $34.00 new on Amazon.

I hope to bring you some stories about Julie and her hoop dreams soon.

Amazon Amping up American Girl Presence

I have a couple of Amazon related thoughts today.  I noticed Amazon has an American Girl “shop” that uses the same images as the American Girl website.  They currently have a lot of Maryellen related items.  It will be interesting to see if this presence increases for the holiday season.  See http://www.amazon.com/americangirl

While I was browsing I came across this new to me item… MegaBlocks set of Grace’s house. Looks like it was released a week or so ago?

I think Amazon would be a great place for AG to sell their retiring merchanise!  Rather see it there than Kohl’s.  

New American Girl Books in September

American Girl Visual GuideToday when I was checking my pre-order for the “American Girl: Ultimate Visual Guide” book, I noticed another new book to be released in early September: “Ultimate Sticker Collection: American Girl” by DK Publishing.

American Girl Sticker BookI think both look like fun!  The Visual Guide looks like it will include information on retired historicals and the Pleasant Company era. I am checking prices every now and again and I will let you know if I see them drop.  If you pre-order on Amazon you are guaranteed the lowest price.  Right now the Visual Guide is about 19.00 and the sticker book is 12.99.  Since DK books are available everywhere, you may be able to save money my pairing them with an in-store Barnes and Noble coupon!

DK will also be releasing “American Girl: The Story of America” in February 2017.  I am speculating this will replace the history section at the back of the historical books that has been sorely missing since Beforever.