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American Girl Summer Update

Hi All, today Brianna and I are coming to you from our local coffeeshop.  It’s a muggy day here and threatening rain, so how better to pass some time than studying American Girl’s new summer releases!  Thanks to Heather for tipping us off to the new release date!

All photos are from the American Girl website.

Our first item is the ombre sunglasses.

B: I really like the ombre sunglasses, and if they made them for girls I would totally buy them. I think the yellow, orange, and pink color scheme is really nice, as well.

J:I like these too.  Nice price, easy to say “yes” to.  I would like to see them on Julie.

Our second item is the Starry Doll Holder.

B: I think that this item is very useful but I think the price is a little high.

J: Doll storage is always an issue!  These are easier for small kids to use than doll stands.  A good product but not one we would purchase.


Our next item is the new Coconut Graphic Tee.

B: I love this item! They also have it for girls and I would definitely wear it. I like how the graphic image is easy to see.

J:LOVE this.  If there were free shipping it would be on its way to me right now.  Definite win.


Our next item is the new School Lunch Set.

B: This item is okay. It’s a neat new item that AG thought of but it’s not something I need. AG also has a new Doodle Backpack Set. I already have the old one and I prefer it to this new one.

J: The school lunch tacos tug at my heartstrings a bit.  If you have the other school lunch tray, it would be hard to spend the money on this one because it is as rehash of an prior product.  Same with the locker.


Our next item is the Pet Bath Outfit.

B: This item is awesome! It’s so adorable once you put it on the pet. I definitely would want this!

J: The terrycloth is a nice fabric.  All of the pet offerings seem nicely designed.  Do any readers have Grace’s dog Bonbon?  Could this dog be the same pattern or does the new French bulldog seem substantially different?

Our next item is Grand Hotel Food Set.

B: I think this item is really neat. I like the daisies and the orange juice. The menu is neat as well. Does anyone else think that the waffle looks like a pizza slice though?

J:One word:  salt and pepper shakers.  OK, that is more than one word.  Love them!  They look exactly like what you would see in a fine hotel.  Not sure about the pink vase.  I would rather see something that looks like crystal.

Our next item is the Grand Hotel.

B: I like the grand hotel because of the reversible sides. There is a lot of detail as well, which I really enjoy. The window scenes also are interchangeable to show day and night. What confuses me a bit is that the day scene is on a beach and the night scene is in the city.

J: I applaud AG for giving us a truly new item.  It’s not a bakery/juice hut!  This item has the glass vase that I was hoping for on the room service tray.  This item is HUGE!  I recommend watching the designer’s video on the AG website.  A lot of thought went into this unique item — not unlike Maryellen’s diner.  At $275, no it won’t be coming home to our house.


B: I love the corduroy dress! The ankle boots are like Grace’s just a different color. I think this outfit is really nice!

J: Terrific print and I like the contrast trim.  Corduroy?  With short sleeves?  Have you ever seen a corduroy summer dress?  There must have been a sale on corduroy.

B: I don’t really like this outfit. I think a younger girl (3rd grade or so?) would enjoy this outfit but for an older girl not really. The pieces don’t match as well as I would like them to.

J: Pass.  This is an outfit made from about .40 cents worth of fabric.

B: I don’t really like the top or bottoms separately but together is even worse. The moccasins are cute though!

J: I am at a loss for words.

B: I think the top is awesome! But the shorts are horrific, especially with the purple tights. Anybody who wears that to school is most likely going to get teased.

J: Pretty doll and pretty top. The shorts remind me of the pattern on chef’s pants.  I feel the clothing selections are saying “I’m a edgy fashionable teenager” except I haven’t really seen any girls dress this way.

B: White tulle skirt, pink knit sweater, turquoise moccasins? THESE DO NOT GO TOGETHER!

J: Skirt could be a big seller with kids.  They need to get something different on top to sell this outfit.  This outfit is trying to cross summer with fall – it might work in fashion “early fall collection” but kids hitting AG on vacation this summer aren’t likely looking to buy a chunky sweater.

That is most of the items in the new release. The Truly Me’s also got a new outfit in this release. Gabriela got McKenna’s loft bed.  Jen: I am a little sad that there wasn’t anything for the historical this go-around, but they did get quite a few outfits in the spring release.

We hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear your thoughts on the new items.  Anything you will have on your wish-list?




Rummage Treasures, Part 2

Back to the rummage sale finds!  This post will focus on Samantha.  This moving sale household had an early adopter of Pleasant Company Samantha.  Today I have my neighbor’s Samantha in to model.


This is a PC Samantha’s Kimono.  It was $ 5.00.  One doesn’t roam the house in one’s nightgown!

Here we have Samantha’s “meet” hat.

This is an early version of the hat because it has a pink ribbon on the brim which was later changed.  It’s such a substantial hat — so well crafted.  I intended to eBay this, but Brianna isn’t on board with that.  I bought this on the second day of the sale for  $ 1.50 because everything was half off!  Yes, I went back.  Are you really surprised??

Next we have the 1991 travel bag.

Originally there was a rattan hanger so you could transport a doll’s outfit in style.  The small bag can hold accessories or shoes.  This set came with a woven basket the doll could travel in.  Love the Pleasant Company logo tag.

Finally (for this post anyway), we have Samantha’s book strap, which was .10 cents.  It is just the softest leather and buckles like a real watch.  It is shown with another PC find – Molly’s book bag.  I believe Molly’s bag was $ 5.00.  The whole bag is completely functional with buckle straps and some flash cards for on-the-go math practice.  I thought about eBay for the book strap.

The green language arts book is readable and advises the 1940s student that just should rhyme with rust and please do not say jest, jist, or jes’!

I have one more post of rummage treasures to share, which will include the items I passed up.  — reluctantly, as you can imagine.


Rummage Treasures

It’s rummage sale season again, and is there anything more satisfying that unearthing some American Girl treasures?  I think not!

Today Brianna and I hit a moving sale that was managed by an estate sale company.  To me, that usually means high prices.  Some estate sale companies also sell online.  The craigslist ad mentioned American Girl clothes but no dolls.

We were sure to arrive at the opening of the sale.

We walked in the door and I asked where the doll clothes were.  I did not run anyone down (in case you were wondering…) nor was anyone else interested in them.

In one of the bedrooms there was a little box of American Girl clothes all organized in Ziploc bags.

I found..


Kirsten’s On the Trail outfit!

This is one of my favorite Kirsten outfits.  The fabric is so old-timey, yet soft and comfy.


Caroline is standing in as Kirsten — she is my most Scandi-looking girl.

The outfit did not come with the shawl.  That’s Ok.. I often don’t use those pieces anyway.


I love the rosemaling-style detail on the apron.

It’s a pretty outfit without the apron, too.  I look forward to trying it on Addy.


I bought it for $5.00!  I also got a Pleasant Company-era brush for .25.  It looks like the current brushes except the wood is a cherry color.

I bought more, too, but you will have to wait for more posts.  I wanted to showcase this awesome dress.


And the Award Goes to…


Thank you to my friend Xyra at Tea Time with Melody Q for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award!

The rules are:

Thank the blogger who nominated you! Don’t forget a link!
Give a little history on how your blog got started.
Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
Nominate… bloggers who inspire you.

History of Dolls Between Us

Both my daughter and I have other blogs.  As we got more and more interested in American Girl and started building our collection, I found myself reading doll blogs in addition to other topics of interest.  Both Flo at Say Hello to my Little Friends and Heather at Dollightful Dolls were bloggers I admired.  I now consider them friends.  We also read the now-defunct Doll Diaries blog and had great fun with Camp Doll Diaries every summer.

Eventually we were inspired to try our own blog.  At the time I believe we had Josefina, Addy, Saige, Isabelle and Grace.  We have added a few since then!

Dolls Between Us has been a vehicle for me to write fiction.. a change of pace for this former English major!

Advice to Bloggers

The wonderful thing about the AG blog community is that we all have different interests.  I enjoy writing the most.  Some ladies/girls are phenomenal photographers, and others enjoy putting together doll fashions.  Find your niche and claim your talents without letting others’ talents dim your own personal sparkle!

My other piece of advice is to bring something unique to most blog posts.  Don’t post just to get page views.  Take your time and do your best work and you will find your page views grow with time.

I would like to nominate some newer doll bloggers:

Mer*Made9 who has been on a bit of a blog break but has some terrific fashions!  Her special talent is sewing, which I admire greatly.

Hit the Attic Wall another creative blogger who thinks nothing of swapping eyes and wigs.



Getting American Girl on Track?

Fortune magazine had an article today about Mattel’s plans to turn things around across their brands, including American Girl.  Key points:

  • Turnaround plans focus on emerging markets, faster pace of toy development (oh no!) and the digital play experience
  • In the past year, Mattel stock has fallen 28% while Hasbro’s shares have risen 29%
  • CEO says American Girl has been poorly managed (you knew someone had to take the fall for the perma panties…)
  • Revitalization of American Girl will take longer than expected
  • Need to speed up new product development time from 18 mo to 6 mo

None of these points speak to American Girl’s original beloved concept of your doll being special friend for life, crafted with care yet able to be played with and loved.  Their plans sound more like ‘this Barbie doll’s leg will fall off in 4 months, but no worries — pick another one up wherever you shop.’

What happens when you try too many things at once…..

This is not a digital play experience!




Summer Surprise

Maryellen couldn’t believe how hot it was on the last day of school.  The windows on the school bus were open but it made no difference at all.

She gave her bus driver a hug goodbye and bounded up the driveway.  The front hallway was already piled with backpacks and school folders dropped hastily by her older siblings.

“Summer is finally here,” she said to no one in particular.

She could see Mother through the windows of the Florida room busy with the younger kids outside.  She decided to get out of her sticky dress first.

Maryellen was irked to see someone had left their stuff on her bed.  But wait, there was a note!

Dear Maryellen,

I thought these would be pretty on you.  Happy Summer!

Love, Mom

Maryellen’s heart swelled with joy to know that her mom had bought something special just for her!

She admired the nubby, dotted cotton.  The babydoll pajamas were so fresh and crisp she was sure they would make her feel 10 degrees cooler!

It was so thrilling to have something brand-new.  In her big family, pajamas always were hand-me-downs, and usually had worn, pilled seats and replaced elastic waistbands at that.

She laid down for a few moments to keep the joy of her special pajamas to herself for just a while longer.

I received these pajamas for Mother’s Day.  Maryellen has been wearing them for a while but it is hot today and this story came to me.  It was partially inspired by one of my own experiences.  When I came home from college once, my mom had new flannel sheets on my bed with a pretty floral pattern.  I’ve never forgotten that and still have the pillowcase even though the sheets have long since been loved into oblivion.  I hope in the photo below you can see the detail of the fabric.

Flat Rate Shipping?

News today on Facebook and IG that American Girl is launching a new flat-rate shipping of $5.95 tomorrow with no min purchase.  It sounds like this will run for a while but “restrictions apply” and check their website for details.

I’ll be darned if they aren’t listening to us!