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Luciana, A Mixed Bag

Hello Doll Fans,

I have had ample time to get caught up on my AG reading list because our whole family has been home sick with varying degrees of stomach virus. ‘Tis the season!

Brianna and I have both read Luciana’s first book about her experience at Space Camp, and our reviews are mixed.

The book has a lot of characters… I would estimate 10-15. It was hard to keep track of who was who, and at the end I didn’t feel much of a connection to anyone. Personally, there was too much discussion of various robotics parts to keep my interest. Maybe today’s 21st C makerspace kids will find the storyline more compelling.

I will give AG credit for really sticking with the science and technology theme in the book. The story immerses the reader in a week at Space Camp, and if that encourages girls to seek careers in science, that would be terrific!

Luci wants to be the first person on Mars. As a reader I wanted to know more about that–what will it take to accomplish that and why do we want to go?

I can’t help compare Lucy’s book to another contemporary character, Z. Yang. Z’s book immersed me in the stop motion and videography world, another topic I know little about, but it piqued my interest and I thought Z was a well-developed character that modern girls could relate to.

On a scale of 1-5, Brianna and I rate Luciana’s book 2 robot dogs.


Hello and Happy New Year!

Dropping in to wish all my AG friends a terrific 2018!

We have had a lovely Christmas holiday, though not quite the quantity of American Girl items under the tree as in years past. I will always have happy memories of the excitement of giving a new doll for Christmas.

A few items still managed to find their way to us from Santa, including Josefina’s holiday outfit, Tenney’s performance outfit, and…



Z’s Sightseeing Outfit – Gift for me!




Cool shoes!


Gabriela’s Sparkling Sequins outfit on Dakota – Gift for Brianna

Some readers may recall that we bought an Isabelle doll at the Madison’s Children’s Museum Benefit sale to turn around and auction at our church’s holiday boutique. All proceeds provide scholarships for African men and women to attend university, as well as other outreach efforts. Isabelle and her accompanying swag were a popular item and the auction had a record profit of $18,000! Thanks to Flo for crafting some items for dear Isabelle!



Though our posts have become less frequent, Brianna and I have committed to continuing our famous “new release review” posts coming to you direct from our local coffee shop!

What are your thoughts on Luciana?  I think it is a great theme, but one that doesn’t particularly pull at my wallet.  I do have her book on the way from Amazon, and if you know me, I might change my tune after I read her book.

We wish you a new year filled with many opportunities to play!




Happy Birthday Saige!

Today is Saige’s official birthday!  She would be turning 14–how times does fly!

I took Saige out for a quick fall photo shoot.  
She was Brianna’s first AG doll picked out in person.  We took a coach bus on a Chicago Holiday shopping excursion offered by our recreation department on a December day that was insanely cold.  People had to wait in their car to board the bus because it was deadly cold out.    Saige joined Josefina and we had two New Mexico girls on our hands.

Saige even inspired us to take a family trip to New Mexico!

Her hair tends to be a fit of a frizzy mess, but somehow she has never quite made the cut for a doll hospital head replacement.  We are just used to Saige the way she is and a new head seems so extreme.

I found a pretty fall leaf on a walk with my husband.  We have very little fall color due to a warm, dry fall.  The leaf just fit in her hand without any help.  I’m grateful for any opportunity for outdoor photos before winter comes.

Do you have Saige in your doll family?  If so, how did she come to join your family?

Review: Z’s Rainy Day Outfit

I recently reviewed — OK gushed — over Z’s book.  As usual, I’m a sucker for those AG stories!  When Brianna and I met Heather from Dollightful Dolls in Chicago, this outfit was on my list of things to see in person.

As you guessed, I brought it right home with me!

Here we have Pleasant Co Josefina in the garden on a crisp fall day.

The quilted vest is fully lined with fleece and embroidered with the Z Crew logo.

Her cotton t-shirt also has the AG star logo on the sleeve.

The boots!  They are thick just like real Wellies and are even lined with a flocked type of material.  You can see how realistic they are in the photo below.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that they are very difficult to put on.  Josefina needs some tiny Wonder Bread bags to help her get her boots on.  This is what kids did when I was little back in Julie’s day!

Zcrew Josefina

This is a perfect outfit for heading to the pumpkin patch, or for cheering on a sibling at a soccer game.  I’m pleased with the purchase and glad to have some of Z’s Seattle-inspired collection.

Amazon AG Sales Return

Amazon once again has a sale on some American Girl items. For example, Julie’s holiday outfit is $25.50 on Amazon and $34.00 on AG site. They even have Julie’s original pet bunny for $17.98! Felicity’s meet dress is $27.00 on Amazon and $36.00 on AG.
If you have Amazon Prime (free shipping), these are nice deals! I believe the prices are on Beforever items specifically.

Sunshine Blogger 2017

sunshine-bloggerFlo at Say Hello to My Little Friends recently took part in the Sunshine Blogger award and nominated fellow bloggers inspired to participate.  I know I must be behind on a few of these nominations, so I decided to jump in!

Here are my responses to the eleven questions that help to get to know your bloggers better:

What’s your favorite post you’ve ever done on your blog?  

Ooh, that is a tough one to answer.  Maybe my three-part story about Isabelle’s mystery in the closet.  Maybe it’s asking a lot of a blog reader follow a three-part story, but I had fun with it!

Isabelle October Mystery

What’s your favorite photography tip?

I don’t consider myself an expert by any means.  Don’t let perfectionism stop you from jumping in and having fun.  That said, pictures outdoors are always a good place to start.

What season is your favorite? (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

Fall is pretty terrific, but I am off work in summer, and what’s not to like about that!

Do you play an instrument? Which one?

I took guitar as a kid, but didn’t practice very much.

Do you like to cook or bake? What’s your favorite thing to make?

Definitely bake!  I am known for my Irish soda bread and cut-out cookies.

What’s your dream doll? (Custom, retired, available, leaked are options)

Kirstin “new in box” with as many original outfits as possible.  Love the Scandinavian culture.

Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere?

England, Wales and Scotland!  I’m saving my money right now hopefully for summer 2018.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Apparently I am grown up already, but I love my work in an elementary library.  A bigger dream job would be to write kids’ books.

Do you prefer things you craft or things you save up to buy?

Save up to buy.  I am not crafty or patient with crafts.  My mom is a talented artist who can build anything.  I leave this up to her and reap the benefits.

What’s your favorite bible verse? 1 John 3:1


What’s your favorite school subject? Honestly, I loved college but didn’t enjoy elementary and secondary school that much.  I think subjects are taught in a more interesting way today, and the books taught are more relevant.  In 10th grade we read “The Scarlet Letter” and “The Red Badge of Courage.”  Ugh.

If you are a blogger and would like to participate in the Sunshine Blogger Award, here are my 10 questions.  Please tag me back should you jump in!

  1. What’s your favorite post you’ve ever done on your blog?
  2. What is a book you want everyone to read and love as much as you do?
  3. What season is your favorite? (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
  4. What is your favorite type of exercise or physical activity?
  5. Do you like to cook or bake? What’s your favorite thing to make?
  6. What’s your dream doll? (Custom, retired, available, leaked are options)
  7. Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere?
  8. What do you want to do when you grow up?
  9. Do you prefer things you craft or things you save up to buy?
  10. What’s your favorite Bible verse or inspiring quotation?

Good luck!  If you participate leave a link in my comments section.

What I Did This Summer

by Molly McIntire

This summer I went to Camp Gowonagin with my friends Linda and Susan.  My mother said it would be unpatriotic to take a family vacation during wartime, but being at Camp Gonwonagin was as much fun as being on vacation!

Every day we did crafts, sewed sit-upons, swam, and learned outdoor skills like first aid and cooking over a fire.  At camp, you don’t eat your meals in a cafeteria, it’s called a mess hall, which is the same thing they call it in the US Army!

I was pretty nervous that I might have to swim underwater.  I can swim OK on the surface but feel nervous going under the water.  My mom sent me off to camp with a new swimsuit that made me feel like a movie star!  I could swim much better in it than in my sister Jill’s hand-me-down suits.

Molly Swim

Molly AG Swimsuit

I got a few care packages at camp, including one from my English friend Emily and her Aunt Primrose.  They sewed a pillow for me that looks just like my Jack Russell terrier, Bennett!

Every night at Camp Gowonagin Miss Butternut, the camp director, would play taps on her bugle and we sang “Day is Done, Gone the Sun” in our bunks.  Sometimes I fell asleep before the end of the song.

In conclusion, I had a swell summer at Camp and also learned how to be a better citizen.

Jen says… parts of Molly’s school composition follow her book, and parts I made up.  Her swimsuit, for example, plays no role in her books.  The pillow, which does have a 40s vibe, was purchased in England by my mom.

Cath Kidston

It’s a pin cushion!  Molly’s camp bed is Addy’s bed, and her camp blanket was knit by my neighbor.  The backdrop Brianna and I painted for Camp Doll Diaries two or three years ago, and probably to my husband’s chagrin, it is still stored in his office closet! I think there is something kind of magical about being so tired from a day at camp that you fall almost instantly asleep.