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American Girl Sale… Could Be Trouble!


Addy sitting in my catalog-shopping chair

Happy Thanksgiving friends!  I am grateful to have pals like you in my life that share my love for dolls.  This is hard to come by when you are long past second grade!  I’m sitting in my chair in pjs taking a walk through the big AG Holiday catalog.  That 20% off sale is pretty appealing.  I wish I could meet you for a peppermint mocha today and talk over this sale!

My thoughts …

20% off a doll puts you in the ballpark of prices at the Madison Doll Sale (historicals).  As much as I love the craziness of the Madison sale, I am glad others have an opportunity to partake of discounts.  Any dolls tempting you?  Fess up now!

I’m feeling a bit of a push to prioritize Addy items if it comes to pass that Addy retires when “Melody” arrives.  Addy is still my most special doll and she doesn’t even have her own bed!

Another area on my mind is outfitting the now infamous doll in the closet.

In other developments, have you seen the new Barbie commercial? I think Mattel did a great job with it.  A girl shows up in a big college lecture hall saying “I’m your professor today” and later it is revealed that she is pretending to be many different things through her dolls.  A+!