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Isabelle’s Profile

Isabelle and TutuHello everybody, it’s Brianna here! It’s 59 degrees where I am! It’s so awesome! It’s so, so, so warm after such a cold, cold, cold winter! Today I have a Isabelle’s profile to share with you! Here we go!

Isabelle Cookie at AGP Chicago

Isabelle Cookie at AGP Chicago

Name: Isabelle Palmer

Nickname: Izzy Lizzie

Age: 17

Birthday: August 16th, 1998

Description: Blonde hair with pink highlights, blue eyes, and white skin.

Personality: Fun-loving, Calm, Peaceful, Hopeful, Kind, and Friendly

Interests: Ballet, Sewing, Modern Dance, Fashion, Designing, Reading, and Nature

Favorite Food: Crab or Lobster

Least Favorite Food: Tangerines and Oranges, [she only likes Mandarin Oranges.]

Dream Job: A world famous ballerina

Favorite Color: Pink or yellow

Favorite Animal: Kitties, she has one named Tutu

Isabelle Taking Tea at the Peninsula Hotel.  Spoiled!

Isabelle Taking Tea at the Peninsula Hotel. Spoiled!

Thank you for reading this post! Stay tuned for a profile on another girl with long brownish and blackish hair and blue eyes!

Signing off for now,