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Rummage Treasures: Jess’s Kayak Set and Nicki’s Duffel Bag

Hello everyone! It’s Brianna here, and today I have a very exciting post on Jess’s Kayak Set and Nicki’s Duffel-bag.  Jess was the GOTY of 2006 and her story mainly takes place in Belize which is in Latin American. Nicki was the GOTY of 2007 and her story takes place in Colorado. I hope you enjoy this post!

American Girl Jess KayakSo, today Jen and I were driving around looking at rummage sales for American Girl Items, when we found a rummage that had 16 year old girl [tip: rummages with older girls ages 12 – 17 is a usually a good place to look for AG items.] She had Jess’s Kayak Set, which is now quite a rare item to find at sales. She was selling it for $25 which was an ok price, I would priced it around $20. The Kayak Set came with a kayak that AG dolls can fit in, a rainstick, and a life vest. On the side of the kayak it says Belize Kayak Adventure. On the front of the kayak it has a storage net. The kayak itself is inflatable which I think is pretty cool! The rainstick makes music and has two handles on it that American Girls can put their hands through to paddle. The life vest looks very realistic and it fits the American Girls perfectly! Of course, Jen and I had to buy it! Caroline insists to the other American Girls at our house that she has to go first because she is the sailor in the family.


We also, found Nicki’s Duffel Bag at the rummage sale. The Duffel Bag was originally part of Nicki’s Ranch Outfit. The Duffel Bag has Nicki’s name printed below a symbol of a horseshoe! The Duffel Bag has brown drawstrings and it the bag itself is cream colored heavy canvas.

Nicki American Girl Duffel

So, those are today’s rummage treasures. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming soon!