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Doll Travel – New Mexico

Josefina NewIn January 2013 we received the new AG catalog featuring the Girl of the Year – Saige.  I have always loved the Southwest and West, and had never considered visiting New Mexico.  Saige inspired me to consider the logistics of such a trip.  I found out that Santa Fe is only 24 hours from Chicago on AMTRAK – now I had a really unique vacation idea taking shape!

Sleeper room on AMTRAK.  Bed above flips down and couch pulls out like a futon.  Sleeping in here with three people is memorable... Notice I didn't say what kind of memories you will be left with!

Sleeper room on AMTRAK. Bed above flips down from above and couch pulls out like a futon.

Brianna was 8 when we took this trip, and we were already fans of Josefina and her books.  My mom (AKA Grandma) and I had made a Josefina-inspired dress for Brianna a year or two earlier, so of course that came on the trip along with the doll.

Santa Fe Train Station

Santa Fe Train Station

We stayed at The Old Santa Fe Inn.  I surprised Brianna by purchasing Josefina’s summer outfit and leaving that on her bed.  Josefina was all set to be back home in Santa Fe!

Old Santa Fe Inn

Old Santa Fe Inn

New Outfit!

New Outfit!

One of the great things we were able to do in Santa Fe was visit El Rancho de Las Golondrinas.  This rancho is a museum with buildings dating to Josefina’s time and before.  They offer a “Josefina” tour for a nominal amount.  We had a tour guide all to ourselves, and she was a former schoolteacher.  Wonderful lady!  Many of the authors who have written books for AG about Josefina have visited this rancho, including Kathleen Ernst who wrote the Josefina mystery “Secrets in the Hills.”

Courtyard of the Rancho

Courtyard of the Rancho

Grinding Corn

Grinding Corn – Brianna thought it was fun, but how about doing it all day long?

Carding Wool

Carding Wool

Sombrita and Florecita!

Sombrita and Florecita!

The most amazing thing to me was that the bed in one of the rooms in the rancho looked almost exactly like the bed American Girl sells for Josefina.  Can I find this picture?  Of course not.  You’ll have to take my word on that one.

In addition, you can see the horno, or oven, outside which was also used as inspiration for Josefina’s horno.  It’s really big!

Bread in the Horno

Bread in the Horno

We did not make it down to Saige’s neighborhood of Albuquerque on this particular trip, but we really loved Santa Fe and hope to return some day.   If you love Josefina, I recommend Santa Fe’s gorgeous weather, great food, unique history, and easy driving.

Happy to answer any questions about AMTRAK trips!





Josefina’s Birthday!

Birthday GirlHello everybody! It’s Brianna and Jen, and today we have a post on Josefina’s birthday. Josefina’s birthday is March 19th. Our Josefina is turning 11! Today we have a cool graphic made by Jen and a fabulous poem written by Brianna. Enjoy!

Josefina  By Brianna







Nature lover


Josefina Birch

Josefina in a dress from a craft fair.

Did you notice any pattern in the poem? If so please comment below.

Happy Birthday Josefina!




Mother. Daughter. Dolls.

American Girl booksOh, you know you are in deep with American Girl when you have so much to say about dolls that you need a blog to get it all out.

We’re a mother and daughter – both of us have other blogs – but we need a forum to share all the ways American Girl has woven itself into our lives.  Crafts, creative writing, book reviews and occasional fawning over doll clothes may occur!

A little about my history with AG.   When my daughter was little, I always quickly recycled the catalogs when they came in the mail.  I thought the prices were outrageous and I didn’t get the allure at all.  By the time my daughter was in 1st grade we were spending a lot of time on the couch reading the historical dolls’ fiction, and Addy and Josefina were working their way into our hearts.

About a year later a family member offered to sell us a pre-Mattel Josefina, new in box.  Once I saw her up close, I understood what American Girl was all about.  Josie was so beautiful, and the face details really set her apart from the average doll at Target.  I would have never guessed that after the first doll there would be more!

We look forward to introducing you to all of our dolls in the weeks to come.