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Julie: “Let Girls Play, Too!”

Words are taken from Chapter 5 “Let Girls Play, Too” of Meet Julie by Megan McDonald.  “Dakota” is standing in for Julie’s best friend, Ivy.

“Saturday morning Julie was reading her horoscope — “Don’t hesitate; today’s the day to jump in” — when she heard Ivy’s knock.

IMG_7693“You’re here!” Julie said, leading her friend into the living room.  The two girls pushed boxes into the corner so that Ivy could show Julie her latest floor routine.

IMG_7696“Did you know Olga Korbut was the first person to do a backwards aerial somersault on the balance beam?” Ivy asked as she turned her handstand into a back limber.

IMG_7698Julie tried to copy the move, but as soon as she got into a handstand, her feet clomped to the floor.

IMG_7694“Girls!” called Mom. “What’s going on?  Sounds like a stampede of elephants in there.  Julie, please tell me you’re not bouncing that basketball inside.”

Olga Korbut was a former Soviet gymnast who won 4 Olympic gold medals and 2 silver medals.  Today she is 61 years old and a US citizen living in Scottsdale, AZ.  I don’t think Olga would approve of Ivy doing handstands in Dr. Scholl’s sandals!

Welcome to Rio – 2016

Greetings sports fans!  We cut in to your regularly scheduled program to show you the Olympic Athletes beginning to line up for the Parade of Nations.  Lea Clark will be carrying the Olympic flag this evening, representing independent athletes and bringing awareness to the plight of refugees.

IMG_7703In a break from tradition, the athletes tonight are lining up in the Brazilian forest, currently home to 20,000 species of plants, and 8% of the plants on Earth!

IMG_7705We’re sending you back to the studio now.  Should be a terrific show tonight!

Lea is temporarily bunking down at our house while her owner is at summer camp.  She is wearing McKenna’s warm up outfit, but I think it fits the spirit of Brazil. We are excited to watch the opening ceremony tonight!  The real flagbearer for the refugee Olympic team will be a woman who is a refugee from South Sudan.  Will you be watching tonight?

This post is dedicated to blog reader Jennifer who is hoping to have Lea join her doll family this year.