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Rummage Treasures Wrap Up!

Final installment of the Great Rummage Haul!

This is the t-shirt that goes with the In-line skate outfit from 1996.  There was no sign of the rest of the outfit.  I believe the shirt was .50 cents.  It was designed be worn with bike shorts.  Look how long the shirt is!  AG hasn’t used this much fabric on a t-shirt since I don’t know when!


Josefina says, “Why do I have to wear this big t-shirt?!”

Josefina – you look ready to head to a “New Edition” concert!

Next up is the Birthday Outfit from 1998.  It did not have the purple scrunchie or the white t-shirt with purple trim.  Who needs that when you have purple jelly shoes!



Again, a lot of fabric!  The dress has a very loose fit.  Note to self – see if there is a National Fruit Salad Day and a schedule blog post with this dress.

Next up, Kit’s hat and purse. Fifty cents and .25 cents, respectively.


Finally we have some boots – sort of an AG version of Doc Martens.  What sold me on these was the wonderful natural lug sole.  These were $2.00.


Addy looking pretty!



Cool soles, Addy!

These boots were a part of the 1996 School Jumper outfit.  At this sale, most of the shoes were separated from the outfits, probably from lack of knowledge.  I thought these would be great for selling on eBay but I’m not sure I can part with them.  I just love the detail.

Are you ready for the things I passed on?  I’m afraid to tell you!

  • Samantha’s school desk, no accessories, still there on second day for 7.50
  • Another desk… not sure if it was AG or not
  • Samantha’s hat and muff
  • 1996 Violin
  • 1998 Holiday Bibs, which I was tempted by but not in good condition
  • Snowflake jumper outfit
  • First Day outfit (might regret that…)
  • Year 2000 outfit – we already have the recent PwP outfit made from the same sparkly purple material
  • Molly’s pajamas
  • Other PC Samantha outfits.  Had it been Kirsten I would have bought it all.

I also picked up Kailey’s book at another rummage this past weekend.  I have never read that one and look forward to it.

Brianna is at camp this week, which leaves me plenty of time to play.  I am working on a photo story for Maryellen, naturally, and will be back with you very soon!