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Bring on the Cotton Candy!

What better way to start Monday than by celebrating National Cotton Candy Day!  Do you pick the pink or the blue cotton candy at the carnival?

img_7927How about forgetting that sticky mess and having a Cotton Candy Frappuccino like Isabelle? Starbucks has them on sale today.


Did you know that the Cotton Candy frappuccino is one of the “secret” drinks you can ask for at Starbucks?  There’s a Butterbeer frappuccino, a Pokémon Go frap, and even a cupcake frappuccino!  Most are made with a regular vanilla frappuccino with 4-5 added pumps of various syrups, bringing the drink to 60-70 grams of sugar, about double the amount in real cotton candy.

Cotton candy fact for the day: in England they call it candy floss.

Have a sweet day!


I Love You a Latte

Hi peeps, Isabelle here modeling my new PJs from Justice.  They are super comfy for lounging and studying.  I love these quiet moments when Tutu and I can relax without all the kid commotion around the house.


The PJ top has a stylish racer back.

img_7913And the bottoms have a super cute Frappucino print that says “I love you a latte.”

img_7914What’s your favorite drink?  Mine is Strawberries and Creme frappucino… Venti please!  It’s sweet and girly like me!

img_7927Jen says… Justice seems to be limiting the amount of doll outfits in their shops, but I thought this one was terrific and it is very well made.  They retail for about $12.00.  Getting Isabelle’s pink hair extensions in just about made me have a hot flash.  I needed the air conditioning after that!  You can never have enough doll pajamas.

I got a sample of Pumpkin spice frappucino and I liked the cup as much as the drink!  I put some pink construction paper in the cup and a piece of gift bag tissue paper for whipped cream.