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Isabelle Finds More Than She Expected

On a cool, autumnal Sunday, Isabelle decided to go out for a walk before church.  She had a new ballet teacher who was working the class very hard.  Isabelle was sore!  Maybe a little fresh air and movement would get her feeling better.  She checked the thermometer..  Ooh, 48 degrees.  Time to dig out the winter coat.

Isabelle American Girl

She headed to the coat closet wearing the wrap sweater that a friend’s mom knit for her as a birthday gift.  The family was from France and tres chic.  She felt a little smug knowing that she was so much more stylish in her ballet attire than her friends who ran around in day-glow soccer shirts all weekend.  Now about that winter coat…



“This closet is just a mess of tennis rackets, vacuum cleaners, and trick-or-treat pumpkins!”  As she grabbed her coat, she noticed something high up on a shelf.  Was that what it looked like?  It couldn’t be.


It looked like a doll box.  She closed the door feeling as though she had just seen something that she wasn’t supposed to.

Isabelle Gets Winter Coat

She stood with her back against the closet door thinking for a moment.  The confusing thing was that all of the girls in the house had red doll boxes.  It couldn’t possibly be another doll, no way.  It was too crowded here already!

Isabelle took off on her walk, debating about whether to tell any of the other girls about what she saw.

To Be Continued…