Happy Birthday Saige!

Today is Saige’s official birthday!  She would be turning 14–how times does fly!

I took Saige out for a quick fall photo shoot.  
She was Brianna’s first AG doll picked out in person.  We took a coach bus on a Chicago Holiday shopping excursion offered by our recreation department on a December day that was insanely cold.  People had to wait in their car to board the bus because it was deadly cold out.    Saige joined Josefina and we had two New Mexico girls on our hands.

Saige even inspired us to take a family trip to New Mexico!

Her hair tends to be a fit of a frizzy mess, but somehow she has never quite made the cut for a doll hospital head replacement.  We are just used to Saige the way she is and a new head seems so extreme.

I found a pretty fall leaf on a walk with my husband.  We have very little fall color due to a warm, dry fall.  The leaf just fit in her hand without any help.  I’m grateful for any opportunity for outdoor photos before winter comes.

Do you have Saige in your doll family?  If so, how did she come to join your family?


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Saige!

    1. Jen Post author

      Yes, we have that problem too, and we always say we are going to give everyone a Christmas present but have never managed to pull it off!


  1. Flo

    I see what you mean about her hair. Have you tried a braid spray treatment? Hers isn’t quite to the point that Abby’s was before I scalped her and gave her a new wig. Saige is probably my favorite GOTY of all of the ones so far, which is why I now have two!


    1. Jen Post author

      We do have some wig spray, but It doesn’t seem all that moisturizing. I ought to try another brand because at this point, it can’t be much worse. Do you have a brand you prefer?


    1. Jen Post author

      Thank you! She really has a great combination of features. I got a survey from AG based on our trip down there to meet you. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win a gift card!



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