Hello and Happy New Year!

Dropping in to wish all my AG friends a terrific 2018!

We have had a lovely Christmas holiday, though not quite the quantity of American Girl items under the tree as in years past. I will always have happy memories of the excitement of giving a new doll for Christmas.

A few items still managed to find their way to us from Santa, including Josefina’s holiday outfit, Tenney’s performance outfit, and…



Z’s Sightseeing Outfit – Gift for me!




Cool shoes!


Gabriela’s Sparkling Sequins outfit on Dakota – Gift for Brianna

Some readers may recall that we bought an Isabelle doll at the Madison’s Children’s Museum Benefit sale to turn around and auction at our church’s holiday boutique. All proceeds provide scholarships for African men and women to attend university, as well as other outreach efforts. Isabelle and her accompanying swag were a popular item and the auction had a record profit of $18,000! Thanks to Flo for crafting some items for dear Isabelle!



Though our posts have become less frequent, Brianna and I have committed to continuing our famous “new release review” posts coming to you direct from our local coffee shop!

What are your thoughts on Luciana?  I think it is a great theme, but one that doesn’t particularly pull at my wallet.  I do have her book on the way from Amazon, and if you know me, I might change my tune after I read her book.

We wish you a new year filled with many opportunities to play!





9 thoughts on “Hello and Happy New Year!

  1. Gloria

    It is nice to hear from you again. We, too, had fewer AG Christmas items under the tree this year as a couple of the girls think that they are “outgrowing” American Girl. What do they know, they are only kids? Grammy knows best, right?

    I will never outgrow my love for American Girl dolls and the wonderful stories behind them. I will love and treasure the intricacies of all their items, adorable outfits and especially the food sets until the day I die. I know that in about 10 years, I will have great grandchildren to buy for. I just need to pray that there are a couple girls in there when the time comes.

    I got my first doll, Samantha, in 1986 and have been enjoying buying a few things for myself ever since. God has blessed me with 6 granddaughters with the oldest being 13 and the youngest 3 so I will be playing dolls for quite some time yet.

    One of the girls got Maryellen and one got Saige. They received numerous clothing sets again this year with all the $10.00 outfits they had on sale at AG. We really got the best bargains yet. (I always buy ahead when those items are on sale. All birthday, dance recital gifts, report card incentives and most Christmas gifts are American Girl items from this Grandma). Maybe not necessarily, their first picks but surely great deals so that Grammy can give each one even more. One of the girls got Julie’s bed and was thrilled as she has wanted that for two years. As always, we had a great family Christmas celebration!

    How old is Brianna and will she ever age out? I hope not for your sake.

    I am excited to see Lucianna. I think many parents will encourage their girls with this American Girl doll as they think that it will teach their girls that the sky is the limit, literally.

    I don’t even know, which doll is the 2017 girl of the year that will be retiring? I didn’t really understand what happened after Lea bit the dust and then Logan, Tenny, Z Yang, Nanea, and Felicity all came out within such a short period of time.

    Are those all supposed to be historical dolls and is Gabriella the only one of them that is a doll of the year? Usually, we would be getting emails from AG telling us to get those last minute GOTY items before she retires and they are no longer available for purchase. I have not seen one message like that yet and there is only a couple days left of the year.

    Maybe part of that is because the main outlet they had for selling retired/discontinued merchandise in OshKosh, WI closed in July of 2016 and they have no place to go with all that surplus merchandise. They have just renamed many GOTY items and sold them online in the clearance section.

    Has there been any more mention of a possible re-release of Molly?

    May you and your loved ones be blessed throughout this new year with love, joy, peace and good health!


    1. Jen Post author

      Molly is believed to be re released Feb 19. Here is a link to her new Journey book. https://smile.amazon.com/Chances-Changes-Journey-American-Beforever/dp/1683370562/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1514601167&sr=8-16&keywords=Molly+American+Girl+book
      Gabriela has been in short supply and will be retired. Who knows, though, if some of her things will hang around. I think Tenney is getting some new items in the next release?
      Brianna is almost 13. She still enjoys AG but during the school year spends little time with her toys. Summers and breaks are restorative!
      I am looking forward to the new catalog to see all of Luciana’s collection.
      Great to hear from you, Gloria!


  2. Flo

    Happy New Year to you and Brianna! We didn’t even exchange Christmas gifts here but I did get some fun little doll items from Xyra.

    I think Luciana is very pretty, but I highly doubt I’ll be buying her. She looks too much like Grace (Christine at my house). I am anxious to see what kinds of accessories they come out with for her though, I think it’s a great direction for them to explore.

    Awesome on how much the auction made!! I hope some little girl is enjoying Isabelle as much as we enjoy all of our dolls.


  3. kissedawake

    Happy New Year! 😀 Wow! What great news about the auction! That’s fantastic!
    I agree – there’s smaller items from Luciana’s collection that I’d like to get, but probably not any of the bigger items.


  4. Xyra Silverleaf

    Happy New Year! So glad Isabelle helped with the scholarship fund. I think Luciana is beautiful and I love her theme. I do not believe she will join the Tea Time gang, but perhaps a few items from her collection will. 🙂

    Had a few dolly goodies from Flo and from my mom and mother-in-law.


  5. Laura Beth

    I’m glad you had a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year! I’m excited to read Luciana’s books, but I don’t think I will be adding her to my collection. Thanks for sharing!



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