Julie’s Hoop Dreams – Product Review

It’s pretty rare for me to see something in the AG catalog and actively pursue it.  Sure, there’s endless neat things for the dolls, but most of it I can carry on without.  Julie’s basketball outfit was not one of those things, however!

Every now and then I will check Amazon to see what is available for American Girl dolls via Prime shipping.  Amazon has most of the items for Melody, Julie, Maryellen, Gabriela… and probably more I haven’t searched on.

So, when Julie’s basketball outfit came up on Amazon, one click had it on the way to my house in two days!  It arrived in the usual Beforever box.


I hadn’t fully appreciated that the trim on the outfit was such a cute green and white stripe.


It comes with 70s style tube socks, and thick ribbon ties for your pigtails, naturally.  Shoes fit with ease!  It also comes with a basketball that is somewhat useless since Julie can’t hold it.


Never mind about the basketball, though, when you look this awesome!  Julie’s open for a pass!


I liked the careful sewing as the trim runs around the armhole.  The outfit it soft and comfy and easy to get on and off.  Definitely appropriate for kids.  This outfit is $34.00 new on Amazon.

I hope to bring you some stories about Julie and her hoop dreams soon.


16 thoughts on “Julie’s Hoop Dreams – Product Review

  1. MERmade9

    Woo-Hoop for you & Julie – LOL! Seriously though, I truly hope my Julie doesn’t see this post, as that’s a great addition to her wardrobe and my Julie already has the best wardrobe of all my AG girls/boy. LOVE the trim and the green in it, the lettering, socks and hair ties adds just the perfect touch. Great purchase!


    1. Jen Post author

      Yeah, the hair ties really clinched it. I remember kids in the 70s always wearing that thick yarn in their hair instead of ribbons. The hair ties are easy to use, too, unlike some of the headbands we have seen recently.


    1. Jen Post author

      I do prefer this one, because I love the yarn hair ties a lot more than the sweatband. I appreciate that they kept the colors the same as the original outfit but toned the amount of green down.

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  2. Xyra

    I’m am glad you were able to get this outfit for your collection. I really like your review.
    The striped edging on the uniform is cute, but not accurate for 1975. I know it’s very nit picky of me to say it. I’m still hung up on the fact that the BeForever’s are supposed to be historical. That being said, I love that the uniform and her school colors are a dark blue and green – not turquoise and pink. 😀


    1. Jen Post author

      Amen on the no pink! I don’t think I ever wore hair yarn hair ties in the 70s, but I sure remember them. The fact that the historical outfits are not always 100% accurate bothers me sometimes more than others. Julie’s current meet outfit doesn’t say 1975 to me at all.


  3. Sharry

    70s Diva posting!

    I wanted to get this outfit for my boys, but those stripes killed that idea. I think they should have kept the shoes from the last hoops outfit, b/c the ones to this set just don’t look right. And if you want historically accurate yarn rope ribbons, check out Etsy. But the ones to this set are actually supposed to be twisted like scrunchies, but that would wear out the ribbons. I do like the 1st issue hoops outfit better, and it looks great on my boys. And I think AG needs to get off the hippie trend, and focus more on the looks of the mid 70s: polyester, earth shoes, colorful knees socks, sweater vests. If you’ve seen my blog, you know I try to be as accurate as possible when it comes to clothes for my 70s kids.


    1. Jen Post author

      I had forgotten about those sleeveless sweaters, especially the ones that were knit from what looked like granny squares…. kind of like a bunch of pot holders sewn together!


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