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Lanie and Maryellen ‘Hop to It’

It was a warm spring day, really the first day it was nice enough to be outside without a jacket.  Lanie and Maryellen got outside to clear the dead leaves from around the hens and chicks plants and sedum.  



It felt so good to be outside again and see the plants come back to life after a snowy winter.  Lanie was doing most of the working and Maryellen was doing most of the talking.

“Lanie, did you see that?  The Easter bunny just ran under that bush!”

“Maryellen, what are you talking about now?!” said Lanie, wiping her brow.

“I SAID the Easter bunny ran under the bush.  Look!”


Lanie humored Maryellen and turned around.


A small, scared-looking brown rabbit was indeed hiding under an evergreen.

“Maryellen, I doubt that is an Easter bunny, but it does look like someone’s pet.  It doesn’t look like the grey rabbits that live in our area.  Maybe it is tame and lost?  Why don’t you quietly go into the house and bring some carrots out.  We can see if he’s hungry.”

Maryellen came back with the carrots and laid them peacefully a few feet away from the bunny.

“Look!” said Maryellen.  “He’s hungry!”


The girls knew this was definitely a tame rabbit that wouldn’t be likely to survive on its own.  They cleared out their gardening basket, and sat down, unmoving, on their blanket.

“Stay real still, Maryellen, and he may hop over to us.”


“He’s coming!” whispered Maryellen, trying talk without moving her lips.


“I just know this is going to be the best Easter ever,” said Maryellen.  “We have our very own Easter bunny!”

21st Century disclaimer… you know not to try to capture animals outside, right?  Luckily Lanie and Maryellen can’t get rabies.  Julie was not available to be in this story with “Nutmeg” because she doesn’t want to take off her basketball uniform.  I am grateful for the warm weather.  It’s generating so many blog post ideas.  I really have missed being able to do photo stories outside.  The lighting is never right inside!

Bring on the Candy!

img_8027By Lanie

“Help, Dorothy’s house fell on me!”

img_8028I always think of the Wicked Witch of the East when I see these tights.

This year I am the lucky one to wear the household Halloween costume because I am the most recent person to join the family.  I went to the park for a few fall photos.

img_8029What will you dress as for Halloween?  Jen and Mr. Jen plan to be Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from The Lightning Thief.  Brianna is a Southern Belle in Jen’s prom dress from the 80s.  Tonight we plan to “Boo” someone.  Have you heard of it?  You make a small bag of treats and print the poem at  There is an option for neighborhood or office BOO-ing.  Then you deliver the bag without revealing your identity. I hope to get the bag done before Maryellen gets home because she cannot keep a secret!


What candy do you hope to receive Trick or Treating?  My favorite is malted milk balls!

Lanie Settles In

IMG_6794Welcome Lanie!  Brianna’s Lanie arrive in excellent shape – only missing her headband and underwear.  Neither a deal-breaker for her.

Since December, Brianna’s Dad had been scouting “Lanies” on eBay.  Every now and then he would say, “This one is closing in 2 hours!”  Inevitably, I said no.  “We just got Maryellen AND Dakota!” I said.  He didn’t give up.  When Brianna’s birthday was about a month away, he suggested this Lanie.  I still wasn’t sure.  What if there was something wrong with her, or she smelled funny?  What if her hair was a wreck?  It is hard to tell the state of curly hair on eBay.  He made a bid, and as fate would have it, she was on her way to our house.  She was about $90.00 with shipping.

When Brianna opened her presents, she of course knew a doll was under the wrapping.  She guessed it could be a historical because of the red box.  We, of course, said, “What historical don’t we already have?!?!?”

Soft, bouncy hair

Soft, bouncy hair

This Lanie has the softest hair.  I think a new Lanie would have tighter curls, but we love her hair the way it is!  It is not as brassy blond as Isabelle’s hair.

IMG_6789Sweet face, dark green eyes.  Wig is thick and is not shedding the way our newer dolls do.

IMG_6787We quickly bought the Lanie book on eBay so it did feel like getting a NIB doll.  It will be interesting to see whether Brianna buys Lea with the money she has been saving or whether the eBay bug has bit her and she thinks about other GOTY dolls.

Dakota was thrilled that Lanie joined her!  Best friends ready for an adventure.




Meet Lanie

Hello everyone! It’s Brianna here, and today was my birthday!!!! My parents gave me Lanie, who I have been wanting forever. Here is her profile:

Name: Lanie Holland

Nickname: Lanie Bug

Age: 11

Birthday: December 11th, 2004

Description: Wavy medium length blond hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin.

Personality: Loyal, Fun – Loving, Nature Lover, Faithful, Encouraging, Kind

Interests: Nature, Biology, Traveling, Writing, and Track

Favorite Food: Deviled Eggs

Least Favorite Food: Tomatoes

Dream Job: Biologist

Favorite Color: Caribbean Green

Favorite Animal: All of Them

Thank you for reading my post on Lanie. There will be pictures of her coming soon.

PS from Jen… Kudos and a pat on the back to Brianna’s Dad who has been scoping out Lanie dolls on eBay for months.  He was so brave to take the plunge.  I was afraid her hair might be a mess, but she is just terrific!